Transistor linear amplifier for QRP rigs

Somewhen more power is required, e.g. at times of declining sun spot activity. The PA show here is ideally suited for QRP rigs like FT-817, IC-703, K2, SG-2020 etc.

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HLA-305V, Transistor KW-PA 160-10m, 250 Watt

The HLA-305V operates from 1.8 - 30 MHz and its output power is 250W, with an input power of 1-10 Watt. There are 6 filters built-in to suppress harmonics, which are switched automatically but can also be switched manually for special operating conditions.

At the front panel there is a switchable input attenuator as well as a LC-display which can show input power, output power, heat sink temperature or output SWR. The intensity of the background light is adjustable. The CPU monitors input power, temperature and VSWR. Any error status are saved so that the manufacturer or authorised reseller can read them out for diagnose purposes. The PA has a PTT input (use for SSB recommended), but also a built-in HF-VOX.

For optimal heat distribution the PA transistors are mounted on a large copper heat spreader (200x60x3mm). The HLA-305 has an oversized heatsink and therefore remains cool during operation.

For operation the PA requires 13.5V at max. 34A, dimensions are about 240x420x70mm and weight 4,3 Kg.

The model HLA-305V comes with 2 additional temperature-controlled fans and thus has a total height of 80mm instead of 70mm. The DC cable is removable.

Order No.
HLA-305V 669.00


HAL-1200: Transistor KW-PA 160-6m, 1200 Watt

This KW Transistor-PA is 'as light as a feather'. The HAL-1200 produces 1200W PEP from 10-75 input power (45W typ.) on 160-10m and at least 600W PEP on 6m.

The device is processor-controlled and therefore has all the abilities this technology offers: the processor provides automatic band switching, transmitter/receiver switching without power to conserve relais contacts, controls the input attenuators (ALC is not needed) and monitors all operating states of the PA, of course.

The LC-display with background light shows operating states of the PA (Ready, Standby, On Air, Protect, Warning) as well as input and output power, SWR, temperature and so on. The firmware of the processor can be updated for future add-ons, such as an automatic antenna tuner that is planned.

The PA provides seven automatically switched, 5-pin output filters. The PA transistors are run with 50V and therefore very linear. The far range power supply for 100-260V~ is built-in.

This compact PA (260x330x150mm) weights with power supply only about 9 Kg, which also makes it predestined for DXepidtions.

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HAL-1200 Shortwave /6m Amplifier 1200W - Delivery Time ca. 8 weeks 2849.00
40062.15M 15-pin connector (Male), suitable for HAL-1200 2.80


HLA-150Plus / HLA-150V-Plus / HLA-300V-Plus



HLA-150V Plus

HLA-300V Plus

Shortwave Power Amplifiers 150/300Watt
Compact and handy linear power amplifiers for all HF bands from 1.8 to 30MHz, with approx. 150 or 300W output power. These amplifiers work real linear amplifiers and not as a C class device, as many simple CB type amps do. A special feature the amplifiers have a six-way output low-pass filter, which is switched automatically by micro processor. Additionally this filter can be switched manually (e.g. when receiving).

The relative output power is shown on a bar graph on the front panel. The amplifiers have a protection circuit against high SWR. Transmit/Receive switching can be done either be HF Vox or a PTT cable. The controls on the front panel allow a selection of the Vox hold time, additionally a 3dB input attenuator can be selected, which reduces the amplification by about 50%.

Connectors: IN/OUT 2x PL, PTT: cinch socket, active low.
The model HLA-150V-Plus has two temperature controlled fans, good for continous operation. The model HLA-300V-Plus has three temperatur controlled fans. On high frequencies the output power is slightly reduced, the model HLA-300V-Plus reaches approx. 250W.

Technical data:
Model HLA-150-Plus HLA-150V-Plus HLA-300V-Plus
Frequency range 1.8 - 30 1.8 - 30 1.8 - 30 MHz
Operating Voltage 12 - 14 12 - 14 12 - 14 V DC
Power consumption 24 24 40 A
Input Power 1 - 10 1 - 10 1 - 15 W
Input Power SSB 2 - 20 2 - 20 2 - 20 W
Output Power typ. 150 150 300 W
Temp. controlled Fan No Yes, 2 Yes, 3  
Fuses 2 x 12 2 x 12 4 x 12 A
Size 191 x 290 x 66 191 x 290 x 80 191 x 450 x 80 mm
Weight 1.8 1.9 3.3 Kg

Download: Instructions HLA-150-Plus (PDF, IT/EN, 230B)
Download: Instructions HLA-150V-Plus (PDF, IT/EN, 190KB)
Download: Instructions HLA-300V-Plus (PDF, IT/EN, 130KB)

Order No.
HLA150-PLUS HF Amplifier 150W w/o ventilator 355.00
HLA150V-PLUS HF Amplifier 150W with ventilator 395.00
HLA300V-PLUS HF Amplifier 300W with ventilator 499.00

BLA-350: 300W Transistor Amp for HF with built in power supply

In contrast to many small amplifier for 12V operations, the BLA-350 is an mosfet-amplifier for your station desk. It covers all HF bands from 1.5 to 30MHz and all modes (SSB, CW, AM, FM) and is well suited for QRP transceivers like FT-817, IC-703 etc., but also to get more power from 100W class transceivers, which can then be operated with a lower output power.

Manally switched low pass filters care for a good suppression of harmonics. Of course the amplifier does not need and heat-up time, and except for then band selection no tuning is required. The max. output power is 300W, with a max. allowed input power of 14W with the input attenuator switched on. An LC Display shows various operating parameters.

The amplifier BLA-350 has an ALC output and a PTT input for transceiver connection, but can also be operated by HF vox. The coaxial connectors are SO-239 sockets (PL sockets). The built-in power supply is suitable for use with voltages from 200 to 250V AC. Multiple protection circuits support trouble free operation: automatic switch-off at too high SWR or too high temperature.

Additional technical data

Output power 300 W ± 1dB
Frequency range 1.5 - 30MHz
Input Power 12W (typ), 14W max.
Output impedance 50 Ω
Operating voltage 200 — 250V AC
Power consumption max. 800 VA
Fan internal
Dimensions 355 x 155 x 270mm
Weight 13 kg
Order No.
BLA-350 300W Transistor Amp with power supply 765.00


BLA-600: 500 W Transistor Amp for shortwave with built-in power supply

https://www.funktechnik-bielefeld.de/media/image/a3/a1/3d/102123_600x600.jpgThe BLA-600 is a compact 500W transistor power amplifier for shortwave with built-in power supply. The amplifier works fully automated, no tuning required. Badfilter for all bands from 6 to 160m are selected automatically.

The BLA-600 utilizes up-to-date NXP/Freescale MRF6VP5600H modules for power generation. These modules use 50V supplies to achieve the best linearity and distortion free signals. The amplification factir is typicalyl 14 dB, a driving power of 20 to 5W is sufficient on 10 to 80, 30 to 40W are required on 160 and 6m. The amp works with all current transceivers, the PTT keying can be selected from various methods to accomodate keying against ground, open collector systems etc. For a noiseless transmit/receive switching the BLA-600 uses pin diodes, this enables even QSK operation at higher telegraphy speeds.

A 16x2 LC display shows the operating state of the amplifier, further LED bars show the output power level. Various protection circuits monitor several parameters, for example current intake, voltage, SWR, temperature, fan rotation etc. This ensures that the amplifer protects itself even when the antenna is malfunctioning. The BLA amp has three separate antenna connectors which can be assigned to different bands and which will be selected automatically. The built-in power supply can be adjusted to various input voltages, this makes this amplifier useful for international use, for example at DX-peditions.

Technical Data
Output Power 500 W PEP ± 1dB
Frequency Range 1.8–30 & 50–54 MHz
Input Power typ. 20–25 W (10–80m), 30–40W (160, 6m)
Gain typ. 14 dBi
Impedance (Input) 50 Ω
VSWR (Input) 1.5:1
Operating Voltage 120/230/240 V AC
Power Consumption max. 1200 VA
Fan 2x internal
Dimensions 430 x 142 x 324 mm
Weight 21.5 kg


500 W Transistor Amplifier wirth power supply 2299.00


Download: BLA-600 User Manual (PDF, english, 5MB)


Ameritron 500W Transistor PA

Compact solid state amplifier for 12V supply, suitable for mobile/expedition operations. Output power 500W PEP, 400 CW. No tuning required, just switch on and go. Electronic protection against high SWR and over temperature. Power consumption about 80A peak at 14V, separate supply lines 4A for control electronics. Temperature controlled fan, transistors used: 4x 2SC2879. Weight only 3.5kg, size 9 x 22 x 38cm.

Order No.
ALS-500MXCE 1195.00

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