Hytera MD785/MD785G
Hytera MD785

Hytera MD785

The Hytera MD785 is a 70cm DMR Mobile Radio.
Excellent voice quality with the application of narrowband codec and the use of digital technologies for error correction allow it to find, even in difficult situations an other Operator with the MD785.
The device can be operated very slight by the ergonomic layout of the controls. This is supported by a large TFT display that can be read even in poor light conditions. The transceivers are supplied complete with power cord, mobile bracket and hand-microphone.

The MD785G has the same features as the PD785, but is with a built-in GPS receiver. This allows your position displayed and even short text messages are transmitted. The necessary GPS-Receiver is included in Delivery.

Product Description from Hytera:

 Hytera MD785/MD785G
Frequency range: 400-470 MHz
Channel: 1024  
Zones: 64  
Channel spacing Analog: 12,5 / 20 / 25 kHz
Channel spacing Digital: 12,5 kHz
Voltage: 13,6 ± 15% V
max. Current: 6,0 A A
Power Output: 5 / 25 W
Dimensions: 174x60x200 mm
Weight: 1,7 kg
Order No.
MD-785 MD785 DMR Mobile Radio without GPS 499.00
MD-785G MD785G DMR Mobile Radio with GPS 499.00
HY-BC0004 Programming cable (USB) with Software 38.00
HY-PC47 Programming cable (USB) with DL/CPS Switch, without Software 28.00
HY-PC40 Programming cable (USB) for Extension socket, without Software 25.00
HY-GPS04 Mobile GPS-Antenna 13.00
HY-BRK08 Installation Kit with mounting braket 12.00
HY-SM16A1 Hand microphone 32.00
HY-SM19A1 Hand microphone with keyboard 60.00
HY-SM10A1 Desktop Microphone 49.00


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