The Kenwood TS-2000 series transceiver offers today's demanding Amateur operator high performance standards without the compromising limitations found in other similar multi-band, multi-mode transeivers. The TS-2000 offers users three distinct operation platforms, the traditional tranceiver with full function front panel, or the high-tech looking "silver box" version that allows mobile operation with the new RC-2000 compact control head, or the ARCP-2000 computer control program making the TS-B2000 functional from your personal computer. The new TS-2000 offers 100 watts on HF, 6 meters and 2 meters, 50 watts on 70cm, and when you install the optional UT-20 1.2 GHz module at 10 watts, you will have assembled the most complete dual receiver multi-mode transceiver ever produced. The TS-2000 is transverter frequency display function ready to work with the latest satellite frequencies available.

Order No.
TS-2000X incl. 23cm Unit Bel of mail




Order No.
DRU-3A Digitale voice recorder  
HS-5 Headphone  
HS-6 Light headphone  
VS-3 Voice synthesizer  
MC-43S Hand held microphone Bel of mail
MC-60A Desktop microphone  
ARCP-2000 Remote Control Software  
DC-CABLE-HF DC Cable 2.5m with fuses  
42914.K-TUN 6pin connector for Tuner socket  


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