TS-590SG Special Edition 70th Anniversary Kenwood

https://www.hamradio.co.uk/sysimages/origimages/17-ts-590sg-front-b-k-e-_pr8052_1.jpgKenwood is celebrating the 70th anniversary of it's existence with a special edition of the highly successful TS-590SG HF Transceiver! The 'special black edition' will be available in a limited quantity - only 150 units for Europe. The differences to the standard model are cosmetically, but very appealing: the Kenwood logo and model designation are printed in gold colour, also some design details of the main tuning knob. The fornt plate is made of a very süecial black material with embedded glassflakes, which gives the transceiver an elegant shine.

Additionally each customer of the special black edition TS-590SG will receive a limited Kenwood jacket, commemorating the 70th anniversary of this fine manufacturer. Please state the required size with the order (L, XL, XXL).

The entire WiMo crew wishes Kenwood all the best, many thanks for the excellent service and the fine products. We are looking forward to the next 70 years (or even better 73 years)! :)


Order No.
TS-590SG.70 TS-590SG Special Black Edition Bel of email


Kenwood stellt den neuen TS-590SG Transceiver vor! Dabei profitiert der neue Transceiver von den Erfahrungen die man bei der Entwicklung des 'Flaggschiffs' TS-990S gesammelt hat. Verbesserungen betreffen unter anderem den Empfänger, aber auch Bedienfunktionen und äussere Details wie die Displayfarbe. Hier die Liste der Neuerungen beim TS-590SG:

Kenwood announces the new TS-590SG tramsceiver! The new radio benefits from the experiences colelcted when developing the flagship TS-990S transceiver. Improvements were applied not only to the receiver but also to practical functions like CW decode, and to cosmetical details as well. See the following list for a complete list of the new features of the TS-590SG:

Order No.
TS-590SG Kenwood TS-590SG Transceiver Bel of mail




Order No.
SO-3 Temperature controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO)  
VGS-1 Voice announcement, voice recorder  
SP-23K external speaker  
MC-60A Desktop Microphone  
MC-90 Deluxe Desktop Microphone Bel of mail
MC-43S Handheld microphone (as supplied)  
HS-5 Headphones, Kenwood  
HS-6 lightweight headphones, Kenwood  
PS-60 Power Supply  
USB-63 Cable serial/USB  


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