TS-480 features

Order No.
TS-480SAT HF Transceiver 100W, Tuner  
TS-480HX HF Transceiver 200W Bel of mail


Download: Download: TS-480SAT Instruction manual (English, PDF, 6.4MB).




Order No.
MC-43S Handheld microphone  
MJ-88 Microphone adaptor 8 pin to RJ-45  
PG-4Z Separation kit (4m)  
SO-3 Temp. controlled crystal oscillator  
VGS-1 Voice anoouncement module  
YF-107C 500Hz CW-Filter Bel of mail
YF-107CN 270Hz CW-Filter  
YF-107SN 1.8kHz SSB-Filter  
PG-20 DC Cable 7m with fuses (480HX requires two)  
42914.K-TUN 6pin connector for Tuner socket  
USB-63 Cable serial/USB  
KRS-480 Programming Kit (Software and Cable)  

ARCP-480 PC CAT software for TS-480, avalaible free of charge at http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/amateur.html


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