KG-UV6D Handheld VHF/UHF Two Way Radio

Wouxun KG-UV6DThe Wouxun KG-UV6D is an affordable handheld radio for 2m and 70cm. Despite the remarkable low price the radio is professionally manufactured and has a rich set of accessories. The clear and bright LC display shows two frequencies at the same time. Operation is possible with each VFO in the same band (V/V, U/U, V/U). Instead of the frequency an alphanumeric name can be displayed. The output power is 5W on 2m and 4W on 70cm, low power is selectable to 1W on each band.

The frequency range is 144-148 and 430-440 MHz (Tx/Rx) and can be extended by software to 138 - 174 and 400 to 470 MHz. Additionally a WFM receiver works on 87 to 108 MHz. The KG-UV6D has 199 memories. The keypad acts also as a DTMF encoder, for example to use Echolink. A 1750Hz call tone is also available. When using the keypad an english voice announcement supports the user, this is a helpful feature for visually impaired operators.

Significant changes to it's predecessor KG-UV2D are:

The antenna connector is a recessed SMA plug, just like with the predecessor (inner thread, center conductor male). We apologize for the erroneous information we had earlier in the product description.

Further features:

Included in shipment of the KG-UV6D is:

Delay in delivery at Wouxun:

Unfortunately, the shipment of Wouxun radios is delayed.
However, we know, you can not wait to order and we will deliver a AHT-6-UV, which is the same like the KG-UV6D.
Only difference is that the label is not Wouxun but Maas.
All accessories fit well on this device.


Order No.
KG-UV6D Radio 99.00




Order No.  
KG-TCO Protective Bag 14.00
KG-PCO Programming Cable USB 19.00
KG-HCO Headset 12.50
KG-SPO Loudspeaker/Microphone 21.90
KG-ELO Car Adaptor (Batt. Eliminator) 19.00
KG-CHO Double desktop charger 25.00
KG-BLO LiIon Battery 7.4V, 1700mAh 35.50
KG-CCO Car charging cable 9.00
KG-BAO Battery case 13.50
KG-CLIP Belt Clip 3.80
42870 Adapter SMA jack (female)/BNC jack (female) 6.10
42877 Adapter SMA jack (female)/PL jack (female) 4.60
42873 Adapter SMA male/N female 8.30
42874 Adapter SMA male/PL female 6.10
42855 Adapter SMA female/ BNC male 7.70
SMC-32 Kenwood Handmike/Loudspeaker combo 45.00
SMC-33 Kenwood Handmike/Loudspeaker combo 49.00
SMC-34 Kenwood Handmike/Loudspeaker combo with volume control 59.90
MS-109K Handmike/Loudspeaker combo 20.70


Diamond Accessory for Wouxun handheld radios.

Diamond offers a wide range of loudspeakers and earphone/microphone combinations, available for the Wouxun handheld radios too.

Duoband antenna for KG-UV6D

Flexible duoband antenna with the special connector for Wouxun, length 42cm.

Order No.
KG-ANT Duoband Antenna 22.00
KG-ANT-ORG Duoband Antenna (Original Wouxun) 16.80


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