KG-UV8D V1.05

Just as with the earlier model, the new Wouxun KG-UV8D offers a handheld transceiver with many features at a very interesting price. The KG-UV8D is a real dualband radio, i.e. it has two independant receivers. This allows the simultaneous monitoring of (for example) the 2m repeater as well as the local club frequency on 70cm. Further this hardware design allows the radio to operate as a true crossband repeater, very useful to extend the reach on the fieldday area.

The frequency range of the KG-UV8D covers the ham radio bands 2m and 70cm, a frequency extension is possible. The max. transmit power is 5W on VHF and 4W on UHF. Power supply comes from a LiIon rechargeable battery with 7.4V and 1700mAh capacity. 999 memories are more than sufficient to organize all your favorite frequencies, and of course you can name the memories with alpha-numeric labels.

A highlight of the KG-UV8D is the huge LC display. A clearly structured display helps with daily operation, and also the setup is very easy to handle. Large and solid keys make operationg very simple, at the side of the radio are three freely programmable function keys. The connectors for microphone and/or headset are the same as before (the same as kenwood uses since many years), so the same microphone or headset accessories can be used with the new radio. In contrast to the predecessor the antenna socket is a standard SMA socket. That allows us to offer a huge selection of additional antennas, for example those made by Diamond.

Order No.
KG-UV8D V1.05 Wouxon Dualband Radio KG-UV8D 125.00


Diamond Accessory for Wouxun handheld radios.


Bild Diamond EM-100EM-100: Earphone/Throat microphone combo with 2. PTT


Earphone with transparent and nearly invisible audio tube, throat microphone with good voice characteristics even with strong ambient noise. Well suited for paragliders and bikers. Second PTT button with velcro® straps, can be fastened on the arm or vehicle. Spare earphone included in shipment.

Order No.
EM-100K proper for Wouxun 29.90



EM-200: 'InEar' Microphone and earphone

This earphone/micro combination has the microphone integrated in the earphone, it picks up the voice over the headbones. This enables a very unobtrusive design. In contrast to older solutions a very natural sound of the voice, but with some more surrounding noise as when using a normal microphone. The PTT key is located in a small clip. Radios which support VOX operation you can use this device hands-free.

Order No.
EM-200K proper for Wouxun 29.00


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