FT-DX3000D Shortwave/50MHz Transceiver

The FT-DX3000D is the latest 100W shortwave station transceiver from Yaesu in the row of the upper class. Proven technologies such as DSP and fast antenna tuner was also included in this unit. Furthermore the FT-DX3000D benefited from the eperience with the top modell transceivers FT-DX5000 and FT-DX9000. This transceiver will not only with his look the center of your table.

For the first time in this class at the Yaesu now a TFT diplay is built in on which you have in addition to the band assignment, all the transceiver settings in mind. In addition of this, is beside the display a separate frequency display. The large TFT display has a very good readability from different angles. The high contrast makes viewing a pleasure.

Besides the visual changes, inside this transceiver, special emphasis was put on the best performance. Also new is the direct USB connection, so that external hardware can be quickly connected to the transceiver. Firmware updates can be played so directly with a USB cable without additional adapters into the transceiver.

You are a friend of digital modes?
With the FTDX-3000D you can start using the USB connection immediately! You do not need any sound card interface, this transceiver has all required already on board. In addition to the audio (in / out) on this port can also be keyed the PTT (PTT button and FSK). The already known serial port can also be found on this transceiver in the form of the known 9-pin RS-232 connector again. Thus, an operation of the FT-DX3000D on the computer is no limit.

The receiver:
You know the problem with strong stations close to the own frequency? Yaesu has in the FT-DX3000D installed as standard two roofing filters. In addition to the 3 kHz filter for SSB operation, was also intended for the ambitious CW fan and for that they integrate a narrow filter with 600Hz. Optionally, you can install a 300Hz filter (not included).
3 antenna inputs of which one can be configured for receive only (not in operation on that input possible), leave nothing to be desired.
The known 32-bit IF DSP was also included in this transceiver. By simply pressing a button the IF shift will set the passband to narrower settings. Of course, the very useful features such as IF filtering Notch and DNR have also been incorporated here.

The Transceiver:
The FT DX3000D offers full 100W output power at a 13.8 V power supply with a power consumption of max. 23A. The built-in speech processor in combination with the built-in equalizer also provides in SSB mode for a clear and precise modulation, which is not so easily ignored. The use of stand microphones with optional equalizer is no longer necessary.

The Keypad FH-2 is in the Delivery of aFT-DX3000D included!

Order No.
FT-DX3000D Yaesu FT-DX3000D shortwave transceiver Bel of mail



For CW enthusiasts narrow filters are particularly important. For the FT-DX3000D we offer a special 300 Hz roofing filter.

Order No.
XF-127CN 300Hz Roofing Filter for FTDX-3000D  
ADMS-DX3000 Programming Software for Yaesu FT-DX3000 (USB)  
DVS-6 Voice recorder  
MD-100A8X Desktop microphone  
MD-200 Deluxe Desktop microphone  
MH-31B8 Handheld microphone (as included) Bel of mail
YH-77STA Yaesu Stereo headphone  
FC-40 Automatic tuner  
ARB-704-FT3K Cable ARB-704  
40072.18 USB-Cable for FT-DX3000 (1,8m)  
40062.15M 15-pin Connector for the LINEAR Plug  


µ-Tune Kit

µ-Tune Kits are external filters for the bands 160m, 80 + 40m and 30 + 20m. These filters work with a motor driven coil and achieve a very high Q, again increasing the strong signal handling capabilities of the transceiver. The bandfilters require some assembly before use. All required cables are included. Size 330 x 120 x 120mm, weight 2.6kg.

Order No.
MTU-160 µ-Tune Kit 160m  
MTU-8040 µ-Tune Kit 80/40m Bel of mail
MTU-3020 µ-Tune Kit 30/20m  


Technical Data FT-DX3000D


RX Frequency Range 30 kHz - 56 MHz (operating)
1.8 - 54 MHz (specified performance, Amateur bands only)
TX Frequency Ranges 1.8 - 54 MHz (Amateur bands only)
Frequency Stability ±0.05 ppm (after 1 minute @ -10 °C ~ +50 °C)
Operationg Temperature Range -10 °C ~ +50 °C
Emission Modes A1A (CW), A3E (AM), J3E (LSB, USB), F3E (FM),
Frequency Steps 1/10 Hz (SSB,CW, & AM), 100 Hz (FM)
50 Ω, unbalanced 16.7 - 150 Ω, unbalanced (1.8 - 29.7 MHz)
25 - 100 Ω, unbalanced (50 - 54 MHz)
(Tuner ON, 1,8 - 50 MHz Amateur Bands, TX only)
Power Consumption Rx (no signal) 1,8 A
Rx (signal present) 2,1 A
Tx (100 W) 23 A
Supply Voltage DC 13,8 V ±10% (Negative Ground)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 365 x 115 x 312 mm w/o knob and connector
Weight (approx.) 10 kg
Power Output 5 - 100 Watt (CW, LSB, USB, FM, RTTY, PKT)
2 - 25 Watt (AM carrier)
Modulation Types J3E (SSB): Balanced
A3E (AM): Low-Level (Early Stage)
F3E (FM): Variable Reactance
Maximum FM Deviation ±5.0 kHz / ±2.5 kHz
Harmonic Radiation Better than -60dB (1.8 - 29.7 MHz Amateur bands: Harmonics)
Better than -50dB (1.8 - 29.7 MHz Amateur bands: Others)
Better than -65dB (50 MHz Amateur band)
SSB Carrier Suppression At least 60 dB below peak output
Undesired Sideband Suppression At least 60 dB below peak output
Audio Response (SSB) Not more than -6 dB from 300 to 2700 Hz
3rd-order IMD -31 dB @14 MHz, 100 watts PEP
Bandwidth 500 Hz (CW)
3.0 kHz (LSB, USB)
6.0 kHz (AM)
16 kHz (FM)
Microphone Impedance 600 Ω (200 to 10 k Ω
Circuit Type Double-conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies 9 MHz/30 kHz (24 kHz for AM/FM)
Sensitivity SSB (2.4 kHz, 10 dB S+N/N)
4 μV (0.5 - 1.8 MHz, IPO "ON")
0.16 μV (1.8 - 30 MHz, RF AMP2 "ON")
0.125 μV (50 - 54 MHz, RF AMP2 "ON")
AM (BW: 6 kHz, 10 dB S+N/N, 30 % modulation @400 Hz)
28 μV (0.5 - 1.8 MHz, IPO "ON")
2 μV (1.8 - 30 MHz, RF AMP2 "ON")
1 μV (50 - 54 MHz, RF AMP2 "ON")
FM (BW: 15 kHz, 12 dB SINAD)
0.5 μV (28 - 30 MHz, RF AMP2 "ON")
0.35 μV (50 - 54 MHz; ARF MP2 "ON")
There is no specification in frequency ranges not listed.
Selectivity (WIDTH: Center): Mode -6 dB -60 dB
CW/RTTY/PKT 0.5 kHz or better 750 Hz or less
SSB 2.4 kHz or better 3.6 kHz or less
AM 6 kHz or better 15 kHz or less
FM 12 kHz or better 30 kHz or less
Image Rejection 70 dB or better (1.8 - 30 MHz amateur bands
60 dB or better (50 - 54 MHz Amateur band)
Maximum Audio Output 2.5 W into 4 Ω with 10% THD
Audio Output Impedance 4 to 8 Ω (4 Ω nominal)
Conducted Radiation Less than 4 nW

Specifications are subject to change, in the interest of technical improvement, without notice or obligation, and are guaranteed only within the amateur bands.


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