FT-25E /  FT-65E


http://www.gianora-hsu.ch/files/products/YAESU%20AMATEUR%20RADIO/images/FT-25.pnghttp://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/ht/0065.jpgThe handheld radios FT-65E and FT-25E offer a very solid and well featured radio of a well known manufacturer at an excellent price. Both radios are designed for very easy operation. For example four 'Quick Recall Keys' offer programmable channels and functions which should be easily reached. The construction of the FT65/FT-25 is very robust and meets the IP54 specification and other environmental standards. Thsi ensure carefree operation even under inclement weather or in rough environments.

The maximum transmit power is 5W, which can be reduced to 2.5 or 0.5W. Supplied is a powerful rechargeable battery with 1950 mAh capacity, supporting many hours of operation. An even larger battery is offered as an option. Also included in the shipment is the rapid charger SBH-22 and a wall charger. With a suitable headset the FT65/FT25 even offer VOX operation, this is extremely helpful in situation where handsfree is required.

The FT-65E is a dual band two-way radi owhich operates on either VHF (2m) or UHF (70cm). The FT-25E is a VHF (2m) only radio. Both devices also offer a receiver for WFM broadcast on 78 to 108 MHz.

Order No.
FT-65E Yaesu VHF/UHF FM Handheld Radio 99.00
FT-25E Yaesu VHF FM Handheld Radio 82.50
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FT-65E / FT-25E Accessories

Order No.
ADMS-FT65 Programming Software FT-65E 54.00
SBR-25LI LiIon Battery 7.4 V, 1950 mAh 35.20
SBR-26LI LiIon Battery 7.4 V, 2500 mAh 42.50
SBH-22 Rapid Charger FT-65E/FT-25E 13.50
SAD-20C Power Supply/CHarger FT-65E/FT-25E 13.50
SCU-35 Programming Cable FT-65E/FT-25E 14.80
SCU-36 Cloning Cable FT-65E/FT-25E 14.90
SSM-512B Vox-Headset FT-65E/FT-25E 22.80


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