FT-2900E Solid 2m VHF Mobile FM transceiver 75W

75W transmit power from an FM mobile transceiver - that has never been here before! Due to the really massive aluminium chassis no ventilator is required. The FT-2900E offers all a FM transceiver needs: 200 memories, DTMF microphone supplied, CTCSS/DSC En- and Decoder and much more. The built in loudspeaker with it's 3W AF amplifier results in good intelligibility while driving. Easy to operate without giving up functionality. An optional programming kit (software plus cable) is available: ADMS-2900. Size 160 x 50 x 185mm, weight 1.9kg.

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FT-2900E Bel of mail




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MH-48A6J DTMF hand microphone (as supplied) Bel of mail

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