Bonito MeteoJet SSB-Receiver

TheMeteoJet receiver is a new development by BONITO and uses the latest receiving technology. It is a first class computer-based radio. The signal is directly processed with the BONITO software (MeteoCom 6, ProMeteo2). From 40 kHz to 30 MHz, the receiver can be tuned with an accuracy of 1 Hz. The extremely good sensitivity was optimized even more so that good reception is guaranteed with even relatively short antennas. Because of its high overload capacity, the BONITO MeteoJet receiver is an ideal basis for reliable and automatic reception.

The receiver comes in a small housing and is connected to a PC (not supplied) via USB and is directly supplied with voltage. A BNC connector is on the rear of the housing. Because the BONITO MeteoJet is a so-called IF receiver, the decoding of maritime signals is no problem whatsoever. The digitalized signal is processed from the very beginning. Thus data can be decoded easily and new modes can be added with an update. By decoding weather faxes, Navtex and RTTY directly, a much better quality is the result. Additionally, the digital signal filtering has the advantage that even distorted or weak signals can still be decoded very well.
On board, you need almost no room to install the MeteoJet. There is only one USB cable required, which also supplies the radio with voltage. An additional power supply is not necessary .The BONITO MeteoJet works with third party software as well. As far as the quality of the reception is concerned, it surpasses that of the WINRADIO and that for a spectacular price.

The difference between the MeteoJet and the RadioJet 1102S is that MeteoJet is more adapted for maritime use and that is why the frame is sealed with four layers of special lacquer to withstand the salty air at sea.

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Bonito MeteoJet SSB-Receiver 599.00


Bonito MeteoJet Paket Marine

The MeteoJet is a full weather information package containing the MeteoCom 6 software, the Bonito MeteoJet 1204S HF-receiver and allnecessary connecting cables. This software/ hardware combination ischaracterized by its easy installation, smooth start-up and goodresults as well as an outstanding cost/ performance ratio. TheHF-receiver is fully controllable by the software using an USB cableand it offers an easy timer operation.

- Full package includes the software MeteoCom 6 and the HF-receiver MeteoJet 1204S and all necessary connecting cables.
- Easy to install and to use
- Decodes: WeatherFax, RTTY, Synopsis, Navtex and Morse Code in high resolution
-Includes a world wide data base and world map showing the locations ofall current stations including all frequencies and transmission timesfor each station
- Fully automatic timer operation
- Two HF-radios can be connected simultaneously
- All received weather information can be viewed on a monitor and printed to a standard printer attached to the PC
- Includes 1 Year MeteoData Access via Internet from

Thispackage contains the MeteoCom 6 Marine software, and the new BonitoSSB-Receiver MeteoJet 1204S and all necessary connecting cables. Thissoftware/ hardware combination is characterized by smooth start-up andgood results as well as an outstanding cost/ performance ratio.

The MeteoJet 1204S is a black box receiver which is intended to operate inconjunction with a computer. In connection with MeteoCom 6 this packagerepresents the value of an expensive DSP-receiver. Through the use ofthe modern technique called SDR, completely new software decoder weredeveloped. WeatherFax, Navtex and RTTY can be decoded in much betterquality than by conventional SSB radios. This is achieved throughdirect IF decoding. Even noisy weather faxes can still be read veryclearly. Using this new technology greatly simplifies the userinterface. No slant correction is needed any more, for example.

Expensivefilters, displays and switches are not important factors whenconsidering onboard use. A much higher emphasis is placed on smallsize, freedom of installation and low power consumption. Decidingfactors for onboard use are functionality and cost.

We wereable to use the full potential of this receiver and integrated it intothe software development. The control, for example, was completelyintegrated into MeteoCom 6 and is done via a USB-interface. Alsointegrated is the time management which allows for full automaticoperation. The MeteoJet 1204S unit can be installed at a concealedlocation. There is only one USB cable that connects the receiver withthe computer. The unit is USB-powered. It covers 40 kHz to 32 MHz,tuning step accuracy is 1 Hz.
With this package the costumergets a weather information system which is able to receive weatherinformation in the background, fully automatically.


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Bonito MeteoJet Paket Marine 999.00


WIB-E Pro Weather for Europe and Atlantic

Digital sea-weather receiver for the PC (USB) - European and Atlantic-wide weather information from Offenbach (DWD), Northwood, Boston and New Orleans and Halifax  - World-wide Navtex receiption - Barograph

- Sea-weather forecasts of the DWD (German weather service) on short and long wave
- Facsimile weather charts of the DWD, Northwood, Boston, New Orleans and Halifax (weather fax)
- NAVTEX at 490 kHz and 518 kHz
- Decoded Synop messages of the DWD
- Easy to use 
- full automatic frequency tuning
- Diagram of the air pressure process, with tendency announcement
- Display of the weather forecasts on PDA possible
- Use free of charge for the Skipper

Bonito’s new Weather Information system WEATHERiNFOBOX-Pro is a tiny box with an integrated SDR-SSB Receiver, a Weather decoder and an air pressure sensor. It receives WeatherFax, Navtex, Synopsis as well as RTTY Messages, European-AND NOW also Atlantic- wide fully automatically and stores it in to the integrated memory. It receives the German Weather Service, Northwood and all reachable Navtex (490 kHz or 518 kHz) stations on all possible frequencies totally PC independent. Additionally the device contains an air pressure sensor to record the air pressure course for an interval of maximal seven days.

The WIB E-Pro is available in following variations:
1) Standard Version
Processed the weather data from the WIB E-Pro and convert the popular sea-weather forecasts in great graphic animation.
2) Navigator version
Includes all features as the Standard version
+ Weather Route Control
3) Standard-PLUS version
Includes all features as the Standard version
+ 365 days including meteorological data from the Internet
4) Navigator-PLUS version (recommended)
Includes all features as the Standard version
+ 365 days including meteorological data
+ Weather Route Control


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WIB-E Pro Weather for Europe and Atlantic  
Standard 849.00
Standard Plus 929.00
Navigator 899.00
Navigator PLUS 999.00

CR-1 Communications Receiver

The CR-1 is a small, low-power, ruggedly constructed radio receiver that is finding a niche in the world of SWL’s (short wave listeners) and amateur radio enthusiasts alike.
The CR-1 is a NEW Software Defined Radio (SDR) from the designers of miniature wideband signal intelligence receivers, developed for special-operations units, and rugged business-jet data-link transceivers.
The CR-1 SDR is independent of a host PC, using embedded digital signal processing technology providing a degree of portability and performance previously unavailable to the radio enthusiast.
As one potential customer noted: “It’s an SDR with knobs, keys, and a display!”

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CR-1 Communications Receiver 725.00

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