Bonito RadioJet 1102S

They will make "ears"

The Bonito shortwave receiver RadioJet 1102S combines innovative architecture with the advantages of modern computer technology. The frequency range of 0.04 MHz to 32 MHz, the smallest detectable signal 3 dB above the noise level at -134 dBm and what rendered linear over a 16 kHz signal width thereof, to assess the filter quality on an extended range of 24 kHz will. The noise floor is so low because no active components between the antenna and the ADCs were used.

The Bonito RadioJet is an analog shortwave receiver with built-in USB Audio Device and multi-channel 12-kHz IF output or simply put, at the moment the most consistent application of modern radio technology.

The electronics of this receiver has such a high level of integration that those skilled appears as if known elements are lacking, the previously accounted for a receiver. You will find in this example, no receiver AGC, but two output channels with different signal levels. Each channel has -15 dB ATT and can amplify the input variable from -16 dB to +45 dB or weaken. The complete large signal is applied as 144 dB-scaled signal at the RX channel, while maintaining a 48 dB higher signal is available via the high resolution DX-channel. This receiver can process an extremely weak signal without another suffers from high levels of its "neighborhood". Thus, no strong transmitter override a weaker push away or the receiver so that the desired signal is acoustically incomprehensible.


During the development special attention was paid to play acoustically understandable, so that one can not only view dB's in the spectrum, but can follow a normal QSO with the hearing. Reception results of Bonito RadioJet 1102S were able to convince professionals and hardcore SWLer itself. This is the world in the many tests in magazines, forums, online magazines and is in the 4.5 star rating from the WRTH-2013.

Although there have not inserted completely new technologies, but a completely new understanding of electromagnetic processes. To create a new receiver generation, were very successful in the new physical theories of bonitistische geometry used.
The result is a very high value IP3 (+29 dBm), excellent dynamic range (96/136 dB), excellent sensitivity of 0.03 microvolts at a low noise floor of -134 dBm MDS and 1 Hz tuning accuracy. With these features and versatility of the software RadioJet 1102S is probably the most innovative IF receiver in the world and at an affordable price.

Good software saves expensive hardware

The heart of the IF receiver RadioJet 1102S is its included software. It is in the standard version already voted very extensive and both the simple radio receiver and on the DXer who likes to get something more out of the signal möchte.Die user interface of RadioJet software provides the software a professional receiver very similar and in different layouts subdivided. Depending on the selected layout shows the frequency spectrum or filters in 2D and 3D, or waterfall display. To these listings around you will find all the controls appropriately arranged for layout and operating mode. This can of course also hide in order to, for example, will see a large spectrum can. The sensitivity, IF shift, passband tuning, filter, notches, etc. can be easily adjusted with the mouse. In addition, there are a large number of possibilities for noise reduction and noise blanker, memory, squelch (including SNR Squelch) and many different demodulation modes, including DRM.

Plug and Play

Through our years of experience with various USB receivers was clear to us that a complicated installation quickly generates frustration with the customer. Therefore, it was a goal in the development that the installation is as easy as possible. In RadioJet an IF input device is installed, so the device behaves like an external USB audio recording device and a trouble-free connection is guaranteed without complicated driver installation: Simply RadioJet plug 1102S and install the supplied software ... finished Easy Plug and! Play

The receiver comes with the standard software, which includes the following features: playback and record programs in USB, LSB, CW, S / AM, FM, AMSS and DRM (in stereo). Various spectra, MRSS, DRM decoder, extremely wide frequency list, including, position, sending times, modes and display on world map, etc. All filters are completely variable and can also have the equalizer of hand-drawn ripple and notch filter. S-meter and spectrum display have metrological highly accurate and dBm scale can be calibrated.

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Bonito RadioJet 1305 Plus 

  • High Performance Hybrid Receiver
  • 0.02 MHz -> 1600 MHz
  • Spectrum width 24kHz + 500 kHz - 3200 kHz
  • LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, Stereo FM stereo DRM
  • Modern flexible user interface
  • Audio and IF recording and playback
  • Integrated frequency database
  • IF / AF spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope
  • Open Source DLL for use of 3rd party software
  • Free online updates
  • Made in Germany

    RadioJet 1305PLUS a hybrid receiver of the latest generation

    The popular IF receiver RadioJet has been greatly improved and extended by an additional IQ receiver that offers a wide panoramic overview. In addition, the frequency domain via shortwave also been extended. This combination of different receivers and special electronic control system we call hybrid receiver. With this, it is now possible to simultaneously apply multiple demodulation to select different frequency bands and to use different antennas, so that a band monitoring is greatly simplified. Optionally, the receiver can be extended by a further internal IQ receiver. In addition, once an external arbitrary SDR are added (... if your computer can handle yet ...).

    The main receiver corresponds to our successful and proven 24 kHz wide RadioJet 1102S, the mixer has been expanded to two converters for the RTL-2832 IQ receiver. This made a major expansion of the software necessary to ultimately it easy receives the frequency such. As 2m / 70cm amateur radio, but also specifically decoded in order to enable the reception SatFax images of 136-138 MHz. Likewise FM stations can be received in stereo incl. The display of multiplex baseband spectrum and the decoding of the RDS text. For an automatic frequency-controlled antenna switching is still a lot of additional hardware is required, and an internal USB hub so that not all USB outputs of your computer are blocked.

    The RadioJet 1305P now offers great panoramic multiband spectra with synchronous, asynchronous and independent frequency control: Each click into the spectrum can control another receiver or access a specific band section. And all still the same dimensions of the unit! As before, the power from the USB port of the PC at. Thus a portable application with the notebook is possible.

    Wide frequency range and large picture!

    The frequency range is now well beyond 1600 MHz on scalable spectra with up to 3.2 MHz panoramic overview per IQ receiver. It can thus in total a maximum of 4 receivers simultaneously and completely independently of one another are used at different frequencies (... if your computer can handle yet ...).

    It is noteworthy that a significantly higher sensitivity, stability and quality of the IQ receivers RTL2832U is given by the high quality RadioJet front end because they inherit the excellent short-wave properties of RadioJet.

    The unique selling point:

    Synchronous: Each IQ receiver can show a spectrum and also make a radio station heard. Adjusted to the frequency is no longer listen to the corresponding station.

    Asynchronous: The receiver still leaves eg Germany-radio at 177 kHz audible in focus while can be searched on the panoramic spectrum with the mouse wheel, the entire shortwave range. Only when click on a peak in the spectrum of the new station is controlled in the receiver and heard.

    Independent: The receiver can eg Germany radio record at 177 kHz, while the 20-meter band was set in panoramic spectrum and the Panaroma receiver the signal is heard. Or I listen to an FM station and impress my neighbors with my fidgeting multiplex baseband spectrum. With additional an FM antenna is connected to without affecting the recording. These opportunities require a significant amount of hardware and software and therefore can not be simply just called receiver ', but hybrid receiver.

    Multiband Receiving and Recording

    With the ability to use up to 4 receivers, the currently very popular multi-band recording is possible. Here, the RadioJet 1305P can simultaneously and completely independent receive and record the 20- 40- and 80-meter band. The complete storable width is determined by the number of IQ receivers and sample rate, with 2 internal IQ receiver plus the external receivers. For example 2 * 3.2 = 6.4 + 2MHz Excalibur, Perseus, etc. = more than 8 MHz panoramic overview.

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