CR-1A: Modern Receiver for Shortwave

The CR-1A SDR by Commradio is a small, low-power, ruggedly constructed radio receiver that is finding a niche in the world of SWLs (short wave listeners) and amateur radio enthusiasts alike.
Not only does it cover the Shortwave frequencies but FM Broadcast, Airband & VHF/UHF too, however at reduced sensitivity and performance (see specs below). It's even got a built-in Li-Ion battery pack allowing true portability for up to eight hours of use. (Even more using headphones).

The CR-1A SDR is independent of a host PC, using embedded digital signal processing technology providing a degree of portability and performance previously unavailable to the radio enthusiast. There are many thousands of listeners that want a modern approach to receiver design without the complexity, cost and PC-only driven products available on the market today.

"It's an SDR with knobs, keys, and a display!"

And another thing. Why the BIG FEET? When CommRadio designed this compact marvel they wanted to fit a decent speaker. So they did and by raising the body off the desk it would actually produce nice loud crisp audio.

The newer version CR-1A has the capability to supply I/Q Data via USB for a computer display of a spectrum of max. 200 KHz. Additionally a CAT interface is provided via the USB interface. Further the OLED display colour is now amber instead of green. For operation with a computer additional (free) driver and software is required, please see the manufacturers website. The provided software for the IQ data display is a proof of concept.

Technical Data CR-1A
Frequency Range General Coverage 500 - 30000 kHz
Frequency Range LW 150 - 500 kHz, see footnote 1
Modes General Coverage + LW AM, LSB, USB, CW, see footnote 2
MDS General Coverage -130dBm @500Hz filter
Frequency Range VHF 64 - 260 MHz, see footnote 3
Frequency Range UHF 437 - 512 MHz MHz, see footnote 3
Sensitivity WFM typ. -88dBm @200kHz filter
Sensitivity VHF 108-150MHz/FM typ. -98dBm @12dB SINAD (5kHz Deviation)
Sensitivity UHF FM c. -86 to -98dBm @12dB SINAD (15kHz filter, 5kHz Deviation)
Antenna Connectors 2 × BNC (HF, VHF/UHF)
Audio Power Speaker 0.8W @8Ω, 3.5mm mono phone connector
Audio Power Headphones 0.04W @16Ω, 3.5mm mono phone connector
Power Supply via USB Mini connector or via 11-16V DC connector, cables supplied
Power Consumption max. 1.2W with speaker at full volume
Size 143 × 62 × 155 mm
Weight 700 gr



  1. The CR-1A was designed for a frequency coverage of 500 to 30000 kHz. The LW coverage from 150-500kHz is experimental, with reduced capabilities.
  2. FM is available on frequencies above 25MHz, WFM is available on VHF 88-108MHz
  3. On VHF/UHF the CR-1A is designed as a single conversion receiver, on HF as a double conversion receiver.
Order No.
CR-1A CR-1A Stand-alone SDR receiver with IQ data 725.00


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