MC-1200 Steel Tower with structural analysis

Hot dip galvanized telescopic masts, consisting of three sections with 3m length, plus top unit with 1m length and socket, plus base piece. Width of edge on lower segment 40cm, extended length approx. 12m.

The 45° cross beams of the masts are made of solid material (not tubes). Additionally one side has horizontal cross beams of the same diameter. With this you can climb up the mast in principle, although we do strongly warn about climbing a telescopic tower.

The masts are suitable for a 'standard' HF beam or multiple VHF Yagis. We do not supply a static calculation with these masts. In Germany the regulations usually require a build permit for masts above 10m height. This permit normally requires a static calculation.

The masts do have a simple hinge at the bottom for easier installation, see picture. Included in shipment is an ALKO winch with 500kg traction force, incl. steel rope. Also included is an universal base plate which can be bolted to the ground or used in a concrete basement (see pictures).

The top unit offers enough space for a rotator and contains two friction bearings suitable for 48.5mm tubes. Included in the shipment is a ball bearing at the top position. A short and simple steel tube is included with each mast. But this is a simple tube without any strength specification, suitable only for lighter antennas. In case of doubt please replace this with a higher specified tube. The achors required for a concrete basement are not included and must be ordered separately (see below).

We do offer a structural analysis paper for the MC-1200 tower. This analysis is based on the assumptiosn as shown below. The price of the analysis is intended as a contribution to the total cost of that paperwork. This analysis is 238 pages long and includes the construction drawings and plans for a concrete foundation.

Assumed data for structural analysis:

Under different circumstances, for example in the mountains or close to the sea other assumptions for the structural analysis must be allowed for!

Concrete option
Antenna Surface [m²] at antenna weight [kg]
WZ1 WZ2 WZ1 & 2
Without guying 0.65 0.4 50
With lower guying 0.8 0.5 50
With middle guying 1.0 0.7 50
With top guying 5.0 4.0 100

WZ1 is valid for wind speeds < 22,5 m/s, WZ2 for < 25,0 m/s.
In coastal areas, higher wind speeds may apply!

Ball bearing
Technical Data MC-1200
Sections 3 x 4 m
Extended length 11.7 m
Weight 129 kg
Width of lower edge 40 cm
Tube size on corners
bottom,middle segment
42 x 3.2 mm
Cross bar on lower section Solid, 10 mm
Cross bars on middle and upper section Solid, 8 mm
Weight top unit 14 kg
Foundation size 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.7 m

Download: Instructions MC-1200 (german only) (PDF, DE, 480KB)

Order No.
38360.4 MC-1200 Telescopic steel tower with winch 2630.00
38360.STA Structural Analysis (238 pages) 195.00
38351 Option for Concrete Base MC-1200 140.00

Alko Hand winch

Made in Germany, massive construction, without rope. Note: the a.m. masts do include such a winch, incl. steel rope.

Order No.
38380.500 Alko Hand winch 500Kg 155.00

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