Remote-controlled 6-way Band Filter for shortwave

This 6-way band filter was developed for contest stations which require a comfortable remote control, but ca be helpful at the station at home as well. It consists of a box with 6 switchable band pass filters and a remote control box. The six band filters are designed for the traditional contest bands 160, 80, 40 ,20 15 and 10m. The remote control box is connected with a DB9 cable to the filter box. The small control unit is positioned conveniently close to the operator while the filterbox can be installed anywhere near the amplifiers or antenna outlets. The solid box is made from coated aluminium and uses PL (SO-239) sockets.

Each device is shipped with an individual measurement protcol for each filter which shows insertion loss (S21), return loss attenuation (S11), frequency response an VSWR. The max. power load is 200W CW 'key down'. The fitlers suppress the second harmonix frequency by about 80 db. A control cable is not supplied. You can use any 8 wire cable and supply a 12V signal to the filter box (1 of 7). The length of the control cable is not limited as long as the voltage is around 12V.


Order No.
12430 6-way remote controlled band pass filter 799.00


Set of band filters 160-10m complete set of single band filters for the traditional bands from 160 to 10m. The filters are equiped with PL (SO-239) sockets and are inserted between transceiver and amplifier. They offer an enormous suppression of noise and interference from other bands. This drastically reduces intermodulation problems on the receiver. Further than that unwanted emissions from the own transmitter are suppressed as well.

Usually multi-station contest operations can not live without such filters, but also single-op stations can benefit from using such filters. The filters come in a solid aluminium case, have an insertion loss of less than 0.6 dB and are shipped with an individual measurement protocol. The max allowed power level is 200 Watt 'key down'.

Order No.
12420 Set of band filters, 6pcs (160,80,40,20,15,10m) 659.00


OM-6BPF Bandpass filter
The Band Pass Filter OM6BPF is designed for all short wave amateur bands from 1.8 to 29 MHz (exclusive WARC-bands ) for 200 W power.


  • Frequency coverage: amateur bands 1.8 - 29.7 MHz exclusive WARC
  • Design: 3 resonator filters
  • Power rating: 200 W in SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM
  • Input impedance: 50 Ohm
  • SWR: Less then 1.2 : 1 across band
  • Output impedance: 50 Ohm unbalanced
  • Insertion loss: very low insertions loss due to High-Q capacitors, hand tuned for maximum performance
  • Control methods: Automatic with Yaesu , Icom , Elecraft , OM Power automatic amplifiers , Banddecoder for example microHAM devices
  • Power supply: External between +12 V to 15 V
  • LED indicators: Automatic mode
  • Band indications
  • Bypass Mode
  • Parameters: 210 x 75 x 320 mm (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 2.3 kg

Measured Typical Band to Band Rejection
MHz max. loss (dB) max. SWR Crossband minimum loss (dB)
1.8 0.25 1.1 3.5 MHz 7 MHz 14 MHz 21MHz 28MHz
2.0 0.25 1.1 47 70 60 53 70
3.5 0.25 1.1 1.85 MHz 7 MHz 14 MHz 21MHz 28MHz
3.8 0.25 1.1 42 46 60 55 50
7.0 0.3 1.15 1.85 MHz 3.5 MHz 14.MHz 21MHz 28MHz
7.3 0.3 1.15 66 46 70 55 47
14.0 0.3 1.15 1.85 MHz 3.5 MHz 7 MHz 21 MHz 28 MHz
14.4 0.3 1.15 80 62 41 38 60
21.0 0.4 1.2 1.85 MHz 3.5 MHz 7 MHz 14.MHz 28 MHz
21.5 0.4 1.2 75 75 65 35 58
28.0 0.4 1.2 1.85 MHz 3.5 MHz 7 MHz 14.MHz 21 MHz
29.7 0.4 1.2 80 90 70 47 27


Order No.
OM-6BPF OM-Power OM-6BPF Bandpass filter 820.00


Bencher YA-1

The best low pass filter available... says Bencher. Also suitable for high power - up to 1.5kW in FM, 5 kW peak. 1.8 to 30MHz, very steep skirts., attenuation approx. 80 dB. Connectors: 2x PL female.

Order No.
YA-1 171.40


Common mode filter

Bild CMF-2000
Bild CMF-5000
New filter concept againt fights TVI and BCI

In some cases traditional low pass filters have a limited effect on TVI and BCI. Usually because these interferences are not caused by harmonics but by common mode currents on the outer shield of the feed line, these currents are not affected by low pass filters.
To solve these problems a new kind of filter is available - the common mode filter for 1.8 to 54MHz, which is inserted into the feedline just as a low pass, as close to the transceiver as possible. Common mode suppression up to 250MHz and up to 50dB.
Two versions are available: max. 2000W or max. 5000W power load (key down!), insertion loss max. 0.1dB.
In Japan, a land with very high amateur radio density and lot's of TVI situations, already a quarter million of these filters have been sold and used successfully. Connectors 2x PL.

For convenient connection to the transceiver, add to your order:
for the 2000W version a PL angle 90° with plugs (male) on both sides Order No. 42022.01;
for the 5000W version order a PL angle adaptor (M/F, Order No. 42022) and a dual PL connector (M/M, Order No. 42024)

Order No. Max power load (CW) Sizes Connectors
CMF-2000 2000 Watt 380x54 mm PL
CMF-5000 5000 Watt 300x54 mm PL


Order No.
CMF-2000 122.00
CMF-5000 183.00


MFJ-915 Common mode filter
Common mode filter - low cost version by MFJ. Frequency range 1.8 - 30 MHz, size 13x5cm, PL jacks, max. 1500W PEP.
Order No.
MFJ-915 44.90


Coax-Common mode filter

Powerful common mode filter for use directly after the station or the amplifier in the shack.
For additional protection against rain, this lock can also be used at the antenna. The filter uses RG-213/U and a number of ferrite cores to block standing waves directly at the station.
Capacity up to max. 1500W, length 1m, 2x PL-plug, 1x PL-double female included.

Order No.
11540 Coax-Common mode filter 44.00


Assorted Ferrite Cores

Selection contains:


Regular price  44.00  Assorted collection only  38.00
Order No.
40092.BUNDLE 38.00


Angular ferrite toroids

Fight interferences with toroidal ferrites. Just wrap the cables of the affected device once or several times around the toroid, close it, ready. Suitable for all types of cables. Optimal frequency range 0.5 to 200 MHz.

Order No.
40090 9.50


Round Ferrite core

For all kind of round cables (Datac ables, coax cable, rotor control etc.). Very good suited for fighting interference of computers (keyboard or USB cable)... some PCs just can't stand the HF power.
Depending on the situation to be installed at either end of the cable. A selecteion of ferrite cores is a must for every DXpedition!

Of course you can try to build a common mode filter with these cores, but you will need several cores on the cable (at least for shortwave). If you are looking for ready made common mode filters, check our article 11368, right here.

Product Max. Cable diameter Length Diameter Type  
40092.5 5.4mm 29.4mm 15.9mm Round 4.40
40092.6 6.1mm 23.4mm 14mm Square 4.80


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