ACOM-2000 SW Remote 10-way Antenna Switch




Very solid 10 to 1 antenna switch for outdoor use. Useable up to 60MHz, up to 5000 W (at good SWR). Hot switching protection, 4 Bit BCD selector signal, feedback signal. Protection qequiv. IP53, wide temperature range, voltage supply 24 to 31VDC. Unused antenna inputs are gounded.

Including control unit ACOM-2000S. requires a 6 wire, shielded control cable. Up to a length of approx. 35m our reference 40012.6 is sufficient. Longer distances require a larger cable gauge. Required connectors are included. The control unit is powered with 230V AC, no further power supply is required.

Frequency Range 0.1 bis 60 MHz
Connections PL (SO239A, PTFE, 50Ω)
Switching Time < 0.15 Sek.
Power Supply 24 … 31 VDC, 150mA
Size 160mm Ø, 105mm H
Weight 1.9 kg
Temperature range (operating) -30 … +60° C
Max. Power f ≤ 30MHz @ VSWR1:1 5000 W
@ VSWR2:1 2500 W
@ VSWR3:1 1600 W
f ≤ 60MHz @ VSWR1:1 3600 W
@ VSWR2:1 1800 W
@ VSWR3:1 1200 W
SWR ≤ 2MHz 1.02:1
≤ 30MHz 1.08:1
≤ 60MHz 1.20:1
Crosstalk ≤ 2MHz ≤ -100dB
≤ 30MHz ≤ -70dB
≤ 60MHz ≤ -66dB

Included in delivery:

Order No.
ACOM-2000SWS 10:1 Switch incl. control unit 795.00
40012.6 Control cable 6 wires, 0.14mm², shielded, per meter 0.80
ACOM-2000S Control unit
ACOM-2000S Control unit

Download: Operation Manual ACOM-2000SW (PDF, EN, 165KB)

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