Remote antenna switch w/o DC feed

Low-loss mast-mounted antenna switch for switching 2 or 4 antennas to one feedline, or for changing the polarisation (horizontal/vertical) of X-quad antennas and crossed yagis. Low in-line attenuation, see table. 12 V DC operation (100mA max). For 2x switches one control wire is sufficient (use maybe an unused wire of the rotor control cable?) but the DC minus pole must be connected to the coax cable shield. Impedance 50 Ω, N connectors (female), supplied complete with mast clamp up to 54mm mast diameter.
The remote control connector on the AS-304 is a 4 pin DIN socket, a suitable plug is included with the switch. Type AS-304 AS-3000
No. of antennas 4 2
Frequency range 0-600 0-3000 MHz
Insertion loss HF 0,05 0,05 dB
70cm 0,15 0,02 dB
3000 MHz - 0,1 dB
Max. Power (PEP) HF 1500 1000 Watt
2m 1000 1000 Watt
70cm 600 800 Watt
23cm - 500 Watt
13cm - 250 Watt
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Price 195.00 325.00








ACS-2004 4-way remote antenna switch

ACS-2004 BedienteilThe ACS-2004 allows connection of four antennas for all amateur bands from 80m to 70cm, switched to just one coaxial cable. Included is the control unit AC-2004 and the weatherproof outdoor unit AS-2004. Both devices communicate over one cable, also allowing to select independently 4 separate pre-amps.

Additionally the ACS-2004 switching systems contains a sequencer for controlling pre-amp and power amp keying.

If pre amps are to be used they are integrated between the antenna and the input of the switch.

To protect the switching contacts of the HF relays and the pre-amps, antenna selection is bloccked while the PTT is engaged.

Technical Data ACS-2004

Order No.
18075 ACS-2004 519.00


Operating manual ACS-2004 for download (PDF, germany, 300KB)

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