Lightning arrestors

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Standard Series

Lightning protector from Diamond or various manufacturers for in-line use; the protector can be used in the coax cable directly at the antenna base or at the radio. Available as N- or UHF connector, female/female or male/male, with a solder lug for ground connection. Available for various power loads, see table.
Diamond SP-1000
CA-35RP Diamond SP-3000

Please note: Normally the coax connectors are not waterproof; use coax seal (wrap it on like normal tape) and mold to fit!

Type SP-1000 SP-1000PW SP-3000 SP-3000P  
Max. Frequency: 1000 1000 2500 2500 MHz
Max. Power load
0-30 MHz: 400 400 200 400 W
30-500 MHz: 400 400 200 400 W
über 500 MHz: 400 400 200 400 W
Insertion loss 500 MHz: 0,1 <0,2     dB
1500 MHz:     0,1 0,1 dB
3000 MHz:         dB
Breakthrough voltage (DC) 350 350 230 350 V
Connector PL f/f PL m/f N f/f N m/f
Order No.
21042 SP-1000 25.95
21042.10 SP-1000PW 29.00
21043 SP-3000 35.00
21043.10 SP-3000P 39.50
21043.02 Spare fuse element 10.30

Spare fuse elements for predecessors (as long as stock lasts):
Order No.
21042.01 for CA-35RS 10.30
21043.01 for CA-23RS/RP 10.30

Note: Don't forget to order spare fuse elements.

Instructions DIAMOND lightning arrestors (old version, deprecated)

Instructions Diamond Lightning Arrestors SP-1000PW, SP-3000W (PDF, EN, 115KB)

Instructions Diamond Lightning Arrestors SP-1000, SP-3000, SP-3000P (PDF, EN, 485KB)

Datasheet 21045/21047 (PDF, DE, 140KB)


Economy Series

Economy series without compromises on the electrical specs, not watertight. Available with various connectors, see table. Does not use exchangeable spare fuse elements, the complete system must be changed.

Type 21049.NMF 21049.NFF 21049.BMF 21049.SFF 21055  
Max. Frequency: 3000 3000 1000 3000 2500 MHz
Max. Power
0-30 MHz: 200 200 200 15 200 W
30-500 MHz: 200 200 200 15 200 W
> 500 MHz: 200 200 200 15 200 W
Insertion Loss 500 MHz: 0,1 - 0,2 0,1 - 0,2 0,1 - 0,2 0,1 - 0,9 0,1 - 0,2 dB
1500 MHz: 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,9 0,3 dB
3000 MHz: 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,9 0,4 dB
Breakthrough Voltage (DC) 350 350 230 230 350 V
Connector N St/Bu N Bu/Bu BNC St/Bu SMA Bu/Bu TNC St/Bu  
Order No.  
21049.NMF N St/Bu 41.30
21049.NFF N Bu/Bu 40.80
21049.BMF BNC St/Bu 40.10
21049.SFF SMA Bu/Bu 45.40
21055 TNC St/Bu 44.90


Lightning arrestor 6 GHz

Bild Blitzschutz 5.8GHzDirectly inserted into the cable, connectors N (f/m).

Order No.
21060 49.50


Download: Datasheet Lightning protector 21060 (PDF, English, 65KB)

Wideband lightning protection 0-6GHz

Breakthrough voltage 230VDC, Insertion loss 0.2dB @0-3GHz, 0.3dB @3-4 GHz, 0.5dB @4-6 GHz, some models with panel mount.

21053.RTMF Lightning protector with Reverse-TNC plug (inner thread, female center pin) / Reverse-TNC jack (outher thread, male center pin). Suitable for the most antennas, cables and equipment by Cisco.

21053.SMF Lightning protector with SMA plug / SMA jack . Suitable for the most antennas, cables and equipment.

Order No.
21053.NFF N female/N female, Panel Mount 74.80
21053.NMF N male/N female, Panel Mount 74.80
21053.RTMF RP-TNC male/RP-TNC female, Panel Mount 50.00
21053.SMF SMA male/SMA female, Panel mount 74.80


Overvoltage protection for control lines

You should not only protect a coaxial cable against lightning, but also a control wire, e.g. of rotors, switches and antennas like SteppIR beams. With the device up to 16 wires of a control line can be easily protected against overvoltage. Just install the box at the base of your tower or at any other well grounded point and pass each wire oven one of the screw terminals. High-grade metal oxide varistors protect each individual wire, additionally a capacitor protects again HF induction of your transmitter.

Order No.
21070 Over voltage protection 186.30

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