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Combination of identical antennas, circular polarized cross-yagis or X-Quad-Antennas

Combine two or four antennas by coaxial power splitters. The power splitter serves as an almost loss-less transformer to adapt the 12.5 respect. 25 Ω base impedance of the parallel antennas to the required 50 Ω. A phase harness is required to obtain circular polarization out of a crossed yagi or an X-Quad antenna. The phase harness is located directly at the antenna and consists of various coaxial lengths with varying impedances; thus the harness is responsible for the correct phase difference of the polarization planes and matches the system to meet the 50 Ω impedance of the feed line (remark: just one feed line is required).
A disadvantage of this economic solution is the fact that the polarisation of the antenna is fixed to right-hand circular (RHCP) and cannot be changed any more. In order to change the plane of the polarization one can use a polarization switchbox or our new remote controlled polarization switch. When using the polarization switchbox two cables must be fed from the antenna to the radio shack. A short cable connects the box and the radio; the rotation knob allows changing of the polarization manually. The new remote controlled polarization switch is mounted directly at the antenna feedpoint or close to it under the roof. The remote box is connected to the radio by a coax cable and needs an additional 4-wire DC cable to control the remote box. This setup allows to operate crossed yagis and X-quads in circular as well as horizontal/vertical polarization modes. Feeding up to four independent antennas through just one coax cable is possible with our remote antenna control switches.


Coaxial power splitter

For combination respectively stacking of two, four or eight identical antennas. The pots are made of brass and copper in order to avoid any corrosion and the nuts and screws are also made of brass to avoid corrosion effects because of differential voltage effects. Color: black.

Long version for use with H-shaped stacked antennas to avoid cable chaos. The power splitter is mounted horizontally in the center of the "H"; the feed lines for the antennas are symmetrically connected at the ends.

Power dividers for 5GHz WLAN and amateur radio, suitable for entire band 5 to 6GHz with 2000W. Available with 2, 3 or 4 antenna connections, all connectors N female.

Order No. Band #
18040 2m 2   63.50
18041 2m 4   74.90
18090 2m 4 long 110.80
18042 70cm 2   61.40
18043 70cm 4   71.70
18092 70cm 4 long 95.00
18045 23cm 4   71.70
18044 23cm 2   53.40
18096 13cm 2   63.30
18096.3 13cm (2.4GHz) 3   69.80
18097 13cm (2.4GHz) 4   72.80
18098.2 6cm (5.6GHz) 2   62.40
18098.3 6cm (5.6GHz) 3   49.00
18098.4 6cm (5.6GHz) 4   88.20


Mounting instructions Splitter for Download (German, English, PDF, 30KB)


Remote Controlled Polarization Switch

Remotely change polarization plane on X-quad antennas and crossed yagis. The weather proof relais box equipped with N-connectors is provided for mast mount. Two inputs are available for the antennas and one coax output to the transceiver. Remote operations require and additional 4-wire DC control cable.
Order No.: 40012
The following polarization planes can be selected: horizontal, vertical, circular right, circular left handed.
For each band there are two models avaialble, differing by the maximum output power. The remote control switch can be used for our antennas as well as for any third-party products. Supplied with plug required for the control cable and mast clamp. The required switchbox located at the shack is not part of the delivery (you may use just a soap-box and a 4-position rotary switch!) plus an external 12 V-DC power supply/ 100mA to feed the relais.
This remote control switch has been developed for WiMo in the RF lab of SSB-Electronic, Iserlohn and is exclusively available only from us.

Order No. Frequency range Power (PEP) max. Insertion loss max.
18080 2m 300 W 0,8 dB  205.00
18081 2m 800 W 0,6 dB  245.00
18082 70cm 200 W 1,1 dB  205.00
18083 70cm 600 W 0,9 dB  245.00


Download instruction sheet


Phasing harness

Required for the combination of croessed yagis or X-quad antennas for circular polarization (RHCP). The following versions are available: 1) for our X-quad antennas or cross yagis only, complete kit incl. 2xN connectors (male) and 1xN connector female. 2) for any other (3rd party) crossed yagis: with two open ended cables and 1xN connector (female) for the feed line. The two cables can be custom-configurated with connectors; the length of the cables is subject to cut in accordance with the plane offset of the specific antenna used.

Order No. Frequency Usage Connectors  
18047   2m for X-Quad 2m Incl.  49.00 
18051   2m for WiMo 2m-crossed yagis Incl.  49.00 
18049 70cm for X-Quad 70cm Incl.  49.00 
18052 70cm for WiMo 70cm-crossed yagis Incl.  49.00 
18046   2m for any crossed yagis No  35.00 
18048 70cm for any crossed yagis No 35.00 

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