PR-12 — 12Volt Antenna Rotator for Portable Operation

Antenna rotator for 12V battery operation. The PR-12 consists of two parts: the actual rotator, which despite its small size is able to rotate light 3-element portable beam, and the separate control unit with operating elements and LC display. The rotator has a rotation time of 1 minute and is driven by a self-locking worm gear. The motor is PWM controlled for smooth starting and stopping.

Inside the control unit a microcontroller works, it polls the operating elements, controls the motor and beam direction and shows other information on the display. Individual parameters like directional calibration are permanently saved even after power off. The rotator can be controlled remotely via USB interface; for remote control the Yaesu interface 'GS-232' is emulated, which is supported by most logging programs. The software is updated via USB interface, too. Special emphasis was placed on the fact that the motor control does not cause any radio interference.

The device is operating with 12V, power consumption during rotation is (depending on load) about 1A, idle 40mA.

It comes with a 16m long control cable, USB cable as well as the DC cable, mast clamps for pipe mounting up to 40mm diameter, a small compass as well as the English manual. Options for Buddipole antennas are available, see below.

Buddipole Adapter 

Buddipole Adapter with VersaTee 
Order No.
25200 PR-12 Antenna Rotator 12VDC 413.00
25205 Carrying Bag for PR-12 34.40
25206 Buddipole Adapter for PR-12 34.30
25207 16m Extension Cable for PR-12 28.20


Download: Review PR-12 Antenna Rotator

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