ARS-USB Rotator Interface



The ARS-USB Rotator Interface allows computer controlled operation of an antenna rotator. The interface is connected to the computer with just one USB cable (included). The drivers (included) simulate a virual serial port (COM port) which can be used with nearly any satellite tracking or contest software.

Due to the flexible design of the interface hardware, the ARS-USB can be used with nearly any rotator. Rotators with and without brake are supported. The interface ARS-USB is for azimuth only rotators. The cable connection from the rotator control unit to the interface must be made by the user. This requires connecting all required signals (left/right, position and ground) from the control unit to the ARS-USB interface. The interface has screw terminals for easy installation of the cable.

The ARS-USB interface comes in a solid metal enclosure. An LC dicplay on the front shows current position and other status information. With 2 buttons the azimuth position can be controlled manually. The ARS-USB interface uses a microcontroller which can be loaded with program updates via the USB cable when required.

The USB driver installs a virtual (simulated) serial port (COM port) on the computer. This method of controlling a rotator is used by nearly every software on the market, whether satellite tracking software or contest programs. The protocol (the commands) used by the ARS-USB is the same as used by Yaesu, so any program supporting Yaesu rotators can be used with the ARS-USB. But the interface can also be controlled by issueing commands with a simple terminal program like Hyperterm. This is very useful for testing and calibration. Before operating the interface it must be calibrated to the rotator.

The included ARSVCOM software (for Windows) allows a computer control independently from any other satellite or contest program. This software is also used for calibration. The ARSVCOM program can be used at the same time as another rotator control program.

The power supply of the interface is not done by USB, but requires an external 12VDC power supply. The power consumption is approx. 100 to 130mA. An open ended DC cable is included, as well as an USB cable. The accompanying CD ROM contains the english manual and the ARSVCOM software.

Order No.
ARS-USB USB Rotator Interface Azimuth 169.00
ARS-USB-EL USB Rotator Interface Azimuth/Elevation 239.00


Download: User Manual ARS-USB Interface (PDF, EN, 1400KB)
Download: Serial Command reference ARS-USB (PDF, EN, 75KB)


Rotator accessories



Thrust bearing GS-050

50 mm thrust bearing for mast diameters up to 50 mm, ball bearing design, with 4 installation bolts. The bearing can be used without a mast platform with guys (see drawing); the required support ring to attach the guys are supplied with the GS-050. Small protective metal pieces prevent any damage to the mast when fixing the installation nuts. Mechanical installation as with the model GS-680U, however, mast diameter only 66 mm. Does not fit the rotator platforms!
Order No.
25020 44.00


Thrust bearing GS-065

Thrust bearing for mast diameters up to 65 mm, 8 nuts, double ball bearing design. All other data see model GS-050. Diameter of the hole in the mounting platform is 85 mm (see drawing).
Order No.
25021 65.00

Rotator support with guyed thrust bearing


Thrust bearing GS-680U

Heavy duty thrust bearing with tilt compensation up to 5 degrees. Mast diameter 35-68 mm, weight approx. 1.4 Kg. The mast pipe is fixed by means of two mast clamps. Installation holes same as with GS-65. The bearing can be disassembled, so it can be mounted on an existing mast without removing the antennas.
Order No.
25022 109.00

Set of steel screws

Set of steel screws

Spare screws for those which one looses all the time... anodized steel. Comes complete with nuts, bolts and washers.
Order No.
25027.01 4.00

Set of stainless steel screws

Set of stainless steel screws

Replacement of the galvanized nuts and bolts provided for the rotators and mast clamps. This is actually a good idea and almost guarantees problem-free disassembly of the antenna system even after years of use. Comes complete with nuts, bolts and washers.
Order No.
25027 8.20


Rotator platform

Heavy-duty platform for rotators and thrust bearing up to 60mm rotating mast diameter, fixed mast diameter 50-70mm. Hot-dipped galvanized. Distance from center of mast to end of platform: approx. 275mm. Distance from center of mast to center of mounting position (center of rotor/bearing): approx. 195mm. The thrust bearing GS-050 (Order No. 25020) can not be mounted on this platform!
Order No.
25031 49.20


Set of clamps

Set of clamps for YAESU rotators. These clamps are required in case the rotator is installed on top of a mast instead on a platform. Supplied complete with a set of galvanized nuts & bolts.
Order No.
25025 GC-038 for G-450 to G-1000 35.00
25026 GC-048 for G-2800 55.00
25035.jpg (4285 Byte)

25036.jpg (4781 Byte)

Absorber joint

Tower Absorber Joint for KENPRO/YAESU Rotators
Absorber joints for KENPRO/YAESU rotators; installed in-between rotator and installation platform. Allows compensation of up to 2 degrees tilt. Reduces strain and torque of the rotator and avoids sudden block of the rotation. The integrated shock absorber further reduce vertical torque caused by wind gusts as well as mechanical shock and vibrations originating from starting and stopping the rotator.
Order No.
25035 GA-2500: for KR/G-450 to KR/G-800 70.00
25036 GA-3000: for KR-1000 to KR-2800SDX 119.00

Connectors for Yaesu rotator control cables

Yaesu 25M-WP set of connectors for current Yaesu rotators. One 6 pin square connectors for the control unit, one 7 pin round connector with rubber cap for rotators. Solder connectors, suitable cable is #40010 (see below).
Order No.
25029 Connector set 22.00


Rotor control cable with connectors, 25m

25m rotor control cable, suitable for Yaesu rotors, equipped with connectors.

Order No.
25028 25m Rotor control cable with connectors for Yaesu 75.00

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