HAM-IV with analog control unit

Bild HAM-IVWorldwide renowned antenna rotators for up to 2 m2 antenna surface.
HyGain antenna rotators are constructed with double or triple ball bearings for maximum stability and have electro-mechanical brakes which blocks the gear shaft, preventing the antenna to turn in strong winds. When rotating the antenna the brake is opened automatically and closed again (delayed) after reaching the final position.

The rotators are designed for installation on a flat surface (rotator platform), for mounting on a tube mast optional clamps are required. Solid aluminum die-cast case, precision tooled gear wheels, all mounting hardware stainless steel. Max. diameter for tubular antenna mast is 52mm.
The rotators are avaiblabe with two different control units:
The analog unit has push buttons for direction and brake and an illuminated analog instrument for direction control.

Bild T2X
T2X Tailtwister

The DCU-3 is a digital control unit, suitable for all HyGain rotators like the HAM-IV, T2X Tailtwister etc. A large LC display shows the currect antenna direction in degrees and as compass heading. Additionally the reverse direction from the other station to your location is displayed, along with your callsign. The easy to read, blue LC display has white lettering, the size is 35 x 66mm.

To facilitate the safe and precise rotation also of large antenna systems, the DCU-3 controller uses various methods for positioning. A brake, as it is used on some rotators, will be released and closed again, but only when the final position has been reached. The motor is stopped early, before reaching the final position. This reduces unnecessary load on the rotator and overshoot of the inert antenna.

The DCU-3 control unit is equipped with both, a serial and an USB interface. This allows easy integration of the rotator into the station. The rotator can be directly controlled by Ham Radio Deluxe or similiar programs. The DCU-3 sizes are 215 x 110 x 228mm (WxHxD).

Two different Rotator models are availabe:
HAM-IV for up to 1,6m2 antenna surface and T2X 'Tailtwister' for up to 2,2m2 antenna surface.

Technical Data
  HAM-IV T2X 'Tailtwister'  
Max. antennea surface (with support bearing) 1,6 2,2 m2
Max. antenna surface (without support bearing) 0,6 1,1 m2
Torque force 400 500 kg
Brake force 2500 4500 kg
Brake electricall operated clutch    
Ball bearings Double/96 balls Triple/138 balls  
Number of control wires 8 8  
Weight incl. control unit ca. 12 ca. 14 kg
Max. vertical torque (with support bearing) 3800 4600 Nm


Order No.
25050 HAM-IV with analog control unit 758.00
25050.DCU HAM-IV with digital control unit DCU-3X 942.00
25060 T2X Tailtwister with analog control unit 919.00
25060.DCU T2X Tailtwister with digital control unit DCU-3X 1103.00
25066 Digital Control Unit DCU-3X alone 489.00
25070 Set of heavy clamps, suitable for both models 147.20
40010.8 8-wire rotor control cable 0.75mm², price per meter 1.70


HyGain DCU-3X


Common Spareparts for HyGain Rotators


Order No.
25075.X01 Potentiometer for HAM-IV and T2X 54.10
25075.X02 Motor capacitor for HAM-IV and T2X 11.50
25030.STG Plug for HyGain Rotors controller side 38.00
25030.ROTOR Plug for HyGain Rotors rotor side 21.30
25030 Plug kit for HyGain Rotors, both sides 45.80

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