Welcome to the world of MOSLEY!

Since more than 50 years MOSLEY manufactures multi-band short wave antennas for the military, commercial applications and for ham radio.

According to MOSLEY the antennas of many other manufacturers are actual copies of MOSLEY antennas... Indeed, MOSLEY antennas enjoy a high world-wide reputation and the company is known to be conservative and absolutely profound. As a matter of fact spare parts of very aged antennas are still available from MOSLEY!

Besides the usual standard antennas built extremely robust there a some real BIG beams for the "Big Guns".

Even the 6-band beams require just ONE feed line!

Here are some the facts about MOSLEY and their products:

You may encounter some delay in delivery when having ordered a Mosley antenna.
However, in our opinion it is worth putting in the extra waiting time for a Mosley beam!


Antenna Feed for MOSLEY Antennas

Some don't know or don't believe it: A standard driven element as used with multi-band beams has a feed point impedance of approx. 52Ω. Consequently, all that is needed is a 50Ω cable in order to obtain the best possible match between cable and antenna!

Of course there are beam antennas which require, for various reasons, a matching circuit or T- or gamma matching to function properly. Following MOSLEY's philosophy this is worthless hardware which only adds to create further complexity!

MOSLEY beams do not require additional matching circuits. One single feed line connects to the dipole antenna and results in an optimal match on all bands as well as an extreme low SWR at the resonant points.

Spare Parts

Well, we hope you'll never need them but who knows...

Mosley maintains a huge storage of spare parts going back to equipment manufactured 50 (!) years ago.

You want to polish up an old Mosley antenna? No problem! You MUST have the part number available - without part number we won't be able to order spare parts. (So please keep in mind: Always maintain a record of your antenna's manual!).

When ordering spare parts please be aware and advised about the long lead times; we order spares cumulative directly from the States and that may take some extra time.

PRO-Series: The Super Beams from Mosley!

According to Mosley the antennas of the PRO Series maintain the best performance, best reliability and best bang-for-the buck even against many attempts to copy the design!

The latest addition to the family of PRO antennas is the PRO-67C-3. In the meantime the PRO-67C-3 is the best selling product of the PRO-series due to the following reasons: The antenna features 3 elements for 40m AND one Rotary Dipole for 30m! This dipole shows generally better performance than most wire antennas which typically are installed to close to the ground; a ground plane results in high ground losses and lacks the ability to be rotated. All this added up plus the performance on the other 5 bands this is a SUPERIOR antenna available at a reasonable price.

The PRO series survived the hurricanes "Andrew" and "Hugo" and endured the worst ice storms since years experienced in the State of Minnesota. Although pounded by extreme weather conditions the antennas maintained to be reliable and stable.

Mosley puts a lot of efforts into research and development of new antennas. However, they also pay attention to constantly improve the design! The latest PRO-generation shows better performance than compared to the original model PRO-37 from 1980 as well as the PRO-57 vintage 1984 and the PRO-57A made in 1988.

All PRO antennas are pre-drilled, color-coded and easy to assemble. No need for taking measurements nor alter the lenght of telescopic elements and there are no clips to fumble with!

Mosley checks the antenna elements to withstand push-and-pull loads! The maximum allowed push-pull value of each element is up to 1.4 times higher than compared to other manufacturers products. Once the antenna elements are bonded together with the stainless steel bolts the antenna won't fall apart...

The element/boom joint are made of aluminum molds made in Mosley's own fabric. Mosley Pro96

The lifespan of a PRO antenna is somewhere at 27 to 30 years!

As a matter of fact, many of Mosley's competitors aren't on the market that long...

Mosley PRO-96:

6 elements on 10m,
4 elements on 12/15/17/20m,
3 elements on 40m

Series 'Trapmaster'


Typ Bands Gain (dBD) Max. power load
Boom length (m) Extensions
6 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 6 10 12 15 17 20 30 40
TA-63N x x x x x x     6,9 7,9 7,1 6,9 6,7 6,5     2,5 4,2 30m or 40m
TA-53M   x x x x x       7,9 7,1 6,9 6,7 6,5     2,5 4,2 30m or 40m
TA-34XL   x   x   x       9,5   9,1   8,2     5 6,3 12m ,17m, 30m or 40m
TA-34XL-WARC   x x x x x       9,5 0 9,1 0 8,0     2,5 6,3 30 or 40m
TA-33M   x   x   x       8,3   7,3   6,5     2,5 4,2 WARC, 30m, 40m
TA-33M-WARC   x x x x x       8,3 0 7,3 0 6,5     2,5 4,2 30m oder 40m
TA-32M   x   x   x       5,5   4,6   3,8     2,5 2,1 30m or 40m
TA-33JRN   x   x   x       8,0   7,8   5,8     1,2 3,6 12m , 17m
TA-33JRN-WARC   x x x x x       8,1 0 6,9 0 5,8     1,2 3,6 High-Power
TA-32JRN   x   x   x       5,5   4,5   3,1     1,2 1,8 12m, 17m
MP-33N   x   x   x       8,0   6,8   5,8     2,0 3,6 30m or 40m
MP-33N-WARC   x x x x x       8,1 0 6,9 0 5,8     2,0 3,6 30m or 40m


Details about Junior-Trapmaster Antennas

Details about Trapmaster Antennas

Details about Mosley extension kits

PRO Series


Typ Bands Gain (dBD) Max. power load (KW PEP SSB) Boom length (m) Extensions
10 12 15 17 20 30 40 10 12 15 17 20 30 40
PRO-57B x x x x x     9,4 8,3 8,5 8,5 8,5     5,0 7,2 30m, 40m
PRO-57B-40 x x x x x   x 9,4 8,3 8,5 8,5 8,5   0 5,0 7,2 30m
PRO-67B x x x x x   x 9,4 8,3 8,5 8,5 8,5   4,9 5,0 7,2 30m
PRO-67C-3 x x x x x x x 9,3 8,3 8,3 8,3 8,2 0 6,8 5,0 7,2
PRO-95 x x x x x     10,5 8,9 9,1 9,1 9,5     5,0 10,8
PRO-96 x x x x x   x 10,5 8,9 9,1 9,1 9,5   7,8 5,0 10,8


Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW., maar exclusief verzendkosten.
Tussentijdse prijswijzigingen en typefouten voorbehouden.
Fabrikanten kunnen specificaties en uitvoeringen wijzigen.