CB Directional antennas (Beams)

ZX Yagi Richtantennen


For CB directional antennas (beams ,yagis) please see our ZX Yagis.




Solarcon Sola A-99

Antenna CB Base, Whip Fiberglass, Total 550cm, 2000W Connector: UHF-Female

The A99 features the Solarcon Twin Ring Adjust-A-Match tuning making it possible to tune the input to the antenna and obtain the optimum S.W.R. over a range of frequencies.
Raising the rings raises the frequency and lowering the rings lowers the frequency.


-Operates 10 thru 17 Meters with Turner.
-Covers far above and below the traditional C.B. Channels for export, commercial and 10 meter ham band use, input 2000 watts P.E.P.
-The A99 is a half wave over a quarter wave variable mutual transductance tuned antenna
-Comes in three sections, Easy to assemble
-Entire antenna radiates
- 9.9 DBI Gain -Each antenna individually tested
-Meets U.S. Government CPSC shocks hazard standards. Protects up to 14,500 volts
-Lightning protected, D.C. grounded. No lightning arrestor or static discharge unit is needed.
-Overall height once assembled 17.5 feet

Order No.  
Sola A99 95.00


Solarcon Sola IMAX-2000

Antenna CB Base, Whip Fiberglass, Total 735cm, 5000W Connector: UHF-Female


-Handles 5000 Watts
-SWR Tuneable
-3mHz Bandwidth (under 2:1 swr)
-Covers far above and below the traditional CB channels
-1-2dB gain over best competitor
-Optimum SWR 1.5 - 1
-DC Grounded
-24 feet Tall ( Three 8 feet Sections )
-Insulated up to 14,500 Volts
-Can be Used for Export, Commercial, and 10 Metre.
-New easier stronger mounting system PACKING INCLUDES: 1 Pc of IMAX-2000


Order No.  
Sola Imax-2000 139.00

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