HUSTLER shortwave mobile antennas

Hustler -mobile antennas are the most-selling shortwave mobile antennas worldwide. Hustler produces antennas for over 40 years in an excellent and proven quality. Since 1985, the antennas are made in Texas from the New-Tronics Antenna Corporation.

Hustler Mobilantannas systems offer a variety of components to the installation to suit your needs may be. Even if a change is received again, a change to the new requirements is quickly detachable. Changeable resonators with different bandwidths in conjunction with quick releases make the band change to a very short affair.

Hustler masts

Hustler mobile antennas always consist of a base, a mast and resonator (s). For any amateur radio band, we also provide the matching resonator.

Hustler Mastübersicht Hustler mast overview

Mast MO-1
Pole with 137cm length. The mast is made of heat-treated aluminum and chrome-plated brass with a vibration-resistant knuckle, which is 38cm in height. At the bottom is a 3/8 "threaded stainless steel is to be screwed on a antenna base.

Mast MO-2
The same mast as MO-1 but the knuckle is in center.

Mast MO-3
Mast with 137cm total length, without knuckle. The mast is equipped with a white vinyl - provided coating.

Mast MO-4
Short mast with 56cm total length, without knuckle. The mast is equipped with a white vinyl - provided coating. In this new three pole tips are included.

Order No.
11145.1 Hustler MO1 Mobile mast 137cm with knuckle in 38cm 52.90
11145.2 Hustler MO2 Mobile mast 137cm with knuckle in center 52.90
11145.3 Hustler MO3 Mobile mast 137cm without knuckle, white 39.10
11145.4 Hustler MO4 Mobile mast 56cm without knuckle, white 38.40


Resonators for mobile antennas


Hustler RM10 Hustler RM80 Resonators

The resonators are mounted directly to the poles. For each band, a single, suitable resonator is available. A adapter to screw up 3 resonators on a pole we carry as an accessory.

  RM-10 RM-12 RM-15 RM-17 RM-20 RM-30 RM-40 RM-80
Band 10 Meters 12 Meters 15 Meters 17 Meters 20 Meters 30 Meters 40 Meters 80 Meters
Bandwith 150-250 kHz 90-120 kHz 100-150 kHz 120-150 kHz 80-100 kHz 50-60 kHz 40-50 kHz 25-30 kHz
Order No.
11140.10 Hustler Radiator 10m, 400W 26.50
11140.12 Hustler Radiator 12m, 400W 26.50
11140.15 Hustler Radiator 15m, 400W 26.50
11140.17 Hustler Radiator 17m, 400W 36.80
11140.20 Hustler Radiator 20m, 400W 36.80
11140.30 Hustler Radiator 30m, 400W 40.30
11140.40 Hustler Radiator 40m, 400W 42.60
11140.80 Hustler Radiator 80m, 400W 44.90
11141.10 Hustler Radiator 10m, 1000W 39.10
11141.15 Hustler Radiator 15m, 1000W 42.60
11141.20 Hustler Radiator 20m, 1000W 47.20
11141.40 Hustler Radiator 40m, 1000W 59.80
11141.80 Hustler Radiator 80m, 1000W 84.00


Accessories for Hustler mobile antennas

Adapter for 3 resonators

3-Band Adapter Adapter

With the adapter VP-1, 3 resonators are mounted on a mast. Now it´s possible to work in 3 bands without modification.

Order No.
11147 Hustler VP-1 Adaptor 11.50

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