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Stealth 9310 automatic antenna 1.8 - 30 MHz Stealth 9310 is a motor-tuned antenna with a total length of 2.5 m and 200W power handling. The lower part is 84cm long and contains drive electronics. The upper part is a 1.5 m glass-fibre rod with a spring.

The antenna is for the full range from 160-10m. Unlike other antennas which operate mostly on the 'screwdriver' principle with DC motor and spindle is here a stepping motor and a toothed belt responsible for tuning. Thus, the antenna needs to tune a maximum of 0.5 seconds!

For automatic tuning, there are suitable adapter cable for the TUNER jacks of the usual HF radio equipment available. But the antenna can also be operated without the interface ... just only transmitt. The tuning characteristics of the internal controller can be adjusted via the USB port of the antenna with the supplied software, individual of the vehicle.

The antenna is manufactured in accordance with MIL-STD 810G and totally waterproof (IP68). Of course, the antenna is suitable not only for vehicles, but can also be used stationary or portable. For mounting on a foot, the 9310 has a 16mm threaded bolt. Various mounting brackets for vehicles or masts are available. 


Programming kit:

The required control cable to connect to wireless device please order separately, see below.


  Stealth 9310
Frequency range 1.8 - 30 MHz
Power max. 125W CW / 200W SSB
Tuning speed ≤ 0.5s
aus dem Speicher
VSWR ≤ 1.5:1
Power supply 11-15V / max. 1.6A
max. Length 2.5m
Weight 5.2kg

The interface cable for Yaesu fits for all devices that have a tuner connection for FC-30/FC-40.

STEALTH SEAC 11.5m cable replaces the 5m cable included with the antenna, if a greater distance to the antenna has to be covered.

Order No.
11050 STEALTH 9310 Automatic antenna 2174.00
11060.IC STEALTH Interface cable for ICOM 51.80
11060.KW STEALTH Interface cable for KENWOOD 51.80
11060.YS STEALTH Interface cable for YAESU 51.80
11060.OPEN STEALTH Interface cable, open end 40.30
11062 STEALTH SEAC cable 11.5m 159.90

Download: Stealth Programming Software



The NVIS kit is designed to replace the standard whip. The whip can be carried as a backup in the car.


The kit is made of high quality materials. Cladded fiber radiator, copper mesh, stainless steel machined and anodized aluminum stand for a long shelf life. The NVIS kit contains all parts for installation on vehicles with such a triple magnetic base.


The NVIS kit improves the performance of the antenna by 5-8dB. The tuning range is limited to 1.6 - 16 MHz. Also the angle radiation is increased by this KIT. If previously there was a dead zone between the ground wave and sky wave, the NVIS kit improves communication over short to medium distances (20-500km, see diagrams). 
NVIS kit

NVIS kit
Standard whip 

NVIS kit 
Order No.
11055 STEALTH NVIS Kit 608.00

STEALTH ladder mount

Kader mount

Ladder mount 

Bracket to attach the antenna to the balcony railings, handrails or other round tubes.

The bracket can be used for all pipes with a diameter of 25mm to 38mm.








Order No.
11061.LADDER STEALTH ladder mount 286.00


STEALTH mast mount


Mount for the antenna to be mounted on top of a mast.

The bracket is mounted directly on the pole tube, which may have a diameter of between 38mm and 50mm.

Order No.
11061.MAST STEALTH mast mount 86.30


STEALTH Universal Gibbet Mount

 Massive universal bracket for mounting the antenna to balcony railings, masts, or on larger vehicles.

The boom consists of a horizontal square tube 50x50x3mm with 850mm length and with a 300mm high antenna carrier. The other end of the arm is open, here you have to place your own mounting holes. Alternatively, the boom can also be welded. If necessary, the boom can of course be cut to the required length. Two holes for water drainage are available. The vertical part can be mounted in different positions (left/right/45 °) on the boom. On the upper mounting plate, the STEALTH antenna is mounted.

All parts hot dip galvanized steel, Weight 5,8 Kg.

Order No.
11061.GIBBET STEALTH Universal Gibbet Mount 194.40

Tarheel Radial kit

 The massive stainless steel plate (6mm) is intended for use on the same pole where the antenna is installed. Max pole diameter is 35mm. The plate has a diameter of 23cm and offers 20 screw--contacts for radial wires. Included in shipment are 10 readials of 275cm length each.

There is no need to lay out the radials strictly in a star pattern. You can bend the radials, leave out some areas, just as the surroundings allow. The only limitation is that the radials should not cross over each other.

The radial plate should be installed as close to the ground as possible, the antenna as close as possible above it. All parts are made of stainless steel, except the wires.

Order No.
11930.GR Radial kit 86.30

Radial kit 30/40/80m for vertical antennas. Consist of two λ/4 wires per band. Uses PVC coated braided copper wire 1.5mm2. Includes solder lugs on one end for easy connection to ground post.

These radial kits can be used for elevated antennas (not ground mounted). The radials should be installed so that they do not touch the ground, nor the roof nor any other obstacle. If the vertical antenna should be installed on the ground other radials are required (at least as long as the antenna is high, better longer, as many as possible, not less than 10).

Excellent explanations about antenna radial systems are provided by some manufacturers, for example by SteppIR and Bencher (english text):

Order No.
11270.804030 2x λ/4 for 80/40/30m 64.00
11270.201510 2x λ/4 for 20/15/10m 49.00
11270.1712 2x λ/4 for 17/12m 44.00


Couterpoise Magnet Mat mat as couterpoise for HF mobile antennas

Every shortwave mobile antenn requires a good and reliable counterpoise. But with some installations that's hard to achieve, for example when using a clamp on the roof railing or when using a small magnet base.
This problem can be solved with the new magnet mat from Diamond. Just put the mat on a flat surface on the car and connect the included wire to the antenna base.. Due to the large capacity between mat and chassis metal the HF resistance is greatly reduced. When operating on 3.5MHz two of these mats are recommended. When operating on 50MHz the connecting cable should be as short as necessary (less than 20cm).



Technical data:

Order No.
20060 MAT-50 Counterpoise 29.00

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