Alexloop Portable Antenna for 40-10m

The Alexloop is a small and lightweight portable Loop Antenna for 7 to 30MHz, ideally suited for radio amateurs with space restrictions or for your vacation and hiking trip. The ultra lightweight loop is assembled without any tools within seconds and can be tuned with the supplied tuner to a perfect match. The internal S-Meter of your radio helps in tuning this antenna.

As any loop antenna the Alexloop also is very narrow banded and immune to signals outside the passband, it acts like a pre-selector. The antenna is completely independant from radials or ground situation and can be installed anywhere. For example while camping - sit on your camping chair, tune the antenna with the left hand and operate the radio with the right hand.

All parts including a 2.6m long coax cable are pre-assembled and are shipped in a small and cleverly constructed padded bag. Weight of the antenna less than 900g. The cable is equipped with a BNC connector so you can start operating right away.


Download: Installation Instructions Alexloop (PDF, DE/EN, 1100KB)
Download: Installation Instructions Alexloop (PDF, JP, 320KB)
Download: Short review by DL1KID from Funktelegramm 11/2011 (PDF, DE, 140KB)
Download: Review of Alexloop from 'Funkamateur' 10/2011 (PDF, DE, 1.5MB, Reprinted by friendly permission of the publisher) Many very positive reviews about the Alexloop on! (in english)

Order No.
11475 Alexloop Portable Antenna 40-10m 545.00
42036 Adaptor BNC-f/PLm 2.70

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