Here you will find informations about the Buddipole and Buddistick portable shortwave antennas.


Bild BuddipoleThe Buddipole is a professionally constructed portable antenna for 40 to 2m which has found a huge popularity worldwide. The exceptionally good quality and care of details make this antenna an ideal companion for vacations and other portable activities. The transport length of the dipole is only 56cm, with a weight of only 900g nearly any pole is suitable for carrying it. A coaxial cable (380cm) with PL and BNC connectors is supplied, equipped with a choke on the antenna side. Power rating: 250W.

Buddipole VersaTee Center

The VersaTee center allows mounting of the dipole with 3/8" threads in 'L', vertical and straight setup. With the optional 'Rotating Arm Kit' (RAK) the dipole elements can be adjusted in 'V' form with nearly any angle. The VersaTee center is mounted on any pole with a 1/2" thread (painters pole, broomstick or the Buddipole masts).

The performance of the Buddipole is excellent: the center loaded coil offers much less losses as other designs. Very enthusiastic user reports show that DX results are easily achieved, even when working QRP.

Included in Buddipole

This is what Buddipole says about the specified power rating of 250 watt:
"This rating is very very conservative. We actually run the Buddipole with 500w on sideband without any problems. One must only be careful to watch the RF off the tips of the antenna. We say 250w to be safe. We did run a full KW through the Buddipole and felt the beads in the coax assembly get hot, as well as the coils! But the antenna continued to operate just fine after a minute or two on SSB."

Order No.
11420.BP Buddipole 259.00


Buddipole Deluxe Kit

Bild Buddipole Deluxe KitFor those asking for even more convenience we offer the Buddipole Deluxe Kit. It contains the Buddipole, a lightweight aluminium mast (240cm), a tripod, an additional radiator, extra coil clamps and the 'rotating Arm Kit' which allows the arbitrary orientation of the dipole elements. A solid nylon bag completes this kit. With this Deluxe Package you have all items at hand, which a required for a protable antenna. The Buddipole Deluxe Package weighs under 5kg and has a transport length of 61cm.

Buddipole Deluxe Kit includes

Order No.
11420.DBP Buddipole Deluxe Kit 545.00


Buddipole Deluxe Kit - Long Mast

The Buddipole Deluxe Kit with long mast includes the same parts as the Deluxe Kit (see above), but has the long 480cm mast, additionally 3 guy wires with tent pegs and a long nylon bag. Size 105 x 18 x 11cm, weight 5.7kg. In contrast to the standard Buddipole and Buddipole deluxe Kit this kit includes a coax cable twice as long: 15m.

Buddipole Deluxe Kit includes

Order No.
11420.DBPL Buddipole Deluxe Kit with long mast 666.00



By popular demand W3FF has taken the standard Buddipole™ and made it more compact. Now you can get the same quality and performance as the standard Buddipole™ in a compact package that measures only 33cm in length.

The difference here is that the 2 longer arms (56cm each) of the standard Buddipole have been replaced by 4 smaller arms (28cm each). This allows for a much more compact package which easily fits inside a small daypack, for example.



Included in shipment is:

Order No.
11420.MBP Mini Buddipole 283.00


Buddipole portable mast

Buddipole Mast mit StativTripod and either mast (long or short) are available separately as well and can be used with any antenna. This will provide you with a very compact portable mast with 290 or 550 cm height. The mast has a 1/2′ NPT thread on top (cone shaped).

You will require the tripod article 11420.BPT and the short (article 11420.BM) or long (article 11420.BML) mast. Or both?

Buddipole Mast und Stativ sind sehr kompekt transportierbar

Size and Weight for Buddipole Masts and Tripod
11420.BM (short Mast) 0.65 kg
11420.BML (long Mast) 1.50 kg
11420.BPT (Tripod) 1.85 kg
Diameter Tube 1 (lowermost) 38.0mm (1 1/2″)
Diameter Tube 2 34.8mm (1 3/8″)
Diameter Tube 3 31.6mm (1 1/4″)
Diameter Tube 4 28.5mm (1 1/8″)
Diameter Tube 5 25.4mm ( 1″)
Diameter Tube 6 21.9mm ( 0 7/8″)
Diameter Tube 7 (topmost) 18.8mm ( 0 3/4″)


Note: In 2009 Buddipole modified the mast. The new mast (from mid 2009 on) is thicker and does not fit in the old tripod! Of course the tripods have been modified as well.

The currently sold bundles like Buddipole Deluxe include a new mast and a new, suitable tripod. But if you own an older tripod (before mid 2009) and want to buy a new mast, that will most likely not fit! Unfortunately we do not have a solution for this issue.

If you have an older mast (pre 2009) and want to buy a new tripod you need a reduction piece to accomodate the old mast in the new tripod. Unfortunately Buddipole does not offer such a reduction piece.

Accessories Buddipole
Order No.
11420.VTE VersaTee Center (Spare part) 55.20
11420.BCC Set coil clamps (3 Pcs.) 17.80
11420.BM 290cm long mast for tripod (transport length 66cm) 109.30
11420.BML 550cm long mast for tripod (transport length 99cm) 179.00
11420.BPT Tripod (transport length 66cm) 149.00
11420.RAK Rotating Arm Kit 55.20
11420.TRSB Triple switchable balun 110.00
11420.STW Spare telescope, extended length 170cm 14.90
11420.LBC Low Band Coil for 80m 99.00
11420.BSC Standard Band Coil 40-10m 51.20
11420.LTW Long 3m telescope 22.40
11420.KWS Knurled Whip Sleeve for telescopes (11420.STW, 11420.LTW) 8.50
11420.XAA-11 3/8" extension, 28cm (11") 22.40
11420.XAA-22 3/8" extension, 56cm (22") 31.60
11420.MBL 2 spare cables for coil taps, 1 red, 1 black 10.90
11420.MBC Mini Coil for 20-10m 45.50
11420.CWA counterpoise wire adaptor 7.00


Buddipole Coil 11420.BSC (supplied)

Buddipole Balun (Option)

Rotating Arm Kit (Option)


11420.KWS dramatically increase the strength of the base section

11420.CWA: The counterpoise wire adapter is an easy way to hook up a piece of wire to the side of the Versatee when setting up a vertical antenna.


Low Band 80m coil for Buddipole and Buddistick

These are the new low band coils which perform on frequencies to 3.5 mhz.

These coils are best utilized for medium DX contacts in a vertical configuration with single sloping counterpoise. A counterpoise of 20m is recommended.

In the dipole configuration with 2 coils it is recommended to add additional length to the antenna to cover all of the 80m band and to increase bandwidth. Our new long telescopic whips accomplish this.

Because of the high-Q of the coils and the short overall length of the dipole antenna for the low bands, bandwidth is minimized. In order to be able to have some tuning flexibility within the band it is recommended to use a small tuner at the transceiver.

In either the vertical (one coil) or dipole (2 coils) configuration it is necessary to use a balun with significant choking impedance to prevent RF feedback. Our TRSB (Triple-Ratio Switch Balun) is an excellent product for these applications.

The delivery consists only 1 coil, as for example is required for the buddystick. For a Buddipole you need 2 coils!
Order No.
11420.LBC (1 pc) 99.00


3m long telescope for Buddipole and Buddistick

These new whips are longer in length -- nearly 10 feet overall! This is an additional 4 feet extra over the standard whips. Used with our Buddipole the overall length of the antenna increases from 16 feet to 24 feet! This additional length increases bandwidth and efficiency, particularly on 40 meters.

As with all of our whips, the base sections feature a double set of crimps which prevents the base section from breaking out under the stress of deploying the antennas in a horizontal configuration.

Collapsed length is 53cm, same as the antenna arms. Extended length is 290cm.

Order No.
11420.LTW (1 pc) 22.40


Shock-cord Adjustable Whip

https://www.wimo.com/bilder/buddipole_long_telescope.jpgThe Rigid Series Shock-cord Adjustable Whip Antennas build on the success of our standard shock-cord whips that have been in field use for over 8 years. Adjustable base and top elements to provide more versatility for use with any vertical or dipole configuration.

Model 4/22: Length collapsed: 56cm Extended: 307cm

Order No.
11420.RSAW Shock-cord Adjustable Whip 149.00


Shockcord Mast

Collapsible Mast with short transport size
The new 'shockcord' masts by Buddipole are made from short aluminium segments, which are held together by a strong shockcord band (a rubber band, like with some tent poles). With this construction the segments never can get lost and are assembled within seconds.

The aluminium segments are keyed to prevent twisting of the mast. Two versions are available: the short mast has a collapsed length of only 33cm, erected it is 2.4m long (weight 540g); the large mast has a transport length of 58cm and extends to 3.3m (weight 740g). With that size it also fits in the standard bag of the Buddipole Deluxe Kit.

Included is one large stretch velcro strap which can be used as strain relief or to secure the mast to a railing or fence post. Also included is a ballistic cloth bag to protect the mast, as well as a hex wrench to easily exchange the shockcord if necessary. These masts cannot be used with the Buddipole Tripods!

 http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/buddipole_2268_25580653 https://www.wimo.com/bilder/11420.RSAW_b-l.jpg   
Order No.
11420.SCMS Short Mast 2.4m 108.00
11420.SCML Long Mast 3.3m 108.00


Buddistick Deluxe

Multiband vertical antenna for 10 to 40m, max. 250W. Comes in a solid carrying bag, a set of radials in included.
The Buddistick is in principle half of a Buddipole... if you already have a Buddipole, all you need is the optional vertical mount.
The antenna has a mount plate included which fits on a usual photo tripod. A clamp is available optionally. Connector PL female.

Very small transport bag (included)  

The Buddistick Deluxe is a complete set of all part, ready for immediate use. Included is:

 Buddistick with optional vertical clamp

 Adaptor 11420.MKT for vertical clamp (Option)

 Vertical clamp 11420.VAC for Buddistick (Option)


Order No.
11420.BS Buddistick 188.00
11420.BSDP Buddistick Deluxe 249.00
11420.VAC Vertical clamp 32.20
11420.MKT Adaptor for vertical clamp 38.50

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