Chameleon: Compact portable/mobile antenna for Shortwave and VHF

The Chameleon antennas are very compact antennas which are ideally suited for installation at little space, or for portable or mobile operations. The antennas cover all bands from 80 to 6m and even VHF/UHF (2m, 70cm).


Chameleon V1L and V2L

The Chameleon antennas are contructed very solid. On a strong fibre glass rod several trap coils are mounted and adjust the antenna for each band. With a length of just 260cm the Chameleon V1L covers all bands: 80, 40, 20, 30, 17, 15, 12, 11, 10 and 6m. All materials are stainless and weatherproof, the antenna rod is covered with a black heat shrinking tube.

The Chameleon antennas are mounted with a 3/8" thread. WiMo offers a wide selection of mounting material for permanent and temporary installation, at home or on a car. The antenna can be installed on a small portable mast, but equally well on a balcony railing, window sill, a fence and many other places.

Operation of the Chameleon antenna requires a tuner, which also enables the use of the USAF MARS/CAP bands at 3.3, 4.5 and 7.6 MHz. The manufacturer recommends operation with an 'UNUN' 1:9 transformer at the base of the antenna. Such a transformer is included in the optional extension kit. When installing the antenna at a fixed location (not on a car) a good counterpoise is required.

The Chameleon V1L antenna comes in two 130cm long parts and has a length of 260cm when assembled. This is sometimes too long, for example for installation on a car. For this purpose the manufacturer offers a shorter whip - the Chameleon V2L antenna. It is only 200cm long and offers the same bands as the V1L version. The shorter whip is perfectly well suited for installation on a car. The antenna is available just as the radiator, including an UNUN.

Technical Data
Chameleon V1L Chameleon V2L
Length 260cm 200cm
Frequency range 80-6m + 2m + 70cm
Max. Power 500W 200W
Connector 3/8" thread bolt


Order No.
11460 Chameleon V1L radiator, 260cm long 194.00
11461 Chameleon V2L radiator, 200cm long 194.00


Chameleon MIL Whip

Very light, small and portable antenna (being collapsible). Can be used simply as a normal antenna rod or as an optional accessory for the Chameleon MINI-HYBRID

If the antenna is used in conjunction with the Chameleon HYBRID, then it is working on 6m to 160m at a power of 1500 W SSB. Unmounted the antenna is only 73cm long. The 5 aluminum tubes are hold by a MIL-SPEC rubber cord. The Chameleon MIL WHIP antenna can only be used as a portable or in a non permanent stationary installation. Never use it mobile while in motion.

Technical Data
Length (full) 330cm
Weight 270g
Frequency range 160-6m
max. Power 1500W
Connector 3/8" thread bolt
Impedance 50 Ohm


Order No.
11459 Chameleon MIL Whip 135.10

MIL EXT: 2m Extender for MIL WHIP and all other 3/8" antenna rods MIL Extender whip has been designed to offer maximum portability and performance.

This collapsible antenna extension may be used with the MIL WHIP to create a 6m long portable antenna, of course works also with any other 3/8" antenna rod. When combined with any HYBRID series antenna bases (p/n 11458) the MIL EXT will operate at all frequencies in the 1.8-54 MHz band without any adjustment with most modern external antenna tuners.

This three 65cm sections of 18mm diameter aluminum alloy tubing is designed for portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation is essential but compactness is primordial.

Connector: 3/8" top and bottom
Length: collapsed 65cm, extended 1.9m
Weight: 450g

Order No.
11455 MIL EXT Extender Whip 159.90


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