I-Pro Traveller

The I-Pro Traveller is a vertical dipole for portable use. The antenna covers all bands from 20 to 10m, incl. WARC bands, incl. 11m. The antenna requires no radials and requires no tuner.

Packed size of the I-Pro Traveller is just 1m, a solid transport bag is included in shipment. Setup is done by one person in about 10 to 15 minutes. Included is also the base for the antenna, which allows installation on sloped areas. Band change is done by plugging the right cable into the center feed, conveniently located about head height, no requirement to take the antenna down for band change. Very few and simple adjustments can be done at the lower end capacity.

Due to the design as center fed vertical dipole with hat capacities the I-Pro Traveller achieves an extraordinary efficiency. With the end capacities the inductive loads are significantly reduced, leading to much reduced ground losses. The matching is done with a coil located at the center of the antenna. A jumper cable is plugged into various taps for easy and fast band changes. The antenna is tuned to each band and has a low SWR, the minimum can be adjusted by slightly changing the angle of the lower hat capacity. This results in the following bandwidths with a SWR at 1.5:1: 

Center feed I-Pro Traveller

20m: 300 kHz
17m: 500 kHz
15m: 900 kHz
12m: 1800 kHz
11m: 1870 kHz
10m: 2200 kHz

The entire antenna is constructed of lightweight aluminium. The three vertical parts just plug together. Solid tommy screws lock the horizontal arms of the hat capacities in place. The individually adjustable legs of the base allow installation of the antenna on uneven or sloped ground (up to 30° slope). A supplied bubble level helps with precise vertical alignment of the antenna.

Assembled the I-Pro Traveller antenna is only 3m high, very unobtrusive even on a camping place. Packed the antenna requires only one meter, the weight is 7kg. Max. transmit power is 1200W. A coaxial cable with a weather protection and PL-jack is supplied. All in all this I-Pro Traveller is a versatile and effective vertical dipole antenna for all portable applications. An optional center feed for 40m is available.

Parts I-Pro Traveller

Joint Hat Capacity

DX right on the sea


Download: Installation and Operation Manual I-Pro Traveller (german) (PDF, DE, 700KB)
Download: Installation and Operation Manual I-Pro Traveller (english) (PDF, EN, 700KB)
Download: Review I-Pro Traveller from 'Funkamateur' 05/2011 (PDF, DE, 2.1MB)


Order No.
11440 I-Pro Traveller portable vertical dipole 359.00
11442 I-Pro Traveller extension 30/40m 148.00

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