MFJ-2286 MFJ-2286 vertical antenna consists of a 5m long stainless steel telescope and a loading coil with variable taps. Due to large length of the whip and the high-Q of the coil the resulting vertical antenna has a high efficiency, while still being easily portable and with a low weight. The transport length is 71cm, the weight is approx. 2kg.

The portable shortwave antenna MFJ-2286 is usable from 7 to 55MHz (40 to 6m band), with some compüromises also on 5 MHz (60m). When opearting on the lower bands from 40 to 17m, the included radials should be used. When operating on bands from 15m and up the radials must be shortened or removed. To adjust for best SWR the taps on the coil have to be changed and/or the length of the telescope must be changed. Usually an SWR of 2:1 or better, in many cases even a ratio of 1.5:1 can be achieved. The use of a coaxial choke is recommended to avoid HF radiation from the shoield of the coaxial cable.

All threads are 3/8", this makes it easy to combine this antenna with other antenna elements from other systems, for example Buddipole, Chameleon or other MFJ products. The clamp mount is made from aluminium, the telescopic whip is stainless steel. The copper radials are 360cm long, the connection to the radio is a PL socket. Max. power load is approx. 100W.

The short, english language instruction manual can be downloaded either here or on the MFJ website (see below).
Order No.
MFJ-2286 Portable Vertical Antenna 40-6m 132.00
11368 Coaxial Choke 200W, PL 45.60

Download: Instruction Manual MFJ-2286 Vertical Antenna (PDF, english, 170KB)

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