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MP-1: Portable antenna for 3.5 to 30MHz, plus 2m/70cm

MP-1The MP-1 is a universal antenna with 180cm length and max. 150 Watt power load. The center loading coil is adjusted with a sliding tap, just move the outer part of the coil up and down. The antenna has a 3/8" thread bolt for mobile use, suitable for the appropiate base mounts. For use while driving the telescopic part of the antenna should be by the available optional steel whip.
Without the center loading coil the antenna can be used on 2m and 70cm by adjusting the length of the telescope. The standard version covers all bands from 7 to 30MHz, for 80m operations an optional extension coil is available. With option UM-2 or TM-1 the antenna has a PL connector.

The antenna is available in four different versions:
MP-1B: Basic model, if an installation option is available. The pure antenna with 3/8" connector below.
MP-1D: Same as MP-1B, but with UM-2 bracket and simple radial kit.
MP-1T: Same as MP-1B, but with tripod TM-1 and simple radial kit.
MP-1.KPL Complete package consisting of MP-1 antenna with attitude UM-2, Tripod TM-1, 80m additional coil, a bag and 2 radial kits 10-20m/40-80m.
MP-1.DELUXE MK2 'All-round package' consisting of MP-1 with 80m Coil, Mounting UM-2, big Tripod TM-2 with adapter TM-3, Luxus Bag GB-1, Tuning Aid FG-1 and 2 Radial-kits 10-20m/40m-80m.







Order No.
11490.B MP-1B portable antenna 40-10m 135.00
11490.D MP-1D portable antenna 40-10m with UM-2 and radial kit 209.00
11490.T MP-1T portable antenna 40-10m with TM-1 and radial kit 209.90
11490.KPL MP-1 portable antenna 80-10m all in one package 415.00
11490.DELUXE MP-1.DELUXE MK2 495.00


Download: MP-1 Portable Antenna (PDF, 627KB)
Download: Drawing to facilitate adjustment of MP-1 coil (PDF, 32KB)


Accessories for MP-1


CL-1: Matching screw clamp CL-1 (spanning up to 50mm) to mount quickly at a table, etc. to fix.

TM-1: Small tripod for portable use, connector PL female. Usable for any other antenna with 3/8" connector.

MC-80: 80m coil for MP-1

LT-56: Steel whip 1,45m for replace the standard telescope at driving.

Radial Kit: Consist of a radial from robust teflon cord for the specified bands, complete with plug shoe to be connected to the UM-1 or TM-1. The teflon cord has 41 individual wires, and so a large surface area and not tangled constantly.

UM-3: Mount for MP-1 with TM-2, connector PL female, with screw clamp. Screwed on top of tripod TM-2. 

Frequency guide: Instantly set up frequency band and SWR. Just hold the frequency guide next to the MP-1 and adjust operating frequency or meter band. These can also be marked on the back surface. 

Bag: Stable canvas bag for MP-1. 
UM-2: Universal mount to attach your antenna anywhere such as a pipe, pole, mast, balcony, railing or a tripod like the TM-2. Connector PL female, with screw clamp. Ideal for DXpeditions! 
Deluxe Bag GB1: Robust, water-resistant bag for MP-1 with plenty of extra pockets for all types of equipment. 
TM-2: Tripod for MP-1 portable antenna or any other 3/8" antennas. Requires a mount (UM-2/UM-3). Legs adjustable in height. With a hook to hang on a weighted bag such as GB1 to stabilize the tripod. 

Order No.
11490.TM TM-1 tripod 42.60
11490.TM2 TM-2 tripod for MP-1 67.90
11490.UM2 UM-2 universal mount for MP-1 52.90
11490.UM3 UM-3 mount for MP-1 with TM-2 24.20
11490.80 80m coil 36.80
11490.X01 MP-1 Replacement telescope 3/8" 16cm/111cm 17.00
11930.LT-56 Steel whip 38.50
11498 transport bag for MP-1 19.00
11490.1710 radial kit for 17/15/12/10m 31.10
11490.2010 radial kit for 20/15/10m 32.20
11490.4020 radial kit for 40/30/20m 36.80
11490.8040 radial kit for 80/40m 36.80
11490.CL C-Clamp (as included with UM-1) 6.50
11490.GB Deluxe bag for MP-1 33.40
11490.FG Frequency guide for MP-1 20.70
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Download: MP-1 Portable Antenna (PDF, 0,7MB)
Download: TM-2 Tripod (PDF, 2,2MB)
Download: UM-2 Universal Mount (PDF, 0,9MB)
Download: GB1 Deluxe Bag (PDF, 1,8MB)
Download: Frequency Guide (PDF, 0,9MB)

HFV-8040 Compact Rotary Dipole for 80 and 40m
 Diamond HFV-8040 Skizze

The HFV-8040 is a compact rotary dipole for 80 and 40m, as usual built in the excellent manufacturing quality by Diamond. The antenna is designed as a shortened trap dipole with end capacities. Due to the precise aligment possibilities of the end capacities the minimum SWR position can be tuned very effectively to the required band portion. As with all shortened antennas the useable bandwidth is limited, you have to use a tuner or re-align the antenna. The useable bandwidth without tuner is approx. 25kHz on 80m and 40kHz on 40m.

The relativetly small packing size of only 170cm makes the HFV-8040 also suitable as a vacation antenna or for portable fieldday operations. Installed, the dipole elements are a little bit longer than 5m, the rotating radius is only 3.6m due to the V shaped installation. The weight of the antenna is 7kg, a balun BU-50 is included in the shipment (PL connector). The included mast clamp is suitable for masts from 38 to 60mm diameter.





Order No.
11468 HFV-8040 Rotary Dipole 279.00


Download: Installation instructions Diamond HFV-8040 (PDF, EN, 770KB)


ATX-1080 Multi band antenna 80 to 6m for FT-817, IC-703 etc.

ATX-1080 PL abgewinkelt
ATX-1080 PL 
ATX-1080 BNC

Multi band antenna for all amateur bands from 80 to 6m incl. WARC bands. Band change is similiar to the Outbacker antennas, just change the position of a tap lead, precision adjustment is done with a telescopic tuning rod at the top of the antenna. Collapsed only 32cm long, extended 160cm. Max. power load 25 Watt. Available with various connectors, ideal for FT-817, IC-703, SG-2020, K2 and similiar transceivers.

ATX-1080Mk2 Adaptors
Order No.
11195 ATX-1080, BNC straight 92.50
11195.01 ATX-1080, PL angled 92.50
11195.02 ATX-1080, thread 3/8" straight 85.00
11197 ATX-1080 Mk2, with Adaptors for BNC, PL, 3/8" 111.00


Download instruction sheet for ATX-1080 and AT-xx
Download test review ATX-1080 from "FUNK" and "RADIO-SCANNER"
Download datasheet ATX-1080 Mk2 (PDF, German, 51kb)
Download datasheet ATX-1080 Mk2 (PDF, French, 30kb)


AT-xx Mono band HF antennas

AT-10Mono band radiators with BNC connector, available for all traditional bands from 80 to 10m, transport length 26cm, extended length 1.4m, power max. 20 Watt.

Order No.
11190.10 AT-10, 10m 39.50
11190.15 AT-15, 15m 39.50
11190.20 AT-20, 20m 39.50
11190.30 AT-30, 30m 39.50
11190.40 AT-40, 40m 44.90
11190.80 AT-80, 80m 44.90


ATAS-25 Portable antenna

Bild ATAS-25Frequency range: 7/14/21/28/50/144/430MHz, Max Pwr input: HF/50MHz: 100W (SSB/CW), 50W (AM/FM), 144/430MHz: 50W (All mode) Height Max 2.2m, 0.6m for transporting * Weight: 930g. Supplied with radiating elements, radial elements for VHF/UHF, radial wires + spare radial wire, Allen key.

The ATAS-25 utilises a manual tuning system which resonates the radiating element for lowest SWR without the need for expensive mono-band resonating whip assemblies. It allows dual frequency operation on HF or 50MHz and either 2m or 70cm (duplexer not supplied). A very handy feature is that the ATAS-25 is designed to mount directly onto a standard camera tripod mount (not supplied) and makes up a portable antenna system ideal for tempory field operation but not recommended for long-term outdoor installation.

For some models, you may wish to purchase a diplexer or triplexer to avoid moving your cable from one antenna jack to another. When using the ATAS-25 with the FT-817, set Menu #07 to REAR for all bands.

Bild ATAS-25 Hand 

Order No.
ATAS-25 Yaesu Portable Vertical Antenna ATAS-25 255.00


Buddipole to the ever growing list of products by Buddipole, we have moved the entire product selection to it's own page: Buddipole & Buddistick Products and accessories.



HF mini dipoles

 Bild R1
R1 with dual band center part for two dipoles

Shortened dipoles for 160 to 6m. Total length around 360cm, transport length about 120cm, max. power 500 Watt PEP. Center part made of glass fibre reinforced nylon, connector PL female.

Nice companion for existing antennas or as a portable antenna. Two different center parts, straight or dual band one, are available. The dual band center part allows two different dipoles to be used the same time on any two bands.

Included with the center part is a short mast tube (500mm x 32mm dia.), allow-ing easy mounting to any vertical mast. Use mast clamps 23001 (not inluded) for easiest installation.

 Bild R1
R1 with straight center part

Note: To order this antenna, order two items: the center part and at least one set of dipoles.


Download: Installation instructions for R1 (PDF, 110KB)




Order No.
11400.G R1 straight center part 14.90
11400.V R1 V-mounting center part 14.90
11400.DUO R1 dual band center part 22.50


Order No.
11400.06 6m 51.50
11400.10 10m 51.90
11400.12 11m/12m 51.90
11400.15 15m 51.90
11400.17 17m 51.90
11400.20 20m 51.90
11400.30 30m 63.50
11400.40 40m 63.50
11400.80 80m 69.50
11400.99 160m 69.50


Straight center part
Dual band center part
Center parts shown with small mast (included)
MFJ-1622 portable antenna 40m to 2m

Small and lightweight antenna for restricted space situations and portable operations, works on 40 to 10, 6m and 2m. Use anywhere, on a balcony, on the window sill, on the camper... Collapsed only 57cm long, weight only 1.4kg, fits in onboard air luggage.
The antenna is made of a stainless steel telscope with loading coil, installed on a aluminum bracket. This bracket can be mounted on any surface for easy installation.
Included is a 10m long counterpoise with taps for each band. For operations the loading coil is shortened at certain taps, equally the counterpoise is unrolled to individual markings. Wit hsmall power the SWR can be adjusted precisely. Max. power load is 300 Watt PEP SSB, total length of antenna approx. 180cm.

Order No.
11180 MFJ-1622 132.30


MFJ-Telescopic rod

Bild MFJ-1954

Giant telescopes from MFJ with 3/8 "connector .. The rods can directly access all standard 3/8" screwed feet. Depending on the length of the bars on different bands are resonant without further coil. Well as quarter-wave antenna, tunable as extension or for any tinkering. Not suitable for driving, not storm-proof ... When closed, the bars are 60-70cm long.

Order No.
MFJ-1954 3m telescopic rod 38.00
MFJ-1974 2,5m telescopic rod, Resonant at 10m 44.30
MFJ-1977 3,6m telescopic rod, Resonant at 12/15m 56.90
MFJ-1979 5m telescopic rod, Resonant at 20m 75.90


Chameleon MIL Whip

Very light, small and portable antenna (being collapsible). Can be used simply as a normal antenna rod or as an optional accessory for the Chameleon MINI-HYBRID

If the antenna is used in conjunction with the Chameleon HYBRID, then it is working on 6m to 160m at a power of 1500 W SSB. Unmounted the antenna is only 73cm long. The 5 aluminum tubes are hold by a MIL-SPEC rubber cord. The Chameleon MIL WHIP antenna can only be used as a portable or in a non permanent stationary installation. Never use it mobile while in motion.

Length (full) 330cm
Weight 270g
Frequency range 160-6m
max. Power 1500W
Connector 3/8" thread bolt
Impedance 50 Ohm


Order No.
11459 Chameleon MIL Whip 135.10


MFJ-67: Open loading coil for 40m
 Bild MFJ-67 

Open loading coil for MFJ-telescope antennas and other antennas with 3/8 "connector. The position of the alligator clip sets the resonance fixed coarse tuning is done by moving in and out of the telescope (or the unit's built-in antenna tuner). 3/8" port up and down, power 100 watts.







Order No.
MFJ-67 40m Open loading coil 79.40


Knurled Whip Sleeve for MFJ-1954

These sleeves dramatically increase the strength of the base section and really help to prevent the base from working loose from repeated stress resulting from windy conditions and horizontal deployments.

Order No.
11420.KWS Knurled Whip Sleeve 8.10

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