GAP HF verticals


  Titan Challenger Eagle Voyager
Bands: 2m   Yes    
6m   Yes    
10m Yes Yes Yes  
12m Yes Yes Yes  
15m Yes Yes Yes  
17m Yes   Yes  
20m Yes Yes Yes Yes
30m Yes      
40m Yes Yes Yes Yes
80m Yes Yes   Yes
160m       Yes
Max. power load (PEP) 1500W
500W auf
500W auf
300W auf
500W auf
Height 7,5m 9,5m 6,5m 13,5m
Antenna surface 0,5m2 0,41m2 0,42m2 0,83m2
German documentation Yes No Yes Yes
Weight 11,5 Kg 9,5 Kg 8,5 Kg 17,5 Kg
For mast diameter 30-35mm Ø - 30-35mm Ø -
Recommended guying 11341 11340 11340 23100


Order No.
11330 GAP Titan 639.00
11331 GAP Challenger 535.00
11333 GAP Eagle 575.00
11332 GAP Voyager 695.00

Recommended guying:
Order No.
11341 for GAP Titan 53.70
11340 for GAP Challenger 35.70
11340 for GAP Eagle 35.70
23100 for GAP Voyager, price per meter 1.00



The most often bought antenna of the GAP family.
  • All 8 Bands from 10m to 80m incl. WARC
  • Length 7,5m
  • No radial required!
One of the primary virtues of the TITAN is the GAP center feed. The Titan is the only vertical antenna marketed with total continuous coverage under VSWR 2:1 on 10m to 40m and 100KHz bandwidth on 80m.
By elevating the feed the earth loss is dramatically decreased, which means the antenna operates independent from the earth conditions and may be installed either on a roof or close to the ground.
As is the case with all the other GAP antennas no further tuning is required.
The operating center frequency on 80m is set by means of an integrated fixed capacity. Please specify the desired center frequency upon ordering. The standard setting is 3.65 MHz, available are 3.55 or 3.7 MHz.
The TITAN requires no radials!




6-Band 40/20/17/15/12/10m
Length 6,5 m
The EAGLE is the smallest antenna in the GAP product line. The Eagle weights less than 9 Kg and can be installed almost anywhere - at ground level, on a pole, on your roof or atop a tower. It is essentially a set of vertical dipoles - the optimum singular DX antenna! No traps, coils or transformers are used to achieve multiband operation in this antenna either.
The EAGLE provides full coverage with VSWR < 2:1 on 40/20/17/15 and 12m; and approximately 500KHz on 10m without readjusting.
If the band is wide open, you might work a VK with a coat hanger, but when conditions are less than perfect you want the highest efficiency the antenna can provide. The efficiency of the GAP Eagle is without equal. It has no traps, transformers or matching coils to rob transmitted or received power. For the highest S meter reading, choose a GAP Eagle.
Three rigid counterpoises are required for operation (see picture) but no radials.




#8-Band 80/40/20/15/12/10/6/2m
Length 9,5 m
The Challenger is designed to be mounted directly on the ground or elevated on the roof. As is the case with the other GAP antennas since it does not require earth loss to obtain a 50 Ω match.!
Roof mount does not gain any specific advantage due to the 'elevated ground' structure, but is possible if there's no garden etc. available.
The CHALLENGER covers the bands 6/10/12/15/20 and 40m. Over 130KHz of bandwidth is provided on 80m!
The antenna requires a counterpoise of three 7.5m wires. They may be buried or just scattered on the ground. Symmetrical deployment is not critical. Adding additional wire will not significantly improve performance.
As described with the TITAN The operating center frequency on 80m is set by means of an integrated fixed capacity. Please specify the desired center frequency upon ordering. The standard setting is 3.65 MHz, other frequencies are available on request.




4-Band 160/80/40/20m
Length 13,5m
This is the first antenna manufactured specifically to provide efficient low band operation. Emphasis was given to 160m and 80m when designing the VOYAGER.
Unlike the Challenger, the VOYAGER employs a capacity hat with circular ring to reduce the physical height to 13.5m while maintaining an electrical height of 20 m. A capacity hat is the most efficient way to reduce height, maintain bandwidth and eliminate corona.
The entire band on 80m (!!), 40m and 20m, 90 KHz bandwidth on 160m.
As is the case with the CHALLENGER three insulated counterpoises of 17m are required, the deployment pattern is very flexible - also possible around corners.
Four guy anchor points 7.5m from the base mount are required. The guy brackets and aluminum pivot are supplied but not the guy rope itself.


Steel tube

Drawn steel tube made of ST 52, 32x3 mm, galvanized, fits the antenna joint. Cut to order, 1m to 2.5 m length and shipping together with the antenna through UPS.

Order No.
23110   21.50
23110.2 2m 43.00
23110.25 2.5m 53.50


Ground mount



Tiltable ground mount for digging in or fix in concrete. Enables quick tilt of the antenna (not required for model Voyager which contains a similiar base). For use with EAGLE and TITAN please specify the desired length of the steel tube. Order No.: No.: 23110 !
Ideal for the field day etc.

Order No.
23120   146.00


Guy wire kit



Consisting of a guy bracket and 30m respectively 60m guy rope made of black, ultra-violet resistant DACRON (Polyester) material;, only 3mm thick, rupture force 150 kg.

Order No.
11340 30m Length 36.00
11341 60m Length 53.70


Guy rope

Only 3mm thick therefore very unabtrusive. But rupture force still 400 kg! Stranded material, only minimal lengthening when getting wet.

Order No.
23100 Dyneema, price per meter 1.00


Spareparts for GAP Titan


Order No.
11330.X04 GAP Titan Dust Cap 5.20
11330.X05 GAP Titan Radial holder 40.30
11330.X06 GAP Titan Lower Section 96.60
11330.X07 GAP Titan Mid Section 51.80
11330.X08 GAP Titan Main Section 51.80
11330.X09 GAP Titan Cable set 124.20
11330.X10 GAP Titan Mast plate 51.80
11330.X11 GAP Titan U bolt with nut 6.90


Spareparts for various GAP Antennas


Order No.
11330.CAP GAP CAP Unit 25.30
11330.X03 GAP PL connector 9.20
11330.X12 GAP Isolation for mast plate 4.60
11330.X13 GAP Middle tuning rod 24.60
11330.X15 GAP End cap radial holder grey 5.80
11330.X16 GAP Distance holder 7cm 9.20
11330.X17 GAP Distance holder 15cm 13.80
11330.X18 GAP Distance holder 20cm 16.10
11330.X20 GAP Screw with lock washer 1.40

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