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Hustler shortwave vertikal antennas

Hustler produces antennas for over 40 years in an excellent and proven quality. Since 1985, the antennas are made in Texas from the New-Tronics Antenna Corporation.

Hustler VertikalHustler shortwave vertical antennas for 4, 5 or 6 bands. These antennas are used by many radio amateurs worldwide with great success. The special feature of these antennas is that the resonance for each band can be adjusted individually. There are very few other vertical antennas which can do that! This individual alignment allows you to adapt the antenna at it's location, for example when you must choose an installation place near a house or tree.

The antennas can be either on the ground or increased, for example on a pole or roof be built. The producer writes that when mounted on the ground were not necessarily need radials. But this will only work well with very good ground conductivity. We always recommend the use of radials. With increased lubrication is required in any case radials.

The vertical antennas are supplied with a solid stainless steel mast bracket. The radiator is made of 3.2 cm thick, corrosion-resistant aluminum tube. All traps are made of fiberglass. The antennas have a screw for direct connection of the coaxial cable. The length of the antenna wire does not matter.

  4-BTV 5-BTV 6-BTV  
Bands 10,15,20,40 10,15,20,40,80 10,15,20,30,40,80 Meter
SWR ≤1.6 ≤1.6 ≤2.0 in full band
Radials No/Yes No/Yes No/Yes Ground/Roof
Power 1000 1000 1000 W PEP
Length 6,6 7.65 7.32 m
Weight 6,6 7.7 7.5 kg
Order No. 11214 11215 11216  


SWR Diagram
SWR Hustler 6BTV
SWR Diagram
SWR Hustler 4BTV/5BTV


Order No.
11214 Antenne Verticale Hustler 4BTV 275.00
11215 Antenne Verticale Hustler 5BTV 343.00
11216 Antenne Verticale Hustler 6BTV 401.00

Tarheel Radial kit


Radial kit

The massive stainless steel plate (6mm) is intended for use on the same pole where the antenna is installed. Max pole diameter is 35mm. The plate has a diameter of 23cm and offers 20 screw--contacts for radial wires. Included in shipment are 10 readials of 275cm length each.

There is no need to lay out the radials strictly in a star pattern. You can bend the radials, leave out some areas, just as the surroundings allow. The only limitation is that the radials should not cross over each other.

The radial plate should be installed as close to the ground as possible, the antenna as close as possible above it. All parts are made of stainless steel, except the wires.

Order No.
11930.GR Radial kit 87.00

Tarheel Radial kit


Radialkit 80/40/30m

Radials for vertical antennas. Consist of two λ/4 wires per band. Uses PVC coated braided copper wire 1.5mm2. Includes solder lugs on one end for easy connection to ground post.

These radial kits can be used for elevated antennas (not ground mounted). The radials should be installed so that they do not touch the ground, nor the roof nor any other obstacle. If the vertical antenna should be installed on the ground other radials are required (at least as long as the antenna is high, better longer, as many as possible, not less than 10).

Excellent explanations about antenna radial systems are provided by some manufacturers, for example by SteppIR and Bencher (english text):

Order No.
11270.804030 2x λ/4 for 80/40/30m 64.00
11270.201510 2x λ/4 for 20/15/10m 49.00
11270.1712 2x λ/4 for 17/12m 44.00

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