X-Quad antennas for 2m and 70cm


X-Quad 2m
X-Quad for 2m
X-Quad 2m
X-Quad for 2m

The X-Quad is an improved design of the well known multi element quads. They are especially designed for amateur radio, with the following characteristics:

The X-Quads boom is in two segments. So the X-Quads fits (collapsed) in any car trunk, shipping cost outside Germany will be much reduced. (Sizes see table below).

X-Quad 2m
X-Quad for 70cm
X-Quad 2m
X-Quad for 70cm

Order No.
18010 X-Quad 2m 139.00
18010.01 Spare Part Radiator X-Quad 2m 66.50
18011 X-Quad 70cm 139.00
18011.01 Spare Part Radiator X-Quad 70cm 67.00


Phasing Harness

For circular polarization a phasing harness cable is required. This cable set combines the two radiators to one cable.

  2m X-Quad 70cm X-Quad
Elements per polarisation plane 12 18
Gain 10,5 12,8 dBD

Voltage hor./vert.

Diagram hor. 2m/70cm
3dB angle horizontal (E) 47 36 Degree
vertical (H) 46 36 Degree
Front/Back ratio 19 21 dB
Max. power load 1500 1000 Watt
Stacking distance 2,8 1,1 m
Length 1460 1270 mm
Height 730 220 mm
Weight 2,3 1,6 Kg
Shipping size (normal version) 150 x 45 x 4 128 x 25 x 4 cm
Shipping size (cut-down version) 75 x 45 x 4 65 x 25 x 4 cm
Windload at 160km/h 74 48 N
Connector 2x N jacks 2x N jacks  
Phasing harness for circular polarisation
Order No. 18047 18049  

OM Lars, OZ1BXM has a review of the assembly and his experiences with the 70cm X-Quad on his website. (Opens new browser window)

Order No.
18047 Phasing Harness X-Quad 2m 63.00
18049 Phasing Harness X-Quad 70cm 63.00

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