On Glass Antennas

On-glass mount antennas have many benefits: you don't need to drill a hole in the chassis, the radiator can be removed when going through a car wash, and when changing to a new car the outside unit is available separately. The low profile outdoor unit (base) is glued to the window with a special glue, and can be removed if necessary (for example when selling the car). This is perfect also for rental or leased cars, where drilling a hole is no option.

The SWR is adjusted with a small trimmer in the inside unit. The supplied RG-58 cable is 4m long (5m with model 15012), the included clips allow a clean installation inside the vehicle. The maximum power is 50W with a properly aligned antenna. The radiator can be removed with a simple screwdriver, no need for special tools. The inclination of the radiator can be adjusted from 0 to 90°.

Included in shipment


VHF/UHF Dualband On Glass Antenna

The dual-band antenna offers all benefits of glass-mount antennas: No need to drill a hole, easy and simple installation, no problems when changing to a new car. This VHF/UHF antenna has only one connection, which allows you to use nearly any current V/UHF transceiver.

The included cable has a PL connector. When using a real twin bander with built-in diplexer simultaneous duplex operation is possible. For example with the kenwood TM-D710E - use APRS on VHF and chat on UHF at the same time! The max. power is 50W per band. The radiator is 70cm long, the supplied cable is 5m long.

Order No.
15012 VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna 49.00
15012.01 Outside Unit (Base, Radiator) 26.00
15102 Mounting Kit for 15012


CB Glass mount antenna

Antenna for 11m CB radio, radiator length c. 75cm. Good efficiency: the radiator has an aligned loading coil at the base, the matching coupler contains a precise trimmer capacitor for best SWR alignment.

Order No.
15020 CB Radio On Glass Antenna 50.50


Overview On Glass antennas

Order No. Frequency Radiator length Gain Connector Cable  
15012 Dual band 2m/70cm ca. 70cm 0 dB PL 5m RG-58 49.00
15020 CB radio (11m) ca. 75 cm - open ended 4m RG-58 50.50
15030 4m 68-86 MHz ca. 77 cm - open ended 4m RG-58 59.50
15008.01 440 - 470 MHz ca. 28 cm 0 dB BNC 4m RG-58 15.00
15008.03 440 - 470 MHz ca. 28 cm 0 dB FME 4m RG-58 15.00
15009.03 GSM 900 ca. 35 cm 3 dB Mini-UHF 4m RG-58 9.80
15009.04 GSM 900 ca. 35 cm 3 dB FME 4m RG-58 9.80

Further products:
Order No.
15012.01 Parts for external unit of 15012 (Radiator, Base) 26.00
15100 Spare kit adhesive for 15011, 15013 to 15040 4.50
15101 Mounting kit for 15003, 15008, 15009 6.70

Models 15020 and 15030 do have a cable included, but without connector. You need a connector suitable for RG-58 cable and your radio.

Some car models have a heat protective coated glass which is electrically conductive and is not suitable for these antennas. Please refer to the manufacturer or your suplier.

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