PicoAPRS-Lite APRS Transceiver Module

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor PicoAPRS-Lite APRS Transceiver ModuleA tiny APRS tracker weighing just 7.2 grams*!
Even though the PicoAPRS-Lite was developed with balloon flights with APRS payload (Pico balloons and stratosphere balloons) in mind, it can naturally also be used for many more APRS purposes.
Thanks to its small measurements of just 27.8 x 66.9 x 6.3mm this tiny tracker can, for example, be installed nearly invisibly in cars. This allows for APRS usage without annoying wiring in the car or too short antenna cables.
You can even carry the tracker around in your pocket!

An SMA antenna jack is offered separately since its weight of about 2 grams is an unnecessary extra load for the light Pico balloons. This is also the reason why the tracker is being delivered without a case.

Special functions of the PicoAPRS-Lite:

Beware that this device has no voltage regulation!
When operating with a solar panel and buffer capacitor the service voltage will usually drop to zero at night. With sunrise the device will be operational soon again.
It's important that the tracker can be used with as little power as possible. A voltage regulator would cause a voltage drop which would be inconvenient during sunrise/sundown.
To limit the maximum operating voltage a beacon will automatically be transmitted when reaching about 5V in balloon solar mode to use up stored energy. Doing so the maximum operating voltage won't be exceeded even when the idle solar cell provides too much voltage.

*1) Weight without antenna jack, case or any energy source.

Optional accessories:

Available by the end of January 2019.


Order No.
PICOAPRSLITE APRS Transceiver module 139.00
42907 SMA jack long, thread mount 7.40
35050 LiPO recharcheable battery 3.6V/850mAh 6.80
35051 USB charger with 4 battery connectors 8.50
35052 Battery connector cable 3.80


Mini-APRS-Transceiver with GPS receiver (Kit)

http://qrznow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/1-1.jpg"Worlds smallest APRS transceiver" offers many applications. Matchbox-sized, built in GPS receiver.

The transceiver can not only be used as APRS tracker, but also as receiver for APRS data. The graphical OLED display (128x64 pixel) shows received APRS position reports, APRS messages and status information. When receiving position reports the distance and direction to the sender is shown.

The own GPS coordinates are also shown, allowing the Mini APRS Trasmceiver to be used as a GPS redceiver as well, for example for Geo Caching.

All handling is done with two push buttons. With the help of a versatile menu system the transceiver can be individually configured and operated without using a computer.
The transmit power is approx 1 Watt and can be switched down to 0.5W. The own position data is transmitted as a compressed MIC-E APRS message to keep transmit duration as short as possible. This also helps to save battery power. Of course received messages in compressed MIC-E can be decoded and displayed as well.

The built in 850mAh LiIon battery allows operation of approx 10 hours. The HF receiver can be deactivated to save power, the device then functions as a pure GPS tracker. To extend battery lifetime even further the GPS receiver can be turned on and off in programmable intervals.

The built in micro USB conenctor is not only used to charge the built-in battery, but also for upgrading the firmware and to communicate with the main processor. This opens the road to further development of the Mini APRS transceiver, for example as a GPS mouse for the computer. More applications are under development.

The transmitter utilzes a 7-pole low pass filter to suppress unwanted harmonics. The main processor is well known from the Arduino world, it's an ATmega 1284p. The current software uses less than one third of the available memory, this allows for a lot of further developments in the future.

The tiny size of just 30 x 56 x 22mm is close to that of a matchbox. The weight (without antenna) is just 45 gram. This is perfect to carry the Mini APRS Transceiver with you all thetime, whether on a hiking trip, on a journey with your bike or boat or even when skiing.

This device was developed by Taner Schenker (DB1NTO).

Order No.
PAT-3 Mini-APRS-Transceiver Kit Available from August 2016 198.00


GW-1000: Feature-rich APRS Interface + APRS Beacon + KISS-TNC

https://www.wimo.com/bilder/GW-1000_zb_l.jpgSupports all major iGate APRS functions such as RF-Internet/Internet-RF gateway, digipeating etc. Simply connect it to the radio and (optionally) the internet router, and a new APRS digi + gateway is set up!

Many setting options for worldwide used APRS-IS standard, configuration software for Win XP, 7 or 8 included. The GW-1000 also offers functions to use it as an APRS and weather beacon without a computer, very useful for repeater locations. Supports many major weather stations (Peet and others). Extensions for telemetry data are planned, an optional LC display shows status and current messages. Power supply 9-15VDC, max. 800mA.

With the optional Bluetooth interface the GW-1000 is becoming the KISS-TNC. Simply use the tablet or smartphone packet or APRS!

Order No.
GW-1000 149.00
GW-1000.LCD Option LCD 45.00
GW-1000.BT Option Bluetooth 24.00


TinyTrak 4

TinyTrak-4 SMT

TinyTrak-4 with box

TinyTrak-4 is the successor to the well known TinyTrak-3. It offers more or less the same possibilities as the TT-3, but with some very interestng new features:

Implemented Functionality:

Planned Functionality:

We supply the TT-4 as SMT vrsion, fully asse,bled and operational, with box. The installed software has equal functions like the TT-3.

Order No.
TT4 109.00

Cable TinyTrak - Transceiver

With this cable you can connect a TinyTrak with most mobile devices, which have a data connector 6-pin Mini-Din.
If you use the cable with a TinyTrak 4 or TinyTrak 3+, the Jumper JP8 may NOT connected on the PCB. The cable is equipped with a cigarette lighter plug.

Order No.
TT4-CABLE TinyTrak Connection Cable 28.80


TinyTrak 3

TinyTrak-3 Chip (PIC)

Order No.
TT3-CHIP 27.60



Bild TT3+GPS Beacon: In combination with a GPS receiver any handheld or mobile radio can broadcast the GPS information.
The beacon features a serial interface which allows PC-programming of the call sign, TX delay, beacon intervals and beacon text. During operation the GPS receiver is connects to the serial port and the audio as well as PTT terminals connect to the radio.
Imagine a moving fox hunt with such a relative simple set-up.
The analysis of the received data is not possible with TinyTrack.

TinyTrak3 is a GPS position encoder which, when connected to a GPS and a radio, will transmit its location at an adjustable rate. TinyTrak3 is a construction project providing an inexpensive way to build a mobile tracker without the need for a full TNC. It is configured by connecting to a computer's serial port, and running a simple configuration tool which allows setting of all user options.

TinyTrak3Plus is a redesigned TinyTrak3 with a larger voltage regulator that can power a 5V GPS, such as a Garmin GPS18. TinyTrak3Plus has the same features, and uses the same firmware chip, configuration software, and case as the TinyTrak3, but a separate documentation file is available with instructions for the different PCB. TinyTrak3Plus is sold with a case.

Order No.
TT3-PLUS 56.40


Download:Software for Configuration V.1.4.3 for TinyTrak-3 (ZIP, EN, 520KB)

Multimode-TNC for Packet Radio and APRS, USB connection to PC

One Packet Radio TNC for all modes like 300Bd AFSK, Robust Packet Radio (RPR) for shortwave, 1200Bd AFSK and 9600/19200 FSK (G3RUH). First TNC to use a DSP as modem processor, resulting in a much larger captive range of AF frequencies (e.g. ±400Hz at 300Bd AFSK, the usual modems only have a few hertz range). This allows reception of larger groups with slightly differing frequencies. Supports KISS and Hostmode. Includes position tracker for APRS: transmits position data in APRS format. A computer is not required, the GPS receiver is connected directly to the Tracker. Control output for transceiver for low power consumption.

The Tracker is connected to the PC with an optically isolated USB cable, thus alleviating all problems with ground loops. The device itself is shielded against HF radiation and does not produce noise. During APRS sleep mode only 15mA power consumption, shortly before the next transmission the Tracker wakes up, turns on the transceiver, checks the transmission channel and transmits the APRS data set when the frequency is not in use.
The firmware can be updated over the USB line, firmware updates are free. Size 88 x 22 x 102mm, power consumption 70mA at 13,8V.

Order No.


Byonics GPS Mouse

Small GPS-Mouse for direct connection to the Tinytrak.

The power supply of the mouse is done directly from the TinyTrak. The interface conforms no longer the RS-232 standard because the power supply is integrated.

The mouse does not need to be configured, simply connect to the TT and you're QRV.

Order No.
TT-MOUSE Byonics GPS-Mouse 102.40

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