Geochron World Clock

Geochron is a wall clock with the world map plus faded in, season-corrected day and night division (terminator). Since the 1970s there is a so-called "CIA clock". And this has always been an eye-catcher in the shack or in the office. Also a corresponding PC software exists already longer, even if only with a rather simple representation.
This representation of the world - but in a new, brilliant sharpness and detail - is offered by the product 'Geochron'. Geochron is a stand-alone display unit that uses an HDMI video output to address an HD, Full-HD or 4K screen. The earth's surface is displayed in Mercator projection. So far this is known, but what makes Geochron special are the additional functions. Besides the well-known representation of the day/night zones and the Greyline, which is very important for the radio amateur, a multitude of overlays are offered, which partly also adapt live to the actual conditions.
The representation of the earth's surface with the day and night borders is very interesting for radio amateurs, because very good propagation conditions for the radio on short wave can result along the day/night border. Geochronous shows the position of this limit exactly to the minute and adapted to the season. In addition, static and dynamic (live) overlays are offered. Live overlays require an active Internet connection of the Geochron unit.
Static overlays show, for example, geopolitical conditions such as national borders, large settlements and much more. Particularly impressive is the night-time representation with the lights of the big cities. For each place the actual sunrise and the twilight times can be indicated. In addition, there is the display of world shipping and flight routes, topographical information, display and prediction of solar radiation and many other options.
Live overlays show the current weather all over the world, but also for radio amateurs interesting data such as satellite positions. The data of the amateur radio satellites are displayed, but also such interesting information as the NOAA weather satellites, the position of the ISS, Iridium satellites or the rocket launches of the last 30 days. User-defined, up to 16 positions on Earth can be marked with the respective local time.
The great advantage of Geochron with its many functions is the simple commissioning and operation. So no computer knowledge is necessary, you only have to set up the internet access (Wifi or cable) and connect a screen. Of course a nice big flat screen with high resolution (Full-HD or 4K, not included) is worth it. Geochron is delivered with a power supply (12V, 1.5A), a HDMI cable and an IR remote control.









Order No.
GEO-4K-COMP2 Geochron 4K   469.00

Wolfwave Audio Filter

The Wolfwave is a digital audio filter that very efficiently improves the intelligibility of a received signal. This is achieved by a multi-level and adaptive processing of the audio signal: first the noise is reduced, then a bandpass filtering and finally an equalizer function for the adaptation to the hearing of the user. Each of the levels can be individually adjusted, the equalizer, for example, depending on gender and age to be able to respond very precisely to personal listening habits. The audio filtering is supplemented by an adjustable notch filter (notch filter).
The Wolfwave Filter is equipped with an easy to read OLED display, convenient operation via the front with several pushbuttons and rotary knobs. The display provides a good overview of the respective function, making operation very easy. Once the settings have been found, they can be stored separately in several memories, depending on the application and situation. Different settings, for example for the CW contest or the noisy SSB signal, can be quickly recalled. A "Bypass" function is directly available, so you can easily compare the original and the filtered signal and retune the filter if necessary.
The connections are designed for NF and are easy to integrate into the existing station. Separate connectors for headphones and loudspeakers are available as outputs. A USB socket is used for firmware upgrades of the digital signal processor. The power supply is 12 V DC, the current consumption is only 60 mA. This makes the Wolfwave filter easy to use even with battery operation.
The latest firmware update for Wolfwave adds a CW decoder, a low-power standby mode and other enhancements. It also adds a start-up sound that we have had composed by a professional musician, Chris Rolinson G7DDN. The startup sound is based on "WW" on Morse code.


Order No.
Wolfwave Audio Filter Wolfwave Audio Filter  

EQ-20 ParaPro Parametric Equalizer

The EQ-20 is a 20 W audio amplifier with built-in parametric equalizer. Optional modules for Bluetooth and Noise Elimination are available. The EQ-20 is applied to adjust the received audio signal to your customs and thereby considerably enhance the intelligibility.

Parametric Equalisation: A parametric equaliser allows any specific part of the frequency range to be selected and adjusted in strength. The user is able to precisely select a frequency to boost or cut. For example, instead of having a simple mid-range adjustment as in a standard graphic equaliser which boosts or reduces a pre-set range of frequencies, you can specify exactly which frequency to boost or reduce. This gives you greater flexibility and accuracy to set the audio to suit your own hearing and environment. You can use the cut function to reduce problematic frequencies in order to expose the frequencies you want, which typically makes for a warmer, less harsh result, or you can boost specific frequencies to obtain more clarity and intelligibility.

Optionally two modules are available: Bluetooth and noise elimination. With the Bluetooth option you can continue to use uexisting BT Speakers or headphones with the EQ-20. The optionally available Noise Elimination module - as well known from many other bhi products - very effectively reduces noise from the signal.

Order No.
EQ-20 Parametric Equalizer 189.00
EQ-20.B Parametric Equalizer with Bluetooth option 234.00
EQ-20.DSP Parametrischer Equalizer with Noise reduction option, 305.00
EQ-20.B-DSP Parametrischer Equalizer with Noise reduction option, with Bluetooth option 349.00


8 Band Audio Equalizer W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer and Noise Gate is an easy-to-use, sophisticated unit loaded with high-performance features. This thoughtfully-designed, quality- constructed station accessory performs three important functions, all in one good looking, low- profile package:


Order No.
EQ-8 W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer 349.00
EQ-I-8 W2IHY Adapter Cable ICOM 8-pol. Connector 30.00
EQ-I-M W2IHY Adapter Cable ICOM Western Connector 30.00
EQ-K-8 W2IHY Adapter Cable KENWOOD 8-pol Connector 30.00
EQ-K-M W2IHY Adapter Cable KENWOOD Western Connector 30.00
EQ-Y-8 W2IHY Adapter Cable YAESU 8-pol. Connector 30.00
EQ-Y-M W2IHY Adapter Cable YAESU Western Connector 30.00

Download: 8 Band EQ and Noise Gate Manual
Download: NCJ Review of W2IHY System

EQPlus Audio Equalizer


Order No.
EQ-PLUS W2IHY EQPlus Audio Equalizer 449.00
EQ-I-8 W2IHY Adapter Cable ICOM 8-pol. Connector 30.00
EQ-I-M W2IHY Adapter Cable ICOM Western Connector 30.00
EQ-K-8 W2IHY Adapter Cable KENWOOD 8-pol Connector 30.00
EQ-K-M W2IHY Adapter Cable KENWOOD Western Connector 30.00
EQ-Y-8 W2IHY Adapter Cable YAESU 8-pol. Connector 30.00
EQ-Y-M W2IHY Adapter Cable YAESU Western Connector 30.00
EQ-PLUSCABLE EQ-8 to EQ-PLUS Patch Cable 30.00

Download: EQ-PLUS Manual (PDF, EN, 2.8MB)
Download: EQplus and EQ8-band Quickstart Guide (PDF, EN, 125KB)

Cable compatibility
Cable For Device
ICOM 8 Pin Round IC718, IC725, IC735, IC745, IC746, IC746PRO, IC756 all models, IC765, IC775, IC781, IC910H, IC7200, IC7400, IC7410, IC7600, IC7700, IC7800, IC820H, IC9100
ICOM 8 pin Modular IC706, IC207H, IC 7000, IC7100, ID880H, ID5100
Kenwood 8 Pin Round TS50, TS140, TS430, TS440, TS450, TS570, TS590, TS660, TS670, TS680, TS690, TS780, TS790, TS811, TS850, TS870, TS930, TS940, TS950, TS990, TS2000, TS2000X
Kenwood 8 Pin Modular TM255, TM261, TM271, TM281A/E, TM451, TM455, TM733, TM742, TM941, TM942, TM941, TMD700/A/E, TMG707, TS480, TM-V7
Yaesu 8 Pin Round Yaesu: FT840, FT890, FT920, FT950, FT990, FT1000MP, FT1000MP Mark 5, FT1000MP Field, FT2000,FT2000D, FTDX1200, FTDX3000, FT3000, FTDX5000, FTDX9000, FT9000Contest, FTDX9000D, FTDX9000 MP
Ten Tec: Orion 2, OMNI 7
FLEX Radio SDR1000, Flex Radio 5000,Flex Radio 6300, Flex Radio 6500, Flex Radio 6700
Yaesu Modular FT450, FT817, FT857, FT897, FT900, FT991


FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions

Q: Most modern transceivers have a built-in equalizer. So, why should one buy a W2IHY EQ?

A: Some people feel that they would rather use the internal EQ in their radios. The problem is two fold. One a lot of hams can not get the EQ to work well in the radio and find my products easier to use and two when they compare the quality of audio produced by the radio to what is generated by the W2IHY gear, the W2IHY gear is noticeably superior. One example is the compressor in the EQPlus. The compressors in most modern day radios are RF compressors. RF compressors can work well but they have a couple of characteristics. They roll off the lows below around 300 Hz. and they must be carefully adjusted to minimize perceptible distortion. If they are overdriven it is usually bad news. A lot of hams do not use their radios compressor because they can not make it sound like they want. The audio compressor in the EQplus does not roll off the lows. When you turn it on the whole audio spectrum gets louder similar to what happens when you turn on a linear amplifier. My gear works very well and is easy to use. Look at the EHAM reviews.

By the way the third place German winners of WRTC2014 were using IC756PRO3's with EQPluses attached. The PRO3 has an equalizer and compressor. So why would they use the EQPlus. They used an EQPlus because it just plain works a lot better than what is in the radio. You are heard better.

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