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Mini-VNA Tiny Antenna Analyzer up to 3 GHz

The MiniVNA-TINY is a very compact antenna analyzer with USB connection. Remarkable is the very large frequency range from 1 to 3000 MHz. The MiniVNA-TINY is a network analyzer and does not only allow measurement of SWR and impdances of antennas. As a two-port system the MiniVNA-Tiny can be used for transmission measurements on band filters or amplifiers. The device works as a vectorial analzer, suitable to do typical quadrupole measurements of S11 and S21 parameters. The results can be displayed or stored as Smith diagram.

Due to the calibration with an optional calibration kit (open, short, load, see arrticle 21010.SMA) the measurement results are precise and easily reproducible. Impedance (Z) can be measured from 1 to 1000 Ω, the dynamic range is up to 70 dB. The analyser can be used as a low power HF generator as well. Power supply is done by the USB interface, an external power supply is not required. Software upgrades are also provided via the USB interface. The recommended software is 'VNA/J' the same software as already known from the other MinIVNA products. THis software is available for Windows, MAC and Linux, a new Android app is also available.

The Android app is called 'BlueVNA' and is available in the Google Play Store. The connection to the Android device is done by USB, you will require an OTG adaptor (not sold by WiMo).

Technical Data miniVNA-Tiny
Frequency Range 1 – 3000 MHz
Impedance Range (Z) 1 – 1000 Ω
Output Power -6dBm @ 500 MHz
Dynamic Range up to 70 dB @ 500MHz
Connectors 2 × SMA
Power Consumption 370mA @5V (USB)
Weight 70g
Size 66 x 66 x 28mm


Order No.
MINIVNA-TINY miniVNA-Tiny 428.00
21010.SMA Calibration Kit (Open/Short/Load SMA) 20.70


Download: Hardware-Manual MiniVNA-TINY, german (PDF, DE, 500KB)
Download: Hardware-Manual MiniVNA-TINY, english (PDF, EN, 500KB)


Mini-VNA PRO BT Antenna analyser with Bluetooth

The mini-VNA Pro BT is a furthr development of the worldwide highly acclaimed mini-VNA Network Analyser. The most prominent enhancements are a built in LiIon battery and the new Bluetooth interface. Both enhancements allow you to use the mini-VNA Pro BT ouitdoors, directly at the base of the antenna.

Further functions and technical data of the mini-VNA Pro BT

Included in shipment is:

Note on Software: The software for both versions Mini-VNA and Mini-VNA Pro BT is continously developed. For this reasons a CD ROM is not included in shipment anymore. The current software is always downloadable from the internet. We recommend for example the program vna/J by DL2SBA. This is an application written in Java which runs fine under Windows, MacOS and Linux. This is also the software which is linked to by the manufacturer.

Order No.
42873 Adaptor SMA male/N female 8.30
42874 Adaptor SMA male/PL female 6.10
42854 Adaptor SMA male/BNC female 6.80


Download: MiniVNA Pro BT Hardware Guide (PDF, EN, 910KB)
Download: MiniVNA Pro BT Hardware Guide (PDF, JP, 910KB)
Download: MiniVNA Pro BT User Guide (PDF, JP, 28700KB)
Download: MiniVNA Pro BT Installation Guide (PDF, JP, 4000KB)

miniVNA-Pro - wireless measurement via Bluetooth


Reflection measurement
Transmission measurement 

Calibration Kit SMA

For calibration of the Pro-miniVNA BT, we recommend this calibration set, consist of one 50Ω terminator, ref. 21001.SMA plus one open, one short.

Order No.
21010.SMA Calibration Kit SMA 20.70

MFJ-225 Antenna Analyzer 1,5-180MHz

The MFJ-225 has got all functions of a standard analyser plus a variety of new functions, such as built-in LC display, 2 port VNA and USB port. The MFJ-225 does not require calibration (self-calibrating)! Very easy to use. All functions are described in the included English manual.

Two antenna analysers in one!
The MFJ-225 is a complete, self-contained analyser that is battery-powered and thus can be installed directly at the antenna. Connect the device to a PC and use the IG-mini VNA freeware to create a fully-fledged 2-channel VNA and do extensive data analysis. You can also print graphical curves in addition to your numerical results.

View more!
Thanks to the built-in, illuminated 3″ graphic display, you will always have all the values in view. In addition to the presentation of discrete values, the SWR can also be plotted graphically as a curve. Other important displayed values are Impedance, V/R ratio, phase angle. Set center-frequencies with a knob on the side of the MFJ-225 and read the curve in full screen mode on the display.

Frequency range from 1.5 to 179.9 Mhz
The MFJ-225 analyser covers the entire frequency range from 1.5MHz to 179.9 MHz continuously with the help of an integrated DDS-VFO with 1 khz resolution, so all mechanical elements like switches or controller are no longer necessary. The adjustment is done by an optical encoder.

Built-in signal generator!
The MFJ-225 uses a built-in signal generator with -5dBm power output to test several components such as mixer, amplifier, filter etc. The signal has a good suppression of harmonics of -50dBc and provides for excellent test results.
Versatile power supply!

For operation of the MFJ-225 you can use 4 AAA (rechargeable or Alkaline) batteries. These are installed inside the device. With a 12V socket attached on the side, you are even able to recharge the batteries. A LED light shows the charging status. A USB cable does also function as a power supply for the MFJ-225 when connected to a PC.

What is the MFJ-225 able to measure?
-SWR (1:1 to 9.9:1)
-Complex impedance (R + jX)
-Return loss (RL, 0 - 30dB)
-Phase (0 - 180°)
-Capacity (0 - 9999pF)
-Inductance (0.1 - 80µH)
-Cable length (0.5 - 45m)
-Cable loss (0 - 30dB)
No power supply included!

Order No.
MFJ-225   439.00

731: Pre-filter for SWR Analyzer

The MFJ-731 filter is designed to attenuate all AM stations, broadband and other disturbances outside of the band before the analyzer. Makes sense, if measurements are to be carried out on broadband outdoor antennas, strong out of band signals distorting the antenna test results. The device has an adjustable small notch filter between 550 and 1800 kHz, and three band filter ranges for 1.8-2.0, 3.5-4.0 and 7-30 MHz.

Order No.
MFJ-731 Adjustable Pass band/Notch Filter 125.40


Download: MFJ-731 manual (PDF, EN, 14KB)

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