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RF Explorer spectrum analyzer with USB port

The RF Explorer is a portable spectrum analyzer. The LC display with background light shows a section of the radio spectrum and the receivable signals. Signal strength is shown in dBm or dBµV. This way you can see available signals on chosen frequency range at a glance. This makes the RF Explorer a very useful measurement instrument as well a fast working bug hunter to find hidden transmitters easily.

The RF Explorer has a frequency range from 15 to 2700 Mhz covering all important radio ranges that are used for surveillance cameras, mini transmitters, WLAN, emergency services radio and many others. Two different antenna inputs for various frequency ranges allow for the use of specially adapted antennas that make the RF Explorer even more sensitive. Minimal sensitivity of the spectrum analyzer is -115dBm. A marker on the LC display indicates the level of the strongest signal automatically.

Center frequency and displayed spectrum are easily adjusted in the menu, as well which antenna input to use. The display can memorize and display received maximum values. This means you can leave the receiver unattended for a while and check later if a signal was received. A special Wifi mode allows for detailed monitoring of channels on 2.4Ghz WLAN.

The USB port of the RF Explorer is used to charge the internal Li-Ion battery (1000mAh) and to transfer data to a PC or MAC computer. With the help of freely available software the received signal spectrum can be displayed on the computer and saved for documentary purposes. The Software is open source, the USB port transfer protocol is documented, too. This makes the RF Explorer very open and perfect for hackers and hobbyists, who want to implement their own ideas. Also, firmware updates are applied via USB. The USB-Cable is not included.

Specifications RF Explorer
Frequency range: 15 — 2700 MHz
Sensitivity f: typ. ± 10 ppm
Sensitivity level: typ. ± 3 dBm
Resolution f: min. Bandbreite/112 typ.
Resolution level: 0.5 dBm typ.
Setting accuracy f: 1 kHz
Broadband displayed: 112 kHz — 600 MHz
Antenna jack: 2x SMA
Antenna impedance: 50 Ω
Display: LCD with background light, 128x64 px
Dynamic range: -115 — 0 dBm typ.
Noise floor: -115 dBm typ.
Max. input level: +5 dBm
Weight: 185 g
Dimension without antennas: 113 x 70 x 25 mm


User manual (ca. 2MB)
Report from Funktelegramm 7/2014, with kind approval of the publisher (128KB)

Order No.
RF-EXPLORER RF Explorer Spektrum-Analysator 239.00
21005.03 Attenuator 3 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.06 Attenuator 6 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.10 Attenuator 10 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.20 Attenuator 20 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50



RF Explorer Spectrum Analyser with 6 GHz Band

https://www.wimo.com/bilder/rf-explorer_m.jpgRF Explorer Spectrum Analyser with additional 6 GHz band (4850 - 6100 MHz), especially for measurements in the ISM/Wifi range. Case and operation similiar to the analyser model above.

Technical Data RF Explorer 6GHz Combo
Frequency ranges: 15 – 2700 MHz 4850 – 6100 MHz
Frequency precision: typ. ± 0.5 ppm typ. ± 10 ppm
Level accuracy: typ. ± 3 dBm typ. ± 6 dBm
Displayed bandwidth: 112 kHz – 600 MHz 2 MHz – 600 MHz
Display resolution: 3 – 600 kHz 58 – 812 kHz
Dynamic range: -110 – -10 dBm typ. -105 – -15 dBm typ.
Max. input level: +30 dBm +25 dBm
Noise floor: -105 dBm typ.
Frequency setting accuracy: 1 kHz
Antenna connectors: 2x SMA
Impedance: 50 Ω
Display: backlit LCD, 128x64 px
Weight: 225 g
Size without antennas: 113 x 70 x 25 mm
Order No.
RF-EXP-6G RF Explorer Spektrum-Analysator 6GHz Combo 349.00
21005.03 Attenuator 3 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.06 Attenuator 6 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.10 Attenuator 10 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.20 Attenuator 20 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50


Video RF EXplorer


RF Explorer Signal Generator bis 6000 MHz

Finally an affordable Signal generator with a frequency range of up to 6 GHz becomes available. The RF-Explorer signal generator (RFE6GEN) is fully programmable and prodices signals between 23.4 and 6000 MHz, the output level ranges from -40 to 0dBm. The signal is produced either as a constant carrier (CW) or as a sweep signal between two corner frequencies [1]. Due to the small size and built-in rechargeable battery the RF-Exploer Signal generator is extremely well suited for portable use in the field.

In conjunction with the RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer and the free Windows software you can set up a full spectrum analyser. The signal generator is then used as a tracking generator for the specturm analyser to do four-pole measurements on cables, filters, amplifiers and much more. An open source version of the software is available on the website of the manufacturer. The connection to the computer is done via USB, the signal generator has a Mini-B USB socket. The serial control protocol is documented, enabling you to write your own software for special measurements tasks. The Windows client software works with Windows XP/Vista and Win7, both 31- and 64-Bit versions.

[1] The sweep feature is still under development and will be available with a later software upgrade.

Technical Data RFE Signal Generator 6GHz
Frequency Range 23.4 – 6000 MHz
Frequency Resolution 1 kHz
Frequency Stability 0.5 ppm
Temperature Range 0 – 45° C
Output Level -40 – -30dBm & -10 – 0 dBm (in 3dB steps)
Precision of output level ±0.5dB (normalised) oder ±3dB (absolute)
HF Connector SMA, 50 Ω
Power Supply USB-'Mini', 5V
Size 130 × 17 × 25 mm
Weight 185 gr





Order No.
RFE-GEN RF Explorer Signal Generator 6GHz 169.00
40073.03 USB Cable 30cm, USB A/B-mini 2.90
40073.15 USB Cable 150cm, USB A/B-mini 3.90
21005.03 Attenuator 3 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.06 Attenuator 6 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.10 Attenuator 10 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50
21005.20 Attenuator 20 dB, 1 Watt, SMA 24.50


RF-Explorer Signal Generator 6GHz Datasheet (PDF, EN, 570KB)


RF-Explorer Modules for Raspberry-Pi and Arduino

RF-Explorer Boards for IoT systems like Raspberry-Pi and Arduino for remote monitoring of RF systems.

The well known functions of the RF-Explorer spectrum analyser are now also available for highly popular platforms like the Raspberry-Pi single board computer and the Arduino automation boards. These systems offer many options to automate various tasks in measurement and production of RF equipment. But also a constant monitoring of remote operated radio systems becomes possible at very low cost. Monitor transmissions of a amateur radio repeater or look for sources of interference.

Boards are available for Raspberry-Pi and Arduino platforms (3.3 V only!). With the aid of freely available software libraries an integration into larger monitoring systems is very easily achieved, even with remote access over the internet. Other paltforms like Beagle Bone, teensy and others can be easily adopted, only a serial port (UART) is required for control of the RFE-IoT (Internet of Things) boards. The circuits offer the well known RF analytic functions of the RF-Explorer 3G, the frequency range covers 15 to 2700 MHz. The RFE-IOT boards are ready to use, just plug them on the respective board. Even a later change of platform is possble by exchanging a pin header. Due to the wide support of different platforms, you have the choice between more compute power (Raspberry-Pi) or low power consumption (Arduino Due). For measurement tasks which require remote networks access the Raspberry-Pi is recommended.

Technical Data RF-Explorer IOT
https://statics3.seeedstudio.com/seeed/img/2016-12/vZ5TDtCrG2sLQYoLRFnbcfbX.jpg https://statics3.seeedstudio.com/seeed/img/2016-12/EYZ6oyQKAMi8pRdf0LcIBkCD.jpg
Arduino 3.3V
Frequency Range 15 – 2700 MHz
Connector SMA 50 Ω
Pre-amplifier (LNA) Yes
Attenuator Yes 30dB
Resolution Amplitude 0.5 dB
Dynamic range -130 – +10 dBm
Max. Power (input) +30 dBm https://statics3.seeedstudio.com/seeed/img/2016-12/ZFPWYHpsKvX3p8gO3R1l4swQ.jpg https://statics3.seeedstudio.com/seeed/img/2016-12/SPKCOqa9aABImKOoY3hmWFCE.jpg
Noise floor (typ.) -120dBm (LNA)
Frequency stability (typ.) ± 10 ppm
Amplitude stability (typ.) ± 3 dBm
Frequency reslution 1 kHz
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) automatic, 3 – 600 kHz
Voltage 3.3 V
Input Power 100 – 500 mW


Order No.
RFE-ARDUINO RF-Explorer Board for Arduino (3.3V systems) 159.00
RFE-RASPI RF-Explorer Board for Raspberry-Pi 159.00

Link: RF-Explorer Software modules for Raspberry and Arduino (Github)
Please note that the RF-Explorer for Arduino mandates a 3.3V system, not 5V!
 Using the RFE-ARDUINO with a 5V Arduino or clone will destroy the module!
The manufacturer suggests to use the
"Arduino Due" platform for best results.


Stand for RF-Explorer

https://www.wimo.com/bilder/RFexp-holder_l.jpgDesktop-Stand for the RF-Explorer.
This stand is the ideal complement for the RF-Explorer even if the computer is connected via the USB port on the bottom. The stand is supplied as a kit (see picture).

Order No.
RFEXP-HOLDER Stand for RF-Explorer 17.00


Rubber armament for RF Explorer

http://www.exp-tech.de/media/catalog/product/cache/2/thumbnail/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/r/f/rf_explorer_protection_boot_yellow_7.jpgSolid rubber shield for the RF Exploer Spectrum Analyser and the RF Explorer Signal generator. Protects the devices when used in the field. The rubber has cutouts for all controls and connectors.

Order No.
RFEXP-RUBBER Rubber Shield for RF Explorer 14.40


SMA Male/Female Adaptor

All RF connectors wear with use. The RF Explorer SMA ports are subject to minimal wear each time the connector interface is coupled and de-coupled with an antenna, a SMA cable, an attenuator or a RF device of any kind. If you repeat plug/unplug operations over the RF Explorer SMA port hundreds of times, the SMA port may underperform over time and exhibit undesired attenuation.

To protect the SMA port for frequent plug/unplug operations, you can use this adaptor and keep it directly attached to the RF Explorer port. Then you plug/unplug other RF devices into this adaptor, not the original SMA port. After hundreds of operations, if the adaptor wear and show attenuation or reliability problems, you can just replace it by a new one and always keep your original RF Explorer SMA port intact.

Order No.
42850 SMA Male/Female Adaptor 5.20
42854.01 Adapter SMA-Connector/BNC-Jack 7.80
42874 Adapter SMA-Connector/PL-Jack 6.10
42873 Adapter SMA-Connector/N-Jack 8.30


USB Cable for RF-Explorer

The RF Explorer devices are offered without USB cable included, so why not order a sutable cable right away? 30 or 150cm, USB 'A' connector to USB 'Mini-B' connector.

Order No.
40073.03 USB cable 30cm, USB A/B-mini 2.90
40073.15 USB cable 150cm, USB A/B-mini 3.90

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