2m / 70cm Transistor amplifiers

Blueline ECO750-2M: Efficiency-optimized power amplifier by SSB

The Blueline ECO750 by SSB-Electronic is the only power amplifier in amateur radio sector which is based on the Doherty principle and thus offers higher efficiency by more than 20% (SSB mode) than a traditional linear amplifier.

Latest generation components and a highly efficient circuit design result in lower power losses and considerably reduced heat losses.

In addition to the efficiency of the power amplifier itself, much attention was spent on ease of operation and automation of protective functions. An internal sequencer and remote power supply for the antenna pre-amp are of course available.

This amp comes almost without any traditional mechanical operation elements. The high-contrast and bright touch-sensitive display offers a flexible display of operation parameters and its settings, like:

Values of critical functions like excessive input power, over- and under voltage and temperature are continuously measured and displayed. A station clock is also included.

Because of the compact and robust design and the use of selected and very efficient LDMOS semiconductors, this amplifier is extremely suitable for mobile and stationary long-term operation.

Operation is possible at temperatures from 0°C to 40°C. The highly efficiency-optimized design realy shows off in the field or in a contest situation. Use your resources economically and meaningfully! The high efficiency results in little heat losses, which makes a compact design and low weight possible. This makes the Blueline ECO750 a very reliable companion on your DX Expedition.

The Blueline ECO750 operates with 48V supply voltage. The lack of an integrated power supply is intentional, since there are already suitable supplies in many places. Of course a suitable power supply is available on request.

The benefits of the Blueline ECO750-2m amplifier at a glance:

Other features:

ECO750-2M Technical Data
Frequency range 144-148 MHz
Output power (PEP) 750 W on 50 Ω at 48 V
Output power (FM) 600 W, CW, digital modes (WSJT)
Input power (PEP) 20 W
Harmonic ratio -80 dB
Gain >17 dB
Intermodulation ca. -35 dBc
Current consumption ca. 23 A, at 750 W PEP
Power supply 48 V
Efficiency Peak 70%, already at 100-500 W over 60%
RF input / RF ouput N-female, 50 Ω
max. VSWR 1 : 1,8
Cooling temperature controlled by two fans
Order No.
ECO750-2M Blueline ECO750-2M Amplifier 3499.00


LA-250/LA-250V/ULA-100: Amplifiers for 2m and 70cm

The LA-250 is a 200W 140-150MHz amplifier, at 1 to 20W input (13.6V 30A). It uses 4 Mitsubishi RD70 Mosfets mounted on a copper heat spreader (200x60x3mm). It is available in two versions one with and one without top mounted fans. There is an external PTT input but it can be used also without due to the built-in HF-VOX.


The front panel features an LC Display which shows input power, output power, heat sink temp and output VSWR. There is the ability to change the intensity of the backlight. The CPU keeps an eye on input power, temperature and VSWR and will if necessary disable the amplifier from transmitting if there is fault. Any errors will also be recorded and will be available for later recall for diagnostic purposes by either the manufacturer or his distributors. Weight is approximately 4kg.

Dimensions are approximately 240x420x70mm for the non fan version and an extra 10mm of height, 80mm, for the fan version.

The ULA-100 has an output power of 100W in FM and SSB on 70cm band, with an input power of max. 5 Watt.

The PA is equipped with a HF-Vox, but can also be operated with a PTT keying line, which is particularly useful for SSB operation. The relative output power as well as the operation status are displayed on the front panel via LEDs.

Several protective circuits provide for smooth operation: reverse current protection of supply voltage, automatic switching off at too high SWR or temperature. The amplifier is operated with 12-14V at max. 22A.

  LA-250 LA-250V  
Frequency range 140 - 150 MHz  
Supply voltage 13.5V  
Power consumption max. 30 A  
Input power 1 - 20 W  
Output power typ. 200 W  
Fans No Yes, 2x  
RX pre-amplifier No
Fuses 2x 12A internally
Size 240 x 420 x 70 mm 240 x 420 x 80 mm  
Weight 4.0kg  
Connections 2x PL socket, Cinch (PTT), DC cable  
Order No.
LA-250 Amplifier for 2m band (70mm height) 535.00
LA-250V Amplifier for 2m band with 2 fans (80mm height) 580.00


LA-144: 2m-PA 60W for hand held radios

Small PA for mobile operation, designed specifically for driving with handheld radios.Typical output power of 55W for 4W input, such 25W at 2W input.Frequenzbereich 135-175MHz, 2xPL connector, supply voltage 12-14V, max. 10A

Order No.
LA-144 2m PA for hand held radios 115.00


MICROSET Linear amplifiers for 2m and 70cm

All models come with integrated, low noise RX pre-amp and some with PTT keying, levels suitable for usual handheld and mobile radios. AB linear amp mode with least distortions in SSB mode. Solid, anodized aluminum chassis.

  http://www.microset.net/products/amplifiers/duplex/duplex.jpg http://x.cloudsdata.net/5f/images/products/large/512bc6b279185_SR200.jpg  http://x.cloudsdata.net/5f/images/products/large/50d6201d33a7b_RU2-45.jpg http://x.cloudsdata.net/5f/images/products/large/50d62a9e365df_RU432-95.jpg
  VUR-30 SR-100 SR-200 RU-45 RU2-45 RU432-95  
Frequency range 2m/70cm 2m 2m 70cm 70cm 70cm
Output power 30/22 100 200 45 45 95 Watt
Input power 0.5 — 5 4-25 10-50 3-15 0,8-4 6-15 Watt
Gain (linear mode) 8/6 9 9 5.2 (*) 9 9,5 dB
Power requirements max. 4 12 23 5,5 5,5 15 A
RX pre-amplifier Yes switchable switchable switchable switchable switchable
Ext. PTT keying - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connectors N PL PL N N N
Sizes 220x105x50 50x105x220 60x180x280 50x105x170 50x105x170 60x180x280 mm
Price 289.00  275.00  550.00  249.00  299.00  589.00   

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