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bhi Ltd is a small but select manufacturer of audio products from Great Britain. bhi develops and manufactures products for noise elimination in communication systems, including loudspeakers and modules for integration in other systems. For this goal the latest DSP technology is used, as it provides the best results at small space and low power requirements. Typical application areas are public and security services, military, amateur radio, aviation radio and other communication systems.

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Desktop Loudspeaker Desktop loudspeaker greatly improves the intelligibility of any voice communications, by it amateur radio on shortwave or mobile radio (PMR, police etc.) on VHF/UHF. The large speaker is intended for stationary use with practically all radios, what's required is just a loudspeaker or line jack (separate inputs) on the radio and a power supply. Equipped with a 4" base driver and a 1" tweeter, in conjunction with the ingenous noise reduction technology, the Speaker offers stress free listening over long periods of time.

The filter curve can be easily adjusted similar to the Volume via a knob on the side. The built in 10W RMS amplifier provides a good signal evident even in noisy environments. In addition, the speaker still has a headphone jack.

Included in the shipment is a 1.2m long connecting cable to the speaker jack of the readio, equipped with a 3.5mm phone plug, plus a power supply cable with fuses. The power requirements of the Desktop speaker is 12 to 18 VDC at max. 2,5A. With the equally included mounting bracket the loudspeaker can be mounted to the wall, when used on the desk the bracket can be removed.

Technical Data:

Output power: 10W (RMS)
Power supply: 12 - 18V DC
Power consumption: max. 2,5A
Impedance: 8 Ω
Input power : min. 80-500mW Line-In
Power connector: 2,1mm DC coaxial socket
Audio connector: 1.2m cable with 3.5mm phone plug
Order No.
NE-DESKTOP Desktop Loudspeaker 199.00


DSP loudspeaker and modules

Loudspeaker NES-10-2 Mk3 with built-in DSP filter. These loudspeakers are suited for HF and VHF use to reduce static, background noise etc. The comprehensibility is greatly enhanced, fatigue when listening for extended periods is avoided.

The model NES-10-2 allows for a variation of the DSP filter level in 8 steps (DIP switches on the rear of cabinet). Additionally the model NES-10-2 offers a volume control, On/Off switch for the DSP function and a 3.5mm mini jack for connection of a headphone or an additional external speaker.

Both models come with a 2m AF cable with 3.5mm mini plug (mono) and must be supplied with 12 to 28V DC, a DC cable is supplied. The supplied mounting bracket is helpful for installation in a car or at home.


Order No.
NES-10-2 DSP Loudspeaker NES-10-2 Mk3 139.00


English Review and Test of NES-10-2 loudspeaker from 'RadCom' Dec. 2002 (c. 200 KB)
English comparision table of these speakers with other models
French review from 'Megahertz' Jan. 04
bhi Products Application Diagram (PDF, EN, 290KB)


NE-D-INLINE noise eliminating module watt stereo/dual channel DSP noise eliminating In-line module

The new bhi Dual In-Line DSP noise eliminating module provides two channel/stereo noise cancellation, and is suitable for use on all radios and receivers including SDR, especially those with stereo or two channel output options. It can also be used with standard mono speaker input and output signals. The new Dual In-Line module incorporates bhi�s new dual DSP noise cancelling module, which has an improved noise cancelling algorithm that brings even better quality audio to the listener when operating in very noisy conditions. The processed speech is clearer and more intelligible as a result.

Order No.
NE-D-INLINE 239.00


NEDSP-1061 AF DSP Noise elimination module
Bild NEDSP-1061

Stamp size PCB (30x38mm) for internal use in most radios. Uses the same DSP technology as the well known loudspeakers. The module is simply installed in the AF line. Potentiometers for input and output lines are provided for required adjustments to different rigs. A LED serves as a tuning aid. 4 different filter shapes (or none) are selectable with one button.
This module is especially suitable for installation in the FT-817 transceiver. Due to it's small size it fits into the unit without sacrificing any space, say for the battery or similiar. The control button and LED are mounted in the upper cover of the FT-817.

Order No.
NEDSP-1061 116.00

Installation in FT-817 ready for use available, please call.

Installation instructions 1061 in FT-817 (PDF, german, 400KB)
Operatinf instructions NEDSP-1061 (PDF, german, 65KB)
Installation instructions for TS-50/IC-706 NEDSP-1061 (PDF, english, 1MB)
Radcom UK Review of the FT-817 DSP module NEDSP-1061. Copyright RSGB. Republished from RadCom with permission of RSGB.
Installation instructions of NEDSP-1061 in a Alinco DX77, courtesy 5B4AGV (external link, opens new window)


NEDSP-1062 AF DSP Noise elimination module with amplifier

Bild DSP Modul
NEDSP-1062 integrated into Yaesu SP-8 loudspeaker (not included)
Bild DSP Modul

NEDSP1062 Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module - This module incorporates an on board power amplifier and has an integral microcontroller connected to a small keyboard assembly. The microcontroller and keyboard provide single button operation of all the module's functions. The module can be retrofitted into the speaker path of extension speakers like the Kenwood SP31, Yaesu SP8 and Icom SP20/21/23, or used to 'revive' your old receiver/transceiver by fitting the module into the speaker path of your equipment (space permitting). The module is supplied with Generic Instructions, a fused DC power lead, fitting kit and specific fitting guides for the Kenwood SP31 and Yaesu SP8. Requires 12-18V, includes cable and fuse.

Order No.
NEDSP-1062 AF DSP Noise reduction module 139.00


Review of NEDSP-1062 from SWM, April 2005 (PDF, englisch, 1MB)


NE-ANEM Noise Away module for direct integration before a loudspeaker

New DSP module with amplifier, for integration into the loudspeaker cable. No mechanical work required, just plug it into the cable to the external speaker and supply with 12VDC. Reduces noise in all modes, eight filters selectable, integrated amplifier, DSP bypass function (Off), can be installed anywhere with Velcro™. 1 cable with 3,5mm connectors is included.

The ANEM unit was developed as a result of feedback from potential customers of the NEDSP1062-KBD pcb module. These customers felt that they did do not have the skills, or didn't want to drill holes into their beloved extension speaker or radio to fit the NEDSP1062-KBD. As a result of some market research, we decided to fit the NEDSP1062-KBD pcb module into a small black compact ABS box, allowing these customers to put the unit close to, under, or even fix the ANEM to their speaker by means of velcro (supplied with the unit). It also complemented the fully featured bhi NEIM1031 in-line module because the ANEM has just two push button controls for all the DSP functions, and is more of a "plug and go" unit, whereas the NEIM1031 is more of a "plug and play" unit, with separate controls for all the functions.

Order No.
NE-ANEM plug and play DSP filter 169.00


bhi ANEM Review from Monthly Monitoring (PDF, EN, 890KB)
bhi ANEM Review by Mike Schatzberg, QST March 2007. Reproduced with friendly permission by QST Magazine. (PDF, EN, 110KB)
bhi ANEM testbericht from Funkamateur 3/07 (PDF, DE, 150KB)


NE-1042 Loudspeaker/AF switchbox

Small switchbox with 6 inputs (three of them terminated to 8 Ω) and one output (or vice versa). For connection of several radios to one DSP loudspeaker. Connections 3.5mm phono plug, includes 2 cables 120cm.

Order No.
NE-1042 AF switchbox 56.50


NE-MINISW Mini switchbox

Small compact two-way switch box enabling the connection of two separate radios to your bhi DSP noise cancelling product:
Inputs: 2 x Mono 3.5mm Jack sockets. Output: 1 x 3.5mm mono jack socket & 1 x 3.5mm mono jack plug lead. Power handling: 3 Watts Maximum. Unused input is always terminated with a load to protect your audio outputs. Velcro pads are supplied to enable securing of the Mini Switch to your radio equipment.

Order No.
NE-MINISW Mini switchbox 28.50


Demo Sound Files

Here you find audio files that demonstrate the effect of the bhi DSP loudspeaker and DSP filter. These examples apply on all bhi products since all devices use nearly identical DSP-chips.

Demo Soundfile #1, German Level 7
Demo Soundfile #2, German Level 6
Demo Soundfile #3, English Level 6
Demo Soundfile #4, English Level 5
Demo Soundfile #5, CW Level 6
Demo Soundfile #6, CW Level 3
Demo Soundfile #7, CQDX Level 6

Sound files to compare on your own, with and without DSP loudspeaker.

Demo Soundfile #8, 20m-Band
Demo Soundfile #9, CW, 40m-Band
Demo Soundfile #10, CW, 40m-Band
Demo Soundfile #11, CW, 40m-Band
Demo Soundfile #12, CW, 40m-Band
Demo Soundfile #13, CW, 20m-Band
Demo Soundfile #14, CW, 80m-Band

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