Phonema RHEA Station Loudspeaker RHEA loudspeaker mady by Phonema was designed to offer best audio quality for radio communications, regardless which modulation is used. The enclosure is fully closed and made from 10mm MDF material, the front is made from brazilian walnut wood. The classical looks of the RHEA loudspeaker borrow from the 1970s era, giving you both - a fine retro look and excellent audio fidelity. The pleasant design fits nicely to many desktop transceivers, for which the speaker has been designed. The walnut front blends well with the galvanized aluminium panel.

The RHEA offers connectivity for two radios, which can be selected from a front side A/B push-button. The aluminium grid can be removed for full sound or just to change the looks of the speaker. In the future a built-in amplifier will be offered, for which the controls will be placed on the aluminium grille as well. For a perfect sound the RHEA uses internally the same dampening materials which are offered as kits by Phonema for many other desktop speakers.

Technical Data
Max. Power 10 W
Impedance 4 Ω
Frequency response 75-180000 Hz
Sensitivity 87 dB
Dimensions 186 x 110 x 275 mm
Weight 2,25 Kg


Order No.
RHEA Phonema Desktop Loudspeaker 219.00


Phonema Insulation kits for loudspeakers

Phonema is a manufactuer of high-grade loudspeakers from Spain. Their experiences with acoustics design led to the development of enhancement kits for ham radio speakers.

PHITS – Insulation for desktop speakers

Phonema supplies accurately fitting insulation materials for various loudspeaker models of the manufacturers Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu. These desktop speakers are matching in design and size for various desktop radios, and leave some room for improvement concerning the quality of the sound. The kits are very helpful in shaping the internal resonance chamber of the speaker, resulting in an improved sound.

With the custom-fit insulation materials the acoustics of the speaker is greatly enhanced. Taking the wanted qualities of a communications speaker into consideration - clear intelligibility and suppression of distortions - Phonema uses up to four different materials for an optimal sound design. The important point is the experience of the manufacturer in acoustics - how-to do it right for speakers.

Because of the precise cut of the components to the various speaker boxes, the installation is very easy and can be done within a few minutes. You just have to open the enclosure to fit the parts at the right places. Already exsting extensions like filters and amplifiers can be easily accomodated. The result is a greatly enhanced sound in SSB and telegraphy, which benefits also radio listeners and SWLs.

Order No.
PHITS-I23 Phonema Kit for Icom SP-23 99.00
PHITS-I34 Phonema Kit for Icom SP-34, SP-20 43.00
PHITS-K23 Phonema Kit for Kenwood SP-23, SP-120, SP-430 29.00
PHITS-Y2000 Phonema Kit for Yaesu SP-2000 99.00
PHITS-Y8 Phonema Kit for Yaesu SP-8 99.00
PHITS-Y9000 Phonema Kit for Yaesu SP-9000 75.00

PHITS I-34, for Icom SP-34 and SP-20

PHITS K-31, for Kenwood SP-31

PHITS K-23, for Kenwood SP-120, SP-430 and SP-23


Phonema KSP-3 Desktop Loudspeaker

Desktop loudspeaker, designed by acoustic engineers with focus on best acoustic performance. As with HiFi speakers the housing is made of wood fibreboard. Inside there is a high-quality, large loudspeaker with a neodymium magnet. The frequency response of the loudspeaker is optimized by using various acoustic insulating materials on the inside. This creates a very clear and pleasant sound. With tilt stand.

Technical Data
Dimensions 102 x 200 x 254 mm
Max. height with tilt stand 152 mm
Weight 1,5 Kg
Max. Power 30 W
Impedance 4 Ω
Frequency response 100-20000 Hz

Phonema strongly recommends the use of TWO loudspeakers left and right of the transceiver by the way.
Humans would have two ears, too... the listening experience would improve significantly. And after all, no one would use a headset with only one ear.

Order No.
KSP-3 Desktop Loudspeaker 170.00

Phonema Miranda Desktop Loudspeaker Miranda loudspeaker by Phonema offers a very solid construction and excellent audio characteristics. The proction class of IP64 is very high for a loudspeaker, for better protection of the membrane the speaker itself is sitting deeply retracted in the enclosure. The enclosure is fully closed and is made of 10mm MDF boards. The grey-black colour is perfectly matched to contemporary radio transceivers, offering a pleasant design overall.

The Miranda loudspeaker offers an excellent audio quality. This is especially noticeable for intelligibility of voice audio transmissions, because the all important center frequency range is enhanced. The large frequency response from 120 to 18000 Hz makes this desktop speaker also suitable for broadcast station listening. For a perfect sound the RHEA uses internally the same dampening materials which are offered as kits by Phonema for many other desktop speakers.

Technical Data
Max. Power 10 W
Impedance 8 Ω
Frequency response 120 – 18000 Hz
Sensitivity 83 dB
IP 64
Dimensions 152 x 94 x 261 mm
Weight 1,8 Kg


Order No.
MIRANDA Desktop Speaker 164.00

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