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On this page you will find all HEIL Headsets (Headphones with boom microphone):


The Heil Microphones and accessories are on it's own page.

HEIL PROSET-3 Headphone

Bild ProSet 3From the successful series of microphones and headsets HEIL has developed a lightweight headset. The Pro-Set 3 is a headphone with a 40mm neodymium magnet. The frequency range 10 Hz to 22 kHz shows that these headphones have been designed not only for the operation of a radio. Delivery will be with three detachable cables. A flexible 1.8 m straight cable with 3.5 mm jack. A 1.8 m straight cable with 3.5 mm jack for iPhone / iPod, and a 3m coiled cable with 3.5 mm jack. An adapter to 6.3mm jack is included.

Order No.
PRO-SET-3 Headphone with 3 cables 126.00

Note: HEIL Headphones/Headsets are hygiene items. Unfortunately no exchange is possible because you do not like. 


HEIL PROSET-7 professional Headset

https://www.wimo.com/bilder/PS7-l.jpgThe new PROSET 7 has two large gel earpieces for a comfortable fit, also during extended wearing time, which also ensure a high level of suppression of ambient noise: 26dB attenuation according to manufacturer.

The headset is stereo, so that signals from two receivers (pileup and Dxpedition) can be listened to and leveled out via the integrated balance controller separately.
As with all other larger HEIL headsets there is a switch for one-sided phase reversal to turn the received signal 'in your head', and also to ease symptoms of fatigue during contest.

The PROSET 7 has a detachable connecting cable and is available either with dynamic microphone capsule HC-7 or with an electret capsule for ICOM. The microphones are interchangable so that one headset for both equipment lines can be used.

The adapter cable ADIC-8 is included in the version for ICOM, for other models an adapter cable AD-1 is required.

The PROSET 7 is available in different colours.


Available in mid-February 2015.
Order No.
PRO7 PROSET 7, black 309.00
PRO7-RED PROSET 7, red 309.00
PRO7-BLUE PROSET 7, blue 309.00
PRO7-IC PROSET-7 for ICOM, schwarz. ADIC-8 adapter included! 332.00
PRO7-IC-BLUE PROSET-7 for ICOM, blue. ADIC-8 adapter included! 332.00
PRO7-IC-RED PROSET-7 for ICOM, red. ADIC-8 adapter included! 332.00


Download: Proset 7 Booklet (PDF, EN, 790KB)
Note: HEIL Headphones/Headsets are hygiene items. Unfortunately no exchange is possible because you do not like.

Optionally the following items might be necessary:



Heil Pro-Set HeadsetBoomset with large, padded headphones. The headphones are covered with a cotton cloth for better comfort. Boomset microphone with either HC-6 or Icom element.
The phase-reversal switch switches one earphone in phase by 180°, leading to a very astonishing effect: either the sound is perfectly centered or it becomes spatial and get easier to decode. Impedance 200 Ω.

Which microphone for Icom?
Older Icom radios like IC-775DSP, IC-765 usw. and the current IC-7000 require the Icom element, the IC-7000 requires additionally an adaptor ADIC-M!
Other newer radios should use the HC-6: IC-746, IC-7400, IC-756Pro1/2/3, IC-7600, IC-7700, IC-7800 etc.

Order No.
PRO-SET-6 with cartridge HC-6 178.30
PRO-SET-IC for ICOM with ICOM cartridge. ADIC-8 adaptor included! 194.40


Note: HEIL Headphones/Headsets are hygiene items. Unfortunately no exchange is possible because you do not like.

Optionally the following items might be necessary:


Proset Elite Profi Headset

Heil Proset Elite headsetThe professional headphone/microphone combo Heil Proset Elite fills the upper range of Heil headsets. The Proset Elite offers large, round padded earpads with removeable cotton covers. These earpads allow comfortable use even for long times. The audio rendition is adopted to voice transmission for amateur radio, resulting in an excellent intelligibility. As all headsets of the 'Proset' series the Elite headset is equipped with a phase switch on one speaker. This phase switch shifts the audio on one side of the phones by 180°, resulting in a often surprisingly better intelligibility, a nearly 'spatial' localisation of the signal and better separation from background noise becomes possible.

Another innovation on the Proset Elite is the new dynamic microphone element HC-6, which is offered for this headset. Bob Heil introduces this new element as a response to the many newer radios which offer a transmit audio equalizer (e.g. FT-2000, FT-950, IC-7400, IC-756Pro etc). Due to this equalizer there is no more need for special mic elements with reduced bandwidth (like the HC-4). The new HC-6 has a wide frequency response with -3dB points at 100 and 12500Hz and is highly suitable for SSB or AM/FM with high fidelity. For contest or DX operations you can adjust the equalizer in the radio for better 'punch'.

For older Icom radios, which require a higher microphone audio level, the Proset Elite is also offered with the 'IC' electret mic element. This element requires 5V supply voltage, which is available on nearly all Icom transceivers.

The Heil Proset Elite comes with a 180cm long spiral cable, which is equipped with a 3.5mm mono phone plug for the microphone, and a 3.5mm stereo phone plug for the headphones. Included is an adaptor 3.5 to 6.3mm phone plug stereo. The Proset Elite further requires an adaptor AD-1-x-x for your radio.

Order No.
PSE-6 Heil Proset Elite with HC-6 dyn. element 213.00
PSE-IC Heil Proset Elite with Icom electret element, includes ADIC-8! 229.00


Note: HEIL Headphones/Headsets are hygiene items. Unfortunately no exchange is possible because you do not like.

Optionally the following items might be necessary:

Download: Recommendations for radios settings when using the Heil Proset Elite with HC-6 (PDF, EN, 600KB)
Frequency response Heil HC-6



BM-10Extremely lightweight headset, ideal for field day or expedition. In the cable, a PTT button with a clip is included. So the switch can be mounted in an easily accessible place.
For Icom radios are the BM-10 with special Icom capsule. Here the adapter ADIC-8 is in the supply.

Order No.
BM-10 BM-10 Headset, dyn. Kapsel 126.50
BM-10-IC BM-10 Headset for Icom, ADIC-8 included! 144.90


Pro Micro
Heil Pro Micro Dual
Heil Pro Micro Single

The ProMicro is a lightweight headset with one or two open speakers. The flexible boom microphone is equipped with the new Heil HC-6 dynamic element, which offers a wide and clear modulation. For DX or contest operation most recent radios offer an equalizer to influence the modulation to your needs. Due to the light contruction this headset is perfect for long operatiuon with getting tired. The Heil ProMicro Headset is available with one or two speakers. The one-sided version is useful in situations where you need to hear other acoustic information from around you, for example tzhe whining dog who needs to go outside very urgently.

With various adaptor cables this headphone can be used on nearly any radio. For older Icom transceivers (before IC-756Pro) we recommend the Traveler headset with dynamic Icom mic element. For operation of the ProMicro an adaptor cable AD-1-xx and a PTT switch is required additionally.










Order No.
PROMICRO with one speaker 113.90
PROMICRODUAL with two speakers 132.30
PROSETXWINDS Replacement microphone windscreen 7.10


Note: HEIL Headphones/Headsets are hygiene items. Unfortunately no exchange is possible because you do not like.

Optionally the following items might be necessary:


Proset Bag

Robust leatherette case for Heil Pro-Set or Pro-Set Plus, with extra compartment for accessories like adapters, cables and batteries.

Bild Pro-Set Bag
Order No.


Heil Adaptor cables for Proset, Proset Plus, Quiet Phone Pro, BM-10, Proset Elite

Bild AD-1AD-1-xx is required for most Heil headsets (ProSet, ProSetPlus, Quiet Phone Pro, BM-10, Proset Elite etc.). These cables are available with either 8 pin round Foster connector or RJ-45 modular connector, for several radio models. The headsets with Icom microphone element require different cables: ADIC-xx. The Icom element is an electret element, the phantom power supply comes from the mic connector of the radio. In contrast to the AD-1-I-x cables the ADIC-x cables do not contain a capacitor.

Order No.
AD-1-I-8 Adaptor cable, 8 pin round for ICOM, incl. capacitor 21.90
AD-1-I-M Adaptor cable, 8 pin RJ-45 for ICOM, incl. capacitor 21.90
ADIC-8 Adaptor cable, 8 pin round, for Icom, without capacitor 30.50
ADIC-M Adaptor cable, 8 pin RJ-45, for Icom, without capacitor 30.50
AD-1-Y-8 Adaptor cable, 8 pin round for Yaesu 21.90
AD-1-Y-M Adaptor cable, 8 pin RJ-45 for Yaesu 21.90
AD-1-K-8 Adaptor cable, 8 pin round for Kenwood 21.90
AD-1-K-M Adaptor cable, 8 pin RJ-45 for Kenwood 21.90


Adaptor 8 pin round to RJ-45 modular

This special adapter converts the modular input of several rigs to the familiar 8 pin male Foster plug that will mate with all of our AD-1 adapters and CC-1 Microphone Connecting Cables. The adaptor brings out the Mic audio, Mic Shield Ground, PTT and PTT ground. This interfaces perfectly with our HMM-Y hand microphone, CC-1Y connecting cables for the HM-10 or Goldline microphones as well as the AD-1 Y adapters for the BM-10, PRO-SET or PRO-SET PLUS! headsets, or any of the Heil headsets.

Order No.
ADM-817 for Yaesu FT-817/857/897450 40.30




Footswitch (noname, not by Heil) with rubber coating, includes cable and plug, suitable for all AD-1 and CC-1 adaptors.

Order No.
FS-50 14.90


Heil FS-3

https://www.wimo.com/bilder/FS-100_m.jpgWide Heil footswitch FS-3 with anti-skip rubber coating on both sides. Includes cable with 6.3mm phone plug for PTT, suitable for all AD-1 and CC-1 adaptor cables.

Order No.
FS-3 PTT Footswitch 38.00



Large foot switch, two different keying ports, one closes earlier than the other.

Order No.
FS-2 63.60



https://www.wimo.com/bilder/CB-1PTT.jpgMassive footswitch with 6.3mm jack for direct connection to the HEIL Adapter cable. In the small switch the foot remains on the ground and push the button with either the heel or the toe. Between the passages the position will inevitably lead to a spasm of the foot. With this switch the whole foot is on the switch and by a slight rocking motion, the PTT is pressed.

The switch has 3 holes so you can still screw it additionally fixed on a board or similar.
Order No.
FS-100 Heavy Duty Foot Switch 29.50



Bild HS-2The Heil 'Magnum' Hand-Switch PTT
Ergonomically correct, it's shape fits the hand naturally and comfortably, activating just like a pistol trigger.

HS-2 Features:

Order No.
HS-2 44.90

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