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Heil PR-781 Desktop Microphone

A new highend microphone which has been designed specifically for transceivers like the Icom IC-7800 oder Yaesu FT-DX9000. Bob Heil writes 'it is wonderful on the KENWOOD TS-2000, 850, 870, YAESU FT-1000 Mark V, and all of the ICOM PRO models as well'.
The PR-781 uses a dynamic microphone module from the professional studio series by Heil, which offers a wide frequency response and a high dynamic range. If you already own another microphone stand with shockmount by Heil you can use that with the PR-781 as well.
Additionally required is a connecting cable like the CC-1-XLR-x.



Technical Data

Order No.
PR-781 PR-781 Microphone 200.00
PR-781.GOLD PR-781 Microphone in gold 224.00

Optionally you might need:

Heil PR-40 Mikrophone heil PR-40 is a high-quality studio microphone with wide frequency response, which offers a bright and natural sound. Heil calls this product a 'thouroughbred workhorse' of the studio - i.e. a microphone with universal appeal for voice and instrumental recordings which fulfills highest demands. The extremely large diaphragm of the microphone has approx 25mm diameter and is mounted vibration-free in a solid steel enclosure. This specially designed enclosure has two screens with different apertures, which also suppresses popping noises.

The PR-40 by Heil Sound has a cardioid pattern which makes it very useful for radio and broadcast applications (rear attenuation approx 40dB). The frequency resposne is approx. 28 to 18000 Hz. The microphone is supplied with a clamp for the usual microphone stands, also included in shipment is a protective bag. The microphone impedance is 600 Ohm, the output level of -59 dB @1 kHz equals standard studio equipment. The connector is a professional 3 pin XLR type, the weight of teh PR-40 is approx. 384 g.

Heil PR-40 Frequency Response

Order No.
Heil PR-40 Heil PR-40 Mikrophone 355.00


GM-Elite Goldline Microphone

A studio microphone by design but this special version is in particular well suited for modern all-band/all-mode transceivers. Requires CC-1 or CH-1 adaptor cable.

Order No.
GM-ELITE with Studio cartridge and HC-5.1, without cable 209.00


Handi Mic

Bild Heil HandimicFor years, Bob Heil has been working on eliminating the hollow, clamshell sounds of the hand microphone. There is no argument, when you place a high quality microphone element inside a shell, the end result sounds like you are talking from the bottom of a barrel !
Bob designed a very special open sorbothane shock mount that puts the various Heil microphone elements in the open, not encased in a shell. This results in the cleanest, clearest and most articulate hand microphone - EVER ! The low handling noise and exceptional cardiod pattern makes the Handi Mic ideal for mobile or portable use.

Bild Heil Handimic ZubehörAll of the HANDI MIC models are shipped with the unique Heil Dash or wall mount, a 5/8" -27 mic clip and a foam windscreen.
Required cable (not included): The Heil CH-1 is a shielded coil cord with 14" of straight section and 15" of coil making it very easy to use unlike most of the coil cords.

Order No.
HANDIMIC-IC with Icom element 102.40


Cables for PR-780/PR-78

CC-1-XLR-x is used for the HEIL PR-780/781 verwendet. These cables are available with 8 pin round Foster connector for radios by Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu. The radio side has a 6.3mm phone plug connector for a PTT switch. The microphone connector is 3 pin XLR.

When using the PR-781 microphone with transceivers as the FT-950, FT-2000 or FT-5000, it can happen that you have some interferences on transmit. To prevent this Heil recommends a special balanced transceiver cable, CC1-XLR-YBAL.

Order No.
CC-1-XLR-K for Kenwood 44.90
CC-1-XLR-I for Icom 44.90
CC-1-XLR-Y for Yaesu (see Note!) 44.90
CC1-XLR-YBAL for Yaesu FT-950, FT-2000, FT-5000 44.90

For transceivers as the FT-950, FT-2000 FT-5000, when using the PR-781 come with the "normal" cables to interference. For this we offer an extra transceiver cable.


CC-1 Cables

CC-1-xxx can be used for all Heil handheld mikes with 4 pin XLR connector (Goldline, HM, Handimic). These cables are available with 8 pin round or modular plug for various rig types (Icom, Kenwood und Yaesu). These cable do have an additional PTT connector (6.3mm phone jack) for a PTT switch.

Order No.
CC-1-I-8 mic cable, 8 pin round connector for ICOM 44.90
CC-1-I-M mic cable, 8 pin modular connector (RJ-45) for ICOM 44.90
CC-1-Y-8 mic cable, 8 pin round connector for YAESU 44.90
CC-1-Y-M mic cable, 8 pin modular connector (RJ-45) for YAESU 44.90
CC-1-K-8 mic cable, 8 pin round connector for KENWOOD 44.90


CH-1 Cables

Bild CH-1CH-1-xxx can be used with all Heil handheld mikes with 4 pin XLR connector (Goldline, HM, Handimic). Coil cord approx. 15" coil, 14" straight. These cables are available with 8 pin round or modular plug for various rig types (Icom, Kenwood und Yaesu). The cables with 8 pin round connector have a connector for a PTT foot switch (6.3mm phone jack, like CC-1-xx), the cables with 8 pin modular plug don't have this connector.

Order No.
CH-1-I8 mic cable, 8 pin round connector for ICOM 31.10
CH-1-IM mic cable, 8 pin Modular (RJ-45) connector for ICOM 31.10
CH-1-K8 mic cable, 8 pin round connector for Kenwood 31.10
CH-1-KM mic cable, 8 pin Modular (RJ-45)connector for Kenwood 31.10
CH-1-Y8 mic cable, 8 pin round connector for Yaesu 31.10
CH-1-YM mic cable, 8 pin Modular (RJ-45)connector for Yaesu 31.10

Adaptor 8 pin round to RJ-45 modular

This special adapter converts the modular input of several rigs to the familiar 8 pin male Foster plug that will mate with all of our AD-1 adapters and CC-1 Microphone Connecting Cables. The adaptor brings out the Mic audio, Mic Shield Ground, PTT and PTT ground. This interfaces perfectly with our HMM-Y hand microphone, CC-1Y connecting cables for the HM-10 or Goldline microphones as well as the AD-1 Y adapters for the BM-10, PRO-SET or PRO-SET PLUS! headsets, or any of the Heil headsets.

Order No.
ADM-817 for Yaesu FT-817/857/897450 40.30


CB-1-PTT Microphone stand

Heavy microphone base not only for the PR-781. Includes PTT key and cable with 6.3mm connector, fits directly to adaptors AD-1-xx and CC-1-xx-.

Order No.
CB-1-PTT 90.90



Mikrophone boom for all Heil microphones. Can be installed with supplied clamp on desk or sideboard. Rotates 360°. Picture shows PL-2T with GM-5 (not included) and SM-1 (not included).

Order No.
PL-2T 155.00



The Heil HB-1 is an articulated arm built of very substantial steel channel structure and balanced by four external springs. It is capable of supporting microphones up to 1.3 kg. The boom moves freely and quietly. It is the perfect for Podcast, Amateur Radio and Commercial Radio studios. The HB-1 is shipped with a standard brass lined 'C' clamp mount with a 50mm span width. The channel is designed so a small diameter microphone cable can be hidden and connectors soldered to each end. The HB-1 Boom accepts all of the standard 5/8" -27 threaded microphone clips on to the chrome stem. (The PR-781 microphone shown above is not included).

Order No.
HB-1 Microphone Boom 78.80


SB-2 boom
For situations where the PL-2 boom is too large... with clamp for mounting on a table or board. Length adjustable between 30 and 52cm, with cable feed.

Order No.
SB-2 62.10



SM-1 Shock Mount Assembly
Can be used on all booms or stands. Professional shock mount is a unique design. The mic clip is suspended from 8 points using a neoprene elastic cord assembly, suspending the microphone from a direct mount, thus isolating the low frequency acoustical coupling to your desk. Picture shows SM-1 at PL-2T (not included) with GM-5 (not included).

Order No.
SM-1 67.90


Heil Shock Mount SM-2Shock mount for microphones
Can be used on all booms or stands. Professional shock mount is a unique design. The mic clip is suspended from 8 points using a neoprene elastic cord assembly, suspending the microphone from a direct mount, thus isolating the low frequency acoustical coupling to your desk. Suitable for PR-30, PR-40, PR-780, PR-781.

Order No.
SM-2 132.30



Footswitch (noname, not by Heil) with rubber coating, includes cable and plug, suitable for all AD-1 and CC-1 adaptors.

Order No.
FS-50 14.90



Large foot switch, two different keying ports, one closes earlier than the other.

Order No.
FS-2 63.30


FS-100 footswitch with 6.3mm jack for direct connection to the HEIL Adapter cable. In the small switch the foot remains on the ground and push the button with either the heel or the toe. Between the passages the position will inevitably lead to a spasm of the foot. With this switch the whole foot is on the switch and by a slight rocking motion, the PTT is pressed.
The switch has 3 holes so you can still screw it additionally fixed on a board or similar.

Order No.
FS-100 Heavy Duty Foot Switch 29.50


Heil Handswitch HS-2

Bild HS-2The Heil 'Magnum' Hand-Switch PTT
Ergonomically correct, it's shape fits the hand naturally and comfortably, activating just like a pistol trigger.

HS-2 Features:

Order No.
HS-2 44.90


Spare Parts for HM-10 and GM-4/5 Microphone
Bild HM-10 Clip
Microphone clip
Order No.
HM-10CLIP for HM-10 and GM-x 11.30
Bild HM-10 Windschutz
Wind screen
Order No.
HM-10WS-GM for HM-10 and GM-x 11.80

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