When it comes down to the very last dB at stations with very low volume our ears are the final hurdle at reception. In this case a good set of headphones help tremendously to receive a distorted signal better and more certain. Be aware that headphones suited for radio are intentionally not designed for HiFi pleasure. Frequency range is usually way lower, especially at the bass. This is done on purpose because deep rumble noises interfere with low volume receiving signals.

Another criterion is wearing comfort. Especially contest operation lasting for hours headphones should fit comfortably without stressing the ears. In quiet environments an open system serves well because of the reduced weight.

Yaesu YH-77STA Headphones

http://www.yaesu.co.uk/images/YH-77STA.jpgLightweight stereo headphones, excellent comfort, open speakersystem, weight only approx. 200g

Order No.
YH-77STA Light Yaesu Headset 99.00
YH-77STA.X01 Spare Earpads for YH-77STA (one pair) 9.50

Kenwood HS-5 Headphones

Bild Kopfhörer HS-5Optimal voice audio response (freq. range 150-4000Hz), 8Ω impedance, exchangeable earpads, weight approx 350g.

Order No.
HS-5 78.30


Kenwood HS-6 Headphones

Bild Kopfhörer HS-6Lightweight headphone (Mono), Frequency range 100-10000Hz, 12.5Ω Impedance, just approx. 200g.

Order No.
HS-6 47.50

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