Multimode-TNC for Packet Radio and APRS, USB connection to PC

One Packet Radio TNC for all modes like 300Bd AFSK, Robust Packet Radio (RPR) for shortwave, 1200Bd AFSK and 9600/19200 FSK (G3RUH). First TNC to use a DSP as modem processor, resulting in a much larger captive range of AF frequencies (e.g. ±400Hz at 300Bd AFSK, the usual modems only have a few hertz range). This allows reception of larger groups with slightly differing frequencies. Supports KISS and Hostmode. Includes position tracker for APRS: transmits position data in APRS format. A computer is not required, the GPS receiver is connected directly to the Tracker. Control output for transceiver for low power consumption.

The Tracker is connected to the PC with an optically isolated USB cable, thus alleviating all problems with ground loops. The device itself is shielded against HF radiation and does not produce noise. During APRS sleep mode only 15mA power consumption, shortly before the next transmission the Tracker wakes up, turns on the transceiver, checks the transmission channel and transmits the APRS data set when the frequency is not in use.
The firmware can be updated over the USB line, firmware updates are free. Size 88 x 22 x 102mm, power consumption 70mA at 13,8V.

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Data cables for TNCs

Order No.
40102 Data cable for all TNC's have a 5-pin DIN-plug on one side and a 6-pin plug on the other side.
Mini DIN plugs fit into the data terminal of all modern radios (e.g. FT-8100/8500, TM-V7e, etc).
40103 both sides 6 pin miniDIN, suitable for TNC7-Multi amd all radios with 6 pin miniDIN (not Kenwood!) 8.20
40104 Mini-DIN data cable, one side 6-pin Mini-DIN connector, other side open 4.00
40072.18 USB cable, length 1.8m 2.90
40072.3 USB cable, length 3m 3.90
40060.FFX RS-232 Null modem cable 9-pin (not required for USB operation) 3.60
42913 DC connector for power supply (not required for USB operation) 2.60

RS232 to USB converter

For computers without serial port, connects to USB port, provides a virtual COM port. Driver CD included. Drivers should be included with all Windows versions since XP. In case you need to install the drivers manually you can download them here: USB-AD Drivers.

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USB-AD 15.00

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