Daiwa SWR-Meter CN-101L, CN-102L, CN-801HP, CN-801HP3, CN-801VN, CN-801S2

Two different models available: CN-1xx is the smaller and affordable version, CN-8xx is the version with large instrument. Both models have selectable power ranges (see table), selectable power measurement average/peak. Easy to read cross needle instrument with illumination, solid metal cabinet.

CN-801HP with true peak power readout.
All Daiwa SWR meters can be selected to display avearge or peak power. The PEP value is found by different different charge/discharge constants and therefore is not very precise.
In contrast to that the new CN-801HP has a true, active peak envelope power (PEP) reading which is important for PSK31 and other digital modes. This function requires an external 12V DC power supply.

The CN-802HP-3 has a max. range of 3000W (compared to 2000W of the CN-802HP).




Type CN-101L CN-102L   CN-801HP3 CN-801VN    
Frequency range 1.8 - 150 1.8 - 150   1.8 - 200 140 - 525   MHz
Power ranges 15/150/1500* 20/200/2000*   30/300/3000* 20/200   Watt
Min. power for SWR measurement 4 4   5 5   Watt
Connectors PL PL   PL N    
Size of instrument 62x40   mm
Size of case 155x80x100   mm
Tolerance ±10% of full range  
Order No. CN-101L CN-102L   CN-801HP-3 CN-801VN    

* At the 2m range max power load is 1000 Watt.
CN-801HP: With true PEP display. Requires power supply (13,8V) for the Operation!
CN-801S2: Requires power supply (13,8V) for the Operation!
Order No.
CN-101L Daiwa SWR Meter 1.5-150MHz, 1500W 106.40
CN-102L Daiwa SWR Meter 1.5-150MHz, 2000W 111.60
CN-801HP-3 Daiwa SWR Meter 1.8-200MHz, 3000W 178.30
CN-801VN Daiwa SWR Meter 140-525MHz, 200W 132.30

Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW., maar exclusief verzendkosten.
Tussentijdse prijswijzigingen en typefouten voorbehouden.
Fabrikanten kunnen specificaties en uitvoeringen wijzigen.