SMΩRF - vectorial power and SWR meter up to 500MHz

http://www.microham.com/contents/media/l_img_smorf_0013.jpgThe SMΩRF is a measurement instrument for power, complex impedance and phase of an RF signal up to 500 MHz.

The SMΩRF implements a type of power meter which has few rivals, even in the professional market. In contrast to traditional anatenna analysers the SMΩRF as a "Vector Signal Meter" can measure complex impedance (i.e. phase including sign) as well as power at the same time. This unlocks monitoring possibilities which have been hardly available before.

By measuring the phasing of a signal it becomes for example possible, how a complex load behaves when charged with high power. The determination of the phase of a signal including the sign allows to decide if the load must be compensated capacitive or inductive for optimal match. A very special feature is the measurement and calculation of the parameters at the sensor output and at the antenna feedpoint at the same time. This allows to check cable parameters like losses and erros in adaption. Also changes over time, for example due to heating, can be monitored.

The SMΩRF Vector Signal Meter can gauge two sensor signals at the same time. This is a nice option, because it allows to check two different antenna systems at the same time. Even better - the meter can check the phase difference between the two sensors. This is perfect for stacked antenna systems, where you now have the possibility to control whether each antenna gets the signal at the same phase angle. A small difference in phase can result in severe degradation of gain and directivity of stacked antenna systems.

Each of the sensors is carefully calibrated by the manufacturer, calibration data is stored in the sensor and the meter respectively. This is extremely helpful, because recalibration at the customer is not required, even when changing sensors. Also the 3m long sensor cables are thouroughly measured and documented. The SMΩRF displays the measurement data of the max. two sensors on two large, coloured LED bar graphs, which are easily visible even from a distance. Additionally a bright OLED display is used to show various parameters. This display can be configured in great detail by the user.

Like nearly any professional instrument the SMΩRF can communicate measured values to the outside world in many ways. The device offers a standard Ethernet interface for integration into a local area network. The interface provides means to read the values in real time either locally or over the internet. The data protocol is documented and available for any interested software developer, allowing for individual adoption of the meter into own control processes. Further the SMΩRF brings it's own webserver, so any computer with a web browser can monitor actual values and set parameters. Two 'iLink' connections are provided for easy integration with other devices by microHAM. For example an adjustable alarm "Hi SWR" by the Signal Meter can trigger the PTT inhibit line of a connected microKEYER-II.

Two sensors are available for the SMΩRF — one (CHF-3) for 1.8 to 30 MHz with a max power load of 3kW, and one (CVHF-2) for signals up to 500MHz and 2kW. More sensors for higher power levels are under development. Each sensor comes with two carefully aligned cables, 3m long. Cable extensions are possible, but will require calibration for best results. The SMΩRF requires 13.8V at 1.3A.


Order No.
SMORF RF Vector Signal Meter with one CHF-3 Sensor 999.00
SMORF-HF3 CHF-3 Sensor 1.8-54 MHz, 3kW 230.00
SMORF-VHF2 CVHF-2 Sensor -500 MHz, 2kW 230.00

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