SB-2000 Mk2 USB Transceiver Interface

SB-2000 Mk2: Soundcard and CAT Interface with USB control
The SB-2000 Mk2 is a inexpensive transceiver interface with USB connector (USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 full speed are supported). There is no need for a legacy serial or parallel port on your computer. The interface contains a CAT interface for transceiver control incl. PTT, FSK an CW keying, as well as a soundcard interface for digital modes like RTTY, PSK32, SSTV, FAX etc. (using the soundcard of your computer).

The new 'Mk2' version of the SB-2000 interface now supports two virtual serial ports! This is very useful since not all computer programs can support mixed functions like PTT and CW keying plus CAT on the same serial port. With the new version you have two virtual serial ports, one for PTT and CW/FSK, and another port for CAT control.

All signals are insulated optically or by transformers. Power supply is done over the USB line from the computer. Included in shipment is a CD with USB drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and WIn7. MacOS X and Linux are supported directly and do not require driver installation. Size 130x75x45mm.

The separately sold cable sets include all cables necessary for all connections (CAT and data to radio, USB and Audio to computer). The SB-2000 Mk2 includes a level converter from RS-232 to USB, allowing the use of radios with RS-232 interface (FT-1000, FT-2000, FT-450, FT-950 etc.). The connection to the radio is done with a multi cable which also includes the CW keying signal. The CAT interface works up to a max. speed of 19200 Baud. 



Cable Sets
Note: Some radios which support HF and VHF (e.g. IC-746, IC-7400) do have separate PTT lines for HF (HSEND) and VHF (VSEND). The SB-2000 keys only the HSEND line, so without modification it is useable on HF only. To use the interface on VHF/UHF as well, you need to modify the radio or interface connector to key HSEND and VSEND simultanously (bridge HSEND and VSEND). Radios like the IC-706Mk2G and IC-7000 needs to have a menu item set, so HSEND also keys the Tx on VHF and UHF.
Note on using the SB-2000 with the Icom IC-7000:
The cable SB2K-IC13 has an internal bridge between the keying lines for FSK and CW. This allows the keying with just one line, the RTS signal, and works just fine with the IC-706, IC-7200 etc. But with the IC-7000 a high current is seen over these lines. The effect is that the fan starts immediately after plugging in the cable. In rare cases the IC-7000 might be damaged.

Quick solution: Don't plug in the CW connector from the SB-2000 to the IC-7000. The renders the interface inoperable for telegraphy. Other modes like PSK31, RTTY etc. are not affected.

Order No.
SB-2000 Interface 79.00
SB2K-IC13 Kabel for Icom with 13 pin ACC socket 19.00
SB2K-IC8 Kabel for Icom with 8 pin ACC socket 19.00
SB2K-KW8 Kabel for Kenwood TS-480HX/SAT 19.00
SB2K-KW13 Kabel for Kenwood TS-570, TS-2000 19.00
SB2K-FTMINI8 Kabel for Yaesu FT-100, FT-817/857/897 19.00
SB2K-FT450 Kabel for Yaesu FT-450, FT-950, FT-991, FT-DX1200, FT-DX3000 19.00
SB2K-FT2000 Kabel for Yaesu FT-1000MP, FT-2000, FT-DX5000, FT-DX9000 19.00


SB-2000 Cable Set

Download: Drivers for Windows 7 (.EXE, 2.3MB)

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